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OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide To Learning OpenGL, Version 4.3 (8th Edition)

Includes Complete Coverage of the OpenGL® Shading Language!   Today’s OpenGL software interface enables programmers to produce extraordinarily high-quality computer-generated images and interactive applications using 2D and 3D objects, color images, and programmable shaders.   OpenGL® Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL®, Version 4.3, Eighth Edition, has been almost completely rewritten and provides definitive, comprehensive information on OpenGL and the OpenGL Shading Language. This edition of the best-selling “Red Book” describes the features through OpenGL version 4.3. It also includes updated information and techniques formerly covered in OpenGL® Shading Language (the “Orange Book”).   For the first time, this guide completely integrates shader techniques, alongside classic, functioncentric techniques. Extensive new text and code are presented, demonstrating the latest in OpenGL programming techniques.   OpenGL® Programming Guide, Eighth Edition, provides clear explanations of OpenGL functionality and techniques, including processing geometric objects with vertex, tessellation, and geometry shaders using geometric transformations and viewing matrices; working with pixels and texture maps through fragment shaders; and advanced data techniques using framebuffer objects and compute shaders.   New OpenGL features covered in this edition include Best practices and sample code for taking full advantage of shaders and the entire shading pipeline (including geometry and tessellation shaders) Integration of general computation into the rendering pipeline via compute shaders Techniques for binding multiple shader programs at once during application execution Latest GLSL features for doing advanced shading techniques Additional new techniques for optimizing graphics program performance

Series: OpenGL

Paperback: 984 pages

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 8 edition (March 30, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0321773039

ISBN-13: 978-0321773036

Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 2.2 x 9 inches

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After the first two chapters and a half, I was about ready to return this refined hunk of tree to . The website ( has a ZIP archive containing most of the code for this book. Unfortunately, almost all the code projects which were made in Visual Studio 9 & 10 fail to build right out of box. Even after some surgery they really just failed. I managed to get the first example in the book to build. This was not included in the ZIP archive (chapters 1 & 2 are not in the archive), so it was really a compilation of the code listings in the book and some random pre-built stuff by the authors.This book is really more of a reference manual than a learning guide because without having a way to actually do something, all this book provides is a bunch of API listing. It may come in handy once I learn modern OpenGL from some other source. For now, it will sit on a shelf collecting dust for a few months. It seems like the only practical alternatives are online tutorials ([...] or the SuperBible. I bought this book thinking it would show how to use raw OpenGL because apparently the SuperBible uses an extensive pre-built library from the authors. While this book does describe raw OpenGL, it does so in a brute force method and does not show you how to do things. It really just describes a bunch of features and moves on. This would be okay as long as the examples worked/existed because then you could try things out.If the authors can get fully functional examples uploaded to their site, this book may be a learning guide. Until then, this book will remain unpublished from my point of view. Seriously, can't even have working source code two months (as of late September 2013, 6 months now) after release?

I read this book on safari books online as a rough cut, though it was complete. It's a great book on openGL.The last generation of modern openGL books such as the 7th edition of this series covered way to much depreciated materials. This book does not. It is fully updated and covers only modern openGL 4.3.Since the 4.0 series and 3.3 are very much a like ( they were released at the same time 3.3 is similar to 4.0 but works on dx10 cards ) you can use this book for 3.3 and only have to change a few lines. This is good since you shouldn't only target the latest version of openGL if you want a large customer base.Also the last edition of the openGL superbible ( 5th ed ) had the problem of covering the author's wrapper instead of covering the openGL api itself. This book DOES NOT have that problem. It covers the api itself.Because all the modern openGL books have the issues discussed above, and this book does not have those issues, this is THE modern openGL book to get at the time of this review, it's about time we get a good book for modern openGL!UPDATE 1: I have a paper back copy in my hands right now. I have read a hundred plus pages and flipped though a lot more of it. This book is very well organized. First the appendix itself is a book, at nearly 300 pages. It has chapter on freeGLUT, openGL es and webGL, it's an entire chapter worth on webGL, as well as references for glsl variables and functions, and openGL state variables. These are easily searchable cause they are organized. There is an appendix for the low level window systems of Linux (GLX), windows (wgl), and mac. And more, here is a listing of all the appendices.

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