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The Healing Kitchen: 175+ Quick & Easy Paleo Recipes To Help You Thrive

Achieving health through nutritious food choices has never been simpler nor more delicious thanks to The Healing Kitchen!Armed with more than 175 budget-friendly, quick and easy recipes made with everyday ingredients, you get to minimize time and effort preparing healthful foods without sacrificing flavor! Straightforward explanations and a comprehensive collection of visual guides will teach you which foods are the best choices to mitigate chronic illnesses, including autoimmune disease. Real-life practical tips on everything from cleaning out your pantry and easy ingredient swaps to reinventing leftovers and DIY flavor combinations will help you go from theory to practice effortlessly. Even better, twelve 1-week meal plans with shopping lists takes all the guesswork out of your weekly trip to the grocery store!     With half of all Americans taking at least one prescription medication (and 20% of us taking three or more!), there is a clear need for something to change. Combined with growing scientific evidence pointing to the Standard American Diet being at least partly to blame for our declining health, it's time for a dietary shift toward nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory whole foods that promote health, rather than undermine it. In the first part of The Healing Kitchen, you'll learn all about what foods to eat and why, based on an ancestral diet template with contemporary scientific underpinnings. With a collection of practical tips and visual guides to distill this information into simple real-life actions that you can implement easily in your home today, this book is the closest thing to a guarantee of success that you can have when embarking on a Paleo diet healing protocol.      The Healing Kitchen features over 175 mouthwatering recipes that make eating healthful foods easy enough to fit even into the busiest of lives, while being so tasty you'll likely forget you're on a special diet to begin with! Compliant with the Paleo autoimmune protocol, every meal is budget-conscious, requires a minimal time commitment, uses no special equipment, and needs no hard-to-find ingredients—yet, the whole family will love it! There's no need to suffer with bland or boring foods on your journey towards optimal health—and The Healing Kitchen is all about enjoying tasty food while nourishing your body.      The recipes span the gamut from easy peasy mains and simple sides to breakfast favorites and timeless treats. Even better, each recipe is labelled by cooking strategy, so you can easily identify meals that are one-pot, use 5 ingredients or less, take 20 minutes or less, can be made ahead, feature a slow cooker, and on-the-go foods—to make planning your day effortless! The Healing Kitchen also includes twelve weekly meal plans, each with a shopping list, to help you get completely organized in your kitchen! Even better, the selection of thematic meal plans hone in on your individual needs. Can't spend more than 20 minutes cooking at a time? The 20-minute-or-less meal plan makes sure your time spent preparing food is as minimal as possible. Always eating on the run?  The on-the-go meal plan will suit your needs perfectly. Have a whole crew you need to satisfy? The family-favorites meal plan will please kids and grown-ups alike. Want to do all of your cooking for the week in one afternoon? Two batch-cook meal plans complete with exclusive web links to companion How To cooking videos will help you get it done!       The Healing Kitchen is your best tool for turning your kitchen into healing central—all while minimizing your time commitment, keeping your food budget reigned-in, and enjoying bite after delicious bite of meals to nourish and thrive.

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing; 1 edition (December 15, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1628600942

ISBN-13: 978-1628600940

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While there are now a lot of cookbooks featuring recipes for the Autoimmune Protocol (an elimination diet for those of us with autoimmune disease that removes grains, legumes, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, and nightshade vegetables and focuses on adding in nutrient-dense, healing food), not many of are as practical and easy to use as this one.Here are some highlights:-Almost 200 recipes that are actually things you'd make on a regular basis--like the Vibrant Healing Soup Base on p. 150, the Sweet and Savory Shepherd's Pie on p. 192, and the Island Roasted Pork on p.202.-Graphics indicating which recipes have 5 ingredients or less, take less than 30 minutes to cook, or are one-pot-All recipes compliant with the strictest phase of the Autoimmune Protocol-Recipes that take nutrient density into consideration--often a missing piece in AIP cookbooks. Try the Anti-Inflammatory Meatballs on p. 194 or the Wild Salmon with Roasted Raspberries on p. 234.-Twelve (yes, twelve!) weeks of meal plans, including those for busy folks, those incorporating one-pot dishes, and those using a minimum of ingredients.If you are looking for a practical resource for starting the Autoimmune Protocol or just eat healthier, this is the one for you!

A lot of cookbooks pass through my kitchen, both ones I purchase on my own and ones like this that I am provided to review for all of you. Simply because I love reading about food and seeing other people’s recipes is inspiring, I usually find something to like about all of them. But I’m at the point in my development as a cook that I don’t really need to use recipes anymore for every day dishes, so it is rare for me to find a cookbook like The Healing Kitchen that I actually want to use in the kitchen and cook from! Every recipe I tried was delicious and I suspect will become a part of my regular rotation, and I have many more bookmarked to try in the coming weeks and months. These recipes definitely pass the “taste” test, which is my number one criteria for a cookbook to stay in my collection (as much as I love them, space is limited!).So far, in addition to the brussels sprouts recipe Alaena and Sarah so generously allowed me to share with you in this post, we have made and loved the Avocado Mayo, the Mojo Pulled Chicken, the Spicy African Kale, and the Garlic Roasted Broccoli. I’m looking forward to trying the Bacon-Date Crusted Salmon, the BBQ Pulled Pork, the Rosemary and Prosciutto Stromboli, and Cherry Pie Bars – all of which I have heard fantastic things about from some of the other bloggers who got preview copies.I’m also thrilled to say that the recipes in The Healing Kitchen pass the “easy” test, which is why I’m not only excited to have this book for myself, but why I’m happily recommending it to all my readers, whether you are a kitchen newbie or an experienced cook. One of my favorite features of the recipes is that all of them include tips for storage and when relevant, reheating as well. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another cookbook that does that and it is highly appreciated, especially since eating paleo means giving up convenience foods and batch cooking and relying on leftovers helps fill that void for busy people.

I was eagerly awaiting this book to add to my auto-immune cooking resources. It is filled with lovely photos and many delicious looking recipes. I personally tend to not use meal plans, so while many might find the well organized plans useful, I don't. A minor quibble is the frequent use of "see tip/note on page XX" when there is plenty of space on the current page to reprint the tip/note right there rather than making me flip back and forth to complete one recipe. Auto-immune cooking is as much about the 'eat this' as it is the 'avoid that'. So my disappointment and relatively low rating is for the lack of key 'eat this' recipes. There is only one organ meat recipe. Little of fermented foods. Nothing of the super healthy but 'harder' to introduce sardines and other 'small' fish. Nothing 'exotic' here, which may have been part of their goal: make auto-immune cooking more accessible. But the omission of the key 'eat these nutrient dense foods' make this a secondary rather than a key auto-immune cook book. It is a useful resource for adding some interesting dishes to my repertoire, but for someone just starting with auto-immune cooking, I'd recommend Dr. Ballantyne's other cookbook (The Paleo Approach Cookbook) over this one every time.

My 7yr old sat down with this book and flagged 48 recipes that WE need to make! 48! As a family who has multiple autoimmune diseases and manage our symptoms using food The Healing Kitchen is a phenomenal resource to have on hand. This is a book that I am gifting to family, as I know these recipes are not too complex and will enable them to feel confident in feeding our family, and that they will enjoy cooking them, not to mention the education that is also offered which will reinforce to others why this way of living/eating makes total sense to those with inflammation, chronic disease and/or Autoimmune Disease!Home Run ladies!

Whether you are just starting the Autoimmune Protocol or have been on the healing journey for a long time, you will LOVE this cookbook. Alaena and Sarah have put together The AIP cookbook. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it is filled with so much useful information, like how to stock your kitchen, how to grocery shop, numerous meal plans for every type of person, and every recipe is just so simple. They have ensured each recipe is basic, easy, full of flavor, but using simple ingredients almost anyone can source. After each recipe I make, I change my mind that this one is my favorite. For those beginning the journey, it is truly an invaluable resources. And for someone like myself, who is very well versed in AIP, I cannot get enough of this book. It is a must for any AIP/Paleo kitchen.

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