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Eat Real Food Or Else: A Low Sugar, Low Carb, Gluten Free, High Nutrition Cookbook For The 21st Century

This beautiful cookbook explains how to use food for maximum enjoyment, while promoting vitality and a healthy metabolism that fights modern ailments such as high blood sugar, chronic inflammation, low energy and weight gain.Striving to avoid excesses and dogmatism, this book advocates a way of eating that finds an echo in various “modern” diets, including Atkins, Paleo, Whole 30 and Mediterranean. It provides simple, yet scientifically accurate, justifications together with delicious recipes that illustrate the principles.It encourages the readers to consume a wide variety of fresh foods, selecting low sugar, low carb (and as such gluten-free), unprocessed ingredients with the highest possible nutritional value.It offers: - Nutritional advice based on the broad view of the entire body. - 90 recipes with color photographs for each step. - Detailed explanations about the effects of various foods on our metabolism. - Tools to make informed choices. - Perspectives from which to examine existing diets.Because of the huge complexity of our body, nutrition cannot be reduced to simplistic rules. However, some principles do exist, myths must be debunked. You will not find here a one-size-fits-all diet, but methods to listen to your body and adapt your diet accordingly.

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This book will change your perspective and really make you think about how you are feeding yourself and your family. Fats are good (you know, I've always had this suspicion!), but grains and potatoes are as bad as sugar. It all rather turns on its head how many of us were brought up.Not only is this a thought-provoking book, it also contains an abundance of simple cooking tips and easy recipes that will extend the repertoire and expertise of the everyday home cook. I'm a fair home cook and have many lavish cookbooks, most of which I'll consult maybe once or twice a year and sticking to a rotation of tried-but-true dishes. But since opening Eat Real Food I've learnt helpful new and tasty ways to cook fish (Breaded Fish Fillets), asparagus (a bonus from a duck salad recipe), roasted chicken (very tasty!), a couple of methods of cooking kale and collards (which had previously looked daunting and unappetizing lying there in Whole Foods), green beans with almond meal (a family hit) and a simple-to-prepare Quiche Lorraine. And I've only had the book a week or so.I love bread, potatoes and pasta. But, after reading this book, have cut back considerably. It's actually OK. It really is. In not relying on starches to fill you up quickly, you get to fill up instead on salads, eggs, fish and all manner of delights. It's like being given permission to treat yourself to wonderful variety. I don't suppose I'll ever manage to cut out starches entirely, but making a step in that direction seems the only logical thing to do once you've read the arguments in Eat Real Food.Eat Real Food is a fascinating, brilliantly researched, provocative book, jammed packed with easy, everyday recipes that, if nothing else, will expand your day-to-day repertoire. Ignore the advice in this book at your peril!

Even though I got this product for free, I would have gladly paid for it. The recipes contained within are great and easy to make. Very healthy and enjoyable as well. I love it! Thanks for releasing such a great product that anyone can use and understand! I recommend this to anyone looking to clean up and create a healthier menu for their family. Being a single parent, recipes and meals are a big part of raising my child and this book has provided great alternatives to any menu plan. It eliminates the need to go out to eat! I love it and give it a 5 star ratingDisclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in order to evaluate it and leave an honest review. When looking to buy a product I always read several reviews first. Therefore, when reviewing products I've purchased, I will leave as much honest information as possible and give my personal opinions to aid others in the buying process. The statements here are based on my opinion and my personal experience only. I rank each product with 1-5 star rating, below you will find what I personally feel each star represents when I am reviewing a product.1 star = I hate the product - would return if I could, threw it away2 star = I don't like the product - will never purchase again, but will use until I get something different3 star = It's okay - I'm indifferent about it4 star = I like the product - recommend it5 star = I LOVE the product - strongly recommend this product and this product alone (would purchase again if need be)Thank you for taking the time to read my review. If you found it helpful, please let me know by selecting "yes" below. Thank you

Great book, with a lot of appealing recipes and just the right amount of science thrown in in easily digestible installments.This book is not about any fad diet. Rather, the authors remind us of some basic truths that people used to know just a couple of generations ago, before the obesity epidemic. Some of the most up-to-date scientific knowledge is then added to explain where we went wrong in recent decades. So, a great way to learn or re-learn how to eat in a sensible and healthy way.One great thing about the book is that it doesn't make you feel that eating healthy has to be boring. Lots of exciting dishes to look forward to. Nothing about the book's recommendations is daunting... the key is to use real, nutrient-rich ingredients to make real food. For those who are ready to improve their diet and their relationship with food, this book offers a very detailed and enticing roadmap. I'll follow along at my own pace.

I consider myself to be a "Mindful" eater. I like to combine nutrition in every recipe. I do not subscribe to any specific dietary plan. "Eat Real Food or else..." is ideal for me. It is an eating plan that is not dogmatic yet keeps me aware of nutritional concepts without beating me to death. The basic rule of the authors, "...enjoy the widest possible variety of fresh foods, avoid...[ingredients] high in sugar and low in nutrients."The book is well-written and has beautiful photography through out. "Eat Real..." is a compact wonder for all people who want to improve their health through diet whether this is your first cookbook or your 100th.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a healthy lifestyle and cares to understand the nutritional value of the foods they eat. Eat Real Food or Else is not your typical cookbook, even though it contains wonderful recipes of dishes from diverse cultures. What caught my attention after just reading the first few pages is the concise way the author explains how each type of food affects our health, good and bad and the importance of a balanced diet. I also appreciate that each recipe contains an explanation of the nutritional value of a key ingredient. I found the book extremely educational as well as very easy to read. I have ordered several copies as gifts to friends and family.

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