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Schaum's Outline Of Basic Circuit Analysis, Second Edition (Schaum's Outlines)

The ideal review for your basic circuit analysis course More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum’s Outlines for their expert knowledge and helpful solved problems. Written by renowned experts in their respective fields, Schaum’s Outlines cover everything from math to science, nursing to language. The main feature for all these books is the solved problems. Step-by-step, authors walk readers through coming up with solutions to exercises in their topic of choice. 700 solved problems Outline format supplies a concise guide to the standard college course in basic circuits Clear, concise explanations of all electric circuits concepts Appropriate for the following courses: Basic Circuit Analysis, Electrical Circuits, Electrical Engineering Circuit Analysis, Introduction to Circuit Analysis, AC & DC Circuits Supports and supplements the bestselling textbooks in circuits Easily understood review of basic circuit analysis Supports all the major textbooks for basic circuit analysis courses

Series: Schaum's Outlines

Paperback: 432 pages

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 2 edition (February 17, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0071756434

ISBN-13: 978-0071756433

Product Dimensions: 8.7 x 0.8 x 10.9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (28 customer reviews)

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TL:DR: The only thing you need to learn from this book is an understanding of English and basic fraction Algebra. Easy 5/5 material.Slightly longer: My professor for Electrical Circuit Analysis I told us that many people who take the class seek an alternate means to learn the material while still using the assigned textbook for homework problems.I picked up Schaum's Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis as my alternate method to understanding.The writing is excellent, the problems have full step-by-step descriptions of every number derived from the problems, and I would not have understood the in-class material without it.If you want a clear cut way to understanding Circuits, BUY THIS BOOK.

Ok, it is a good book, well written....but I still have some gripes.First off, a book on basic circuit analysis is generally recognized as mainly covering series, parallel andseries-parallel circuit analysis. This book goes into circuit analysis that is quite a bit above "basic" IMHO.....more like basic-intermediate.There is a LOT of supplemental problems with answers, but NO EXPLANATION......I truly hate when technical books do this!!!! I am cool with doing my best to figure out how to analyze a circuit and solve the problems relating to that circuit. But If I am totally stuck and there is NO EXPLANATION on how to analyze and solve the problem....I feel I am missing out on a lot of learning.Good....but could be a LOT better.

I purchased this book to continue to learn to work with written layouts of circuits and practice my ability to analyze these circuits on paper. I wanted to review and study basic circuits as I am not an engineer or a student at this time. This outline analysis is right for my needs as the concepts are kept simple and direct. This book provides me with a basic starting review of the fundamentals of identification and measurement and progresses into applied use of these basics.. It is probably one of the better books I've used for review or have studied from, on any subject. I combines a thorough basic presentation with examples that are explained well enough for the dullest tack to comprehend, well almost. This book provides the student with study and working examples in some of the chapters and it is presented in the format that allows you to progress as you gain knowledge. Concerning the subject matter of electrical circuits, in most instances, the lessons and practice problems are well laid out. Easy at first, then it begins to get more complicated. If you are not ready to proceed, the subject matter, will tell you that more study and thought is needed. I found this book easy to follow along the study line and testing of knowledge and is a good self study of this subject. I like it.

When I purchased this book, I wanted to train on the most basic Circuit Analysis concepts around. This book did not disappoint. It is probably one of the best books I've ever studied from, on the subject.One thing that occasionally irritated was the formatting options (the organization of study areas within a few chapters). These were divided in ways that sometimes made it difficult to follow the general logical progression of increasing knowledge. On the other hand, in most instances, the practice problems -were- very well done. These followed a gradual build up of complexity in each subject matter, from the most basic, to the most complex.The material the book is built from feels slightly above newspaper quality. That I did not like at all, but I was careful with the book and learned to deal with it.Despite the difficulties, I found this book one of the easiest to follow self study books around.

4th year electrical engineering student. I advertise for several tutoring services and circuits has been a difficult class to teach with so many different books used by different colleges within the city. I now strictly use this book in tutoring sessions along with the class text the student is required to use. This book has MANY examples with a very simple vocabulary and can be used independently of another textbook.

This book was very helpful for my first circuit analysis class in college. To anyone looking for advice, I recommend this book and I also recommend purchasing a chegg monthly homework membership to work various problems with solutions.

I really like this book for its easy to understand explanations and solved problems, however there are mistakes in the ebook version.I own both the print copy and the ebook copy of this and there are mistakes and misprints in the ebook version. For example, in the answer to one of the problems it says "making V1 = – 6(10) = – 60 V and V2 spectively," while it should say "making V1 = -6(10)=-60 V and V2 = 8(5) = 40 V, respectively."

I had the privilege of having John O'Malley as my electrical engineering professor at the University of Florida. He was one of the best and most memorable teachers there. This book represents a compendium of all the exercises he taught in class and as I can say now years later - all the long nights he put us through. If you can get though these problems, then consider yourself competent in basic circuit analysis.

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