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Freshwater Aquariums: How To Set Up One Like An Expert (Aquarium And Turtle Mastery Book 2)

The New Bestseller.From the same author of the other bestseller: How to Set Up A Marine Aquarium Like an Expert (Includes over one hundred great freshwater fish photos too)With almost ten years of experience in purchasing, maintaining and appreciating thriving freshwater aquariums, David Chipperfield has now been given the official title of aquarium nut. In his latest book, he has written down the techniques that can take you from beginner to intrepid aquarist in no time. David’s tips and techniques are designed to bring you up to speed rapidly with the most important points you need to know that will save you thousands of dollars as you setup your freshwater aquarium. It helps you avoid making the hundreds of mistakes and wasting the thousands of hours that it took the David to learn the right (and wrong) way to keep your fish healthy and happy. From beginners to more experienced aquarists, this book will help you create a flourishing, gorgeous aquarium that will be the envy of your friends and visitors.We asked Chipperfield what he thought people should know about this book and he said:“Unfortunately, many freshwater aquarium owners are too quick to give up on their dreams of having a vibrant aquarium. I wrote this book because these are the specific tips and techniques that I wish someone had told me when I was getting started with freshwater aquariums. Many of them were painful to learn but I thought that my pain could perhaps help you avoid those mistakes. ““This book will give you the right techniques you need in setting up and maintaining a freshwater fish tank.The information in How to Setup a Freshwater Aquarium Like an Expert comes from hands on experience and includes answers to many challenging freshwater aquarium questions that might be hard to find the answer to online. More importantly, it contains the best of the information that you need to learn and as little superfluous information as possible. There is a lot you can learn online but you could stay up reading for (quite literally a whole year) and still not have a great understanding of what is important and what is not. If you have been looking for answers on freshwater aquarium ownership at the local pet store or online and you cannot find them then this is the book for you.Some of the useful sections in How to Setup a Freshwater Aquarium Like an Expert are:•Choosing the right aquarium size•Stocking schemes for different tank sizes•Top 10 Rules for a Successful Aquarium•Technology and Equipment; Stands, Filters, Thermometers, Chillers, Heaters, Powerheads, Lighting•Complete planning Checklist•Step by Step Guide to Cycling Your Tank•Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your Aquarium (includes a shopping list and specific plan)•Plants and Decorations•How to Choose Your Fish•How to Acclimate Your Fish•The Nitrification cycle•Managing the correct Ph Level for your fish•Best Practices for How to Maintain Your Aquarium•How to Change Water Properties•Identifying Common Diseases and Problems in Freshwater Fish•How to successfully move your aquarium and keep your fish alive•Aquarium Troubleshooting•Exactly how your tank size will affect what can go into your tank (with loads of examples of what works and what does not)•What are the eight major items that you should definitely have as a minimum in your fish first aid kit•And many more…If you are looking for just one book with the tips you need to get your freshwater aquarium hobby stepped up to the next level then this could be the book for you.Get your Copy TodayAlso by this author:How to Set Up A Marine Aquarium Like an Expert(covers similar content to this book, except geared for marine aquariums)How to Care for Your Pet Turtle Like an Expert

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Overall a great book with a huge amount of great aquarium info as well as a considerable amount on freshwater specific information.What struck me about this book:Clear and concise information that is easy to understand. No FluffThe aquarium planning and setup piece. I am a fan of step by step guides.Helped me avoid some errors in my original aquarium plan.Helped me select freshwater fish that got along well together and that were healthy.Made the complex area of water chemistry easy to understand.This book is great for beginners - a solid reference guide. Well done.

I've had a tropical aquarium for the last four years, and am considering stepping up to the serious hobby of a marine system.This book appealed to me as it isn't a boring, uninspiring reference manual written by geeks for geeks, but instead an excellent introduction to the complex world on marine aquariums, written by somebody who has plenty of experience, and has done his research so you don't have to. (Well, maybe a little, but not too much)I must admit to, before reading this book, thinking there was just the one kind of marine aquarium, but I am now aware of the three very different types (fresh, brackish and seawater). David goes on to explain the pros and cons of each, aquarium best practices, and how to plan every step of your chosen setup, from where the aquarium should be located, to the materials it should be made of, the different gravels and other substrates, the kinds of plants and decorations, filters, lights and more - as well as an excellent guide to choosing the fish that will live in their new home.

I've bought three beginner aquarium books: this one, "Freshwater Aquariums for Dummies" and "Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums." All three were helpful in different ways and by putting their content together, I feel I have a good knowledge of what I need to do to be successful with the hobby.I enjoyed reading this book. As someone else has noted, it's not geeky. The author steps you through the entire process of your getting into the hobby, although I'm hardly an expert after reading the book! In that respect, the book's title exceeds the book's content.If there is a shortcoming with this book, it's that the author glosses over choosing and maintaining plants. There's just not much meat there. Quite a few plants suitable for the beginner were omitted and there was no discussion about how to choose plants based on their relationship to each other in the tank (foreground, mid-ground and background). I didn't learn anything about which fish are compatible with which plants either. I'd hate to buy a $5 plant only to have the fish eat it the first week!The section on types of fish was also light compared to "Simple Guide to Planted Aquariums" goes into more detail than this book, which is a bit suprising given its title.But heck, this book was only $2.99 on my Kindle app and that makes it a real bargain!! High recommended.

I think the title of this book conflicts with what the book actually serves to do. It is more of an overview rather than an in depth expert study. Let me be clear. I enjoyed this book and found it quite helpful. That being said, this book is by no means the ultimate Bible for aquariums. Rather, it is better suited as an introduction, perhaps best for people getting into the hobby for the first time.The book touches on all of the most important things. You are not left guessing what steps you should take, but sometimes are left with the question of how to carry out those steps. There are a few instances where the author does a really good job at going in depth, but many times, the instructions are vague.There is a fish guide section toward the end of the book where the author outlines quite a few freshwater fish that are commonly found in aquariums. This guide includes anything from the difficulty level of the fish to the acidity level the fish prefers, what size of tank they need, whether or not they are social, etc. It even includes pictures of each of the fish being outlined. I found this part of the book the most helpful. In fact, this guide is what led me to pick out my first fish type for my first aquarium.All in all, I would say this book is great for beginners and perhaps good enough for intermediates who want to brush up on some things. You probably won't find this book helpful if you are an expert in the hobby.

This book. . . was awful, just awful, and I've NEVER read an aquarium book I didn't like. The information and set-up was disjointed and completely all over the place, jumping around with no rhyme or reason. Honestly, don't bother with this book. I have a tough enough time forcing myself to read kindle books as opposed to the old-school 'physical' ones, and this book made it all-the more harder with it's lackluster presentation.

Let me star by saying that had it not been for a few untimely typos that made some critical points somewhat confusing, I would have given this book 5 stars.The book is definitely worth having as a reference book, the author gives an above average introduction in regards to problems and solutions (e.g. common fish diseases, biological issues, etc.). The author also presents and writes in an interesting manner, making for more enjoyable reading. I am confident that a beginner can be successful with this book alone....but those with a thirst for learning will enjoy this as one of many.

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