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The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep You Lean!

Tosca Reno is not only a health and fitness expert, but also a fabulous cook. Who better to write a stunning cookbook that everyone will love? Get: * 150 beautiful food photographs * Delectable low-fat beef, pork, chicken and fish dinners * Protein-rich meat-free recipes * Gluten-free meals * Tips on eating clean in difficult situations * Timesaving one-dish meals for busy moms * Great recipes on the go * How to prepare an elegant clean-eating event.

Paperback: 358 pages

Publisher: Ballantine Books; 9.1.2007 edition (September 9, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1552100448

ISBN-13: 978-1552100448

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.5 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (203 customer reviews)

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At first glance this book might not seem that different from other good healthful eating cookbooks, such as "EatingWell Serves Two" and its ilk. They all contain plenty of recipes with lean meats, whole grains, etc. They all contain great helpful hints to assist you through understanding how to work with healthy foods, how to make them interesting, etc. They all contain some nice photographs to make the food seem alluring and yummy.However, to me there's one key difference. Tosca Reno's recipes aren't bland.I'm well aware that there's a sizable contingent of people out there who want their diet food to resemble bland, "normal" American fare as much as possible; I'm not going to mark down a book for catering to that crowd, even though I don't personally enjoy that approach.However, I'm certainly happy to sing the praises of a book that finally satisfies my desire for flavorful, creative diet food. I know it can be done, and it's my feeling that part of the reason a lot of people think diet food sucks is because they want flavorful food and most diet books cater to the safe, bland crowd. Well, Tosca Reno is one health and fitness advocate who doesn't seem to believe in that.One of the recipes we tried from this book was a stuffed pumpkin recipe that involved things like ground bison and wild rice. It was incredibly delicious, even as leftovers---one of those recipes that don't taste like diet food at all (and that's the way it should be!).Another was a breakfast burrito that wowed us so much that we use variations on it regularly now as a savory break from hot breakfast cereal.There's a white bean tuna spread that I like as much as standard tuna salad (and it's a lot healthier!

This is flat out - the best cookbook I've ever come across. There is a color picture, nutritional information, prep and cooking times, and "tips" for EVERY recipe. Ingredients are printed in their own color text - making it easy to scan the page for ingredients when preparing to shop/plan.Ingredients are pretty average - not so obscure that you can't find them at your local store. There is an occasional oil or grain that is not so commonplace, but Tosca offers substitutions for most of those ingredients (or you can sub with things on your own fairly easily). Or you can always find them on - and most likely save some $ there as well.As for kiddos - kids are easily influenced - if they see you eating a certain way - they will eventually come around. The other part I've found helpful in getting kids to eat healthier - presentation. That is the #1 most important thing when feeding children. Kids like dipping - they like finger foods, or creating their own meal... which a lot of these recipes allow for.I'm not sure why one review stated recipes are too long either. Recipes times range from 10-60 minutes, with most averaging around the 30-45 minute time frame. If you read through most recipes you can come up with ways to shorten times (or Tosca suggests them). Things that we do for example... prep veggies the morning before (or the entire dish), use leftovers - chicken/rice/etc, instead of cooking things separately throw them in together from the beginning, canned/jar substitutes(beans, garlic, etc). And a lot of the cooking times vary based on your appliances. I can usually knock 5-10 minutes off because our oven cooks faster than what is usually listed.

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