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The Everything Guide To The Ketogenic Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide To The Ultimate Fat-Burning Diet Plan! (Everything: Cooking)

Drop the weight and get healthy with a low-carb, high-fat diet!Have you tried to lose weight on low-carb diets, only to find yourself struggling with cravings and ultimately putting the weight back on? It's time to try the ketogenic diet, a healthy eating plan that is low in carbs, high in fats, and moderate in protein. This combination provides real fat-loss results, as your body burns fat for fuel. In this all-in-one guide, you'll learn:How your body obtains energyWhat ketosis is and how it helps you lose weightHow to calculate your personal macronutrient ratioWhich foods to avoid and embraceHow to reduce your body fat and improve insulin levels With customizable daily meal plans, you'll learn how to adapt the ketogenic lifestyle to suit your own needs and tastes. If you're looking to lose weight, improve your energy, and never feel deprived with flavorful, natural whole foods, The Everything Guide to the Ketogenic Diet has you covered.

Series: Everything: Cooking

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Adams Media; 1 edition (April 10, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1440586918

ISBN-13: 978-1440586910

Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 0.6 x 9.1 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (21 customer reviews)

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PROS: The descriptions about ketosis at the beginning of the book are in very clear, low-level language. It reminded me a little of reading a kid's science book--trying to explain some complicated information but making an effort to express it with easy words. If you're looking for a book about ketosis that is good for someone who doesn't like to read science or who is a bit younger, this is a good choice. There were also some helpful recipes.CONS: This was really more of a cookbook than an "everything" book. The portion describing ketosis was pretty short, and most of the book was just recipes. There were a few topics that the author didn't discuss that I wish she had (e.g. some people argue fiber should be counted in your carbs because it has a roundabout, indirect effect on glucose via gut microbes), and there were some that she just didn't seem aware of (e.g. dairy can have an insulinotropic effect--it can raise insulin without raising blood sugar. No one knows how this works for sure, but it appears to the be the whey portion of dairy, which means all the cream cheese in her recipes shouldn't be there if you want to stay firmly in ketosis). She didn't discuss whether carb cycling was a good idea or not. Really, if this book had been titled "A Beginner's Guide to the Ketogenic Diet", I wouldn't complain much, because she does cover the basics. But there are too many topics glossed over or ignored to call it an "Everything" guide.

I was looking for a book that was not in Kindle format with lots of keto recipes. (Kindle is just not the best format for cookbooks, you know?) So I actually bought this book from a local bookstore because I didn't see it on at first. I just want to let people know that it's a really great reference as well as cookbook. It gives a lot of helpful information about the science behind ketogenics and the recipes are FABULOUS. Try the lemon cheesecake fat bombs and the bacon wrapped avocados! It's a clear, easy to understand book with many great recipes that you don't need a bunch of weird ingredients to make. I really think this is the best book I've seen so far for the beginner keto-dieter. Best of luck to all!

I checked this book out of the library to see if it was worth buying. While the recipes sound good, none of them contain nutritional information, and this is AFTER the book tells you to count your macros (fat, carbs, protein). Many of the recipes are very similar to others available for free online, there are not a lot of "new" ideas here. Also, there are general guidelines on what to eat, and what not to eat, but no food lists. Very disappointing. If you're new to this way of eating, skip this book for now.

I am disappointed in this book. It is called "EVERYTHING Guide to the Ketogenic Diet" yet it has no nutritional information. We are counting carbs, and while the recipes are enticing, I can't make them because I don't know how many carbs are in them. This information is vital to the Ketogenic diet. I found "The Coconut Ketogenic Diet" by Dr. Bruce Fife to be a better reference book than this. It discusses the basics of Ketosis in detail and gives recipes that specify the nutritional content. I must admit that Lindsay Boyers' recipes do look tastier, but who can use them when they can't count the carbs????? She also discusses how much fat one should ingest per day in terms of grams. I had to get my calculator out to determine how many Tablespoons I should take per day. I wish she had converted this to Tablespoons!

This book has been a great guide as I have looked at adding the keto way of eating to my life.It breaks down the good and bad and what to expect along the journey! In addition the recipe ills are really good too!

I'm very disappointed in this book. It is just to simplified. None of the recipes have any nutritional information at all. How are you supposed to be tracking your carbs if you don't know how much a recipe has? So I guess I'm supposed to go through every ingredient and figure out the nutritional information all on my own? What do I need this book for then? Out of 288 pages there is only 65 that are informative about how to run the diet. You'd be better off with an Atkins book.

Its a good book for keto dieting but you still have to stick with it.

love this book.clearly is the way i want to eat to lose weight and stay healthy with lots of energy

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