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Eating For Life: Your Guide To Great Health, Fat Loss And Increased Energy

Did you truly enjoy the food you ate today? Do you really like the way you look and feel? Are you consistently enjoying great health and high energy? Bill Phillips, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Body-for-LIFE, believes your answer to all of the above questions should be, "Yes!" He feels that food should be a source of pure pleasure. A source of positive, abundant energy! A "sure thing" in a world of much uncertainty. Phillips, who's widely regarded as today's most successful fitness author, has firm beliefs which go against the grain of today's popular weight-loss methods. "Diets, all of them, are potentially dangerous, most always dumb and ultimately a dead-end street!" he insists. "Eventually, anyone and everyone who's at all concerned with their health must learn how to feed their body, not how to starve it." Instead, Phillips encourages a safe and sound solution which includes eating balanced, nutrient-rich meals, frequently throughout the day. "This is what works in the long run," he explains. Rich with common sense and science, Eating for Life has rhyme and reason. It is specific. There are very clear dos and don'ts which help people enjoy food and improve their overall fitness. Bill's approach, which he calls the "Eating for Lifestyle," has already helped thousands of people break free from the dieting dilemma and discover that, contrary to pop-culture belief, food is friend, not foe. Used intelligently, it nourishes the body and mind, satisfies the appetite, calms cravings, renews health and lifts energy. Like Bill Phillips' Body-for-LIFE, this is a tell-it-like-it-is book. There's no promise of a quick fix. No metabolic tricks or so-called miracles. Just straightforward, clear, concise, practical and appropriate principles for eating right... for life.

Hardcover: 405 pages

Publisher: High Point Media, LLC; 1 edition (November 24, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0972018417

ISBN-13: 978-0972018418

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My fiance did the Body-for-Life challenge and lost 40 pounds in 12 weeks! Currently we are 2 weeks in to another Body-for-Life challenge and we've found the biggest problem for us is lack of interesting food to eat. We decided to pick up the Eating-for-Life book to hopefully get some better recipes and all I can say is WOW! Bill Phillips really outdid himself with this book.This book starts with 70 pages describing many of the ideas about food he covered in his bestselling book, Body-for-Life. As he explains, diets are BAD. They are impossible to maintain, so 95% of people who go on diets end up gaining back everything they lost (and often MORE than they lost). His philosophy is to eat balanced, nutrient-rich meals six times a day. This keeps you full, so you never feel like you're starving, and also signals to your body that its getting the nutrients it needs and can stop storing all the fat.This is the first time I've seriously done the Body-for-Life challenge and I've already lost 8 pounds of fat! The biggest problem for me, as I said, was how BORING I thought healthy foods were. This book has shown me how wrong I was! The first day I got it, I flipped through it and salivated at all the delicious recipes! There are over a hundred GOOD recipes in here, including shrimp scampi, chicken noodle soup, filet mignon, chicken fajitas and SO much more. There are even several healthy dessert recipes, including fruit crepes, cheesecake and walnut brownies! The recipes are not only healthy, but extremely easy to prepare and very delicious!A lot of people have said that Bill Phillips plan takes a lot of dedication and hard work, and that's true. But there is no "easy" diet out there. I've tried some of the "fad" diets, including low carb diets and diet pills.

I have been doing the BFL plan, and lost over 30 pounds. The problem I had was finding ways to have variety with my eating plan. The food list is small, but after a while you ran out of ideas for meals. This book is perfect, and I'm so happy he put it out. I really enjoy this cookbook. The title of the book says it all. Eating for LIFE. This is NOT a diet, but a way of life. Diets do not work, they are temporary solutions, and you don?t want a temporary solution, but a lifestyle solution. If you want to win the battle of the bulge, this book with the BFL book is the perfect lifestyle solution. If you exercise and eat the recipes from this book you will lose weight. You can?t do one without the other. Exercise and proper eating go hand in hand, and Bill stresses that. "Eating for life takes the guess work out of eating right.", and it really does. There are some really easy and very satisfying recipes in this book. My favorites: 1. Taco pasta salad 2. Turkey Rueben 3. BLT wrap (I especially enjoy the mustard/mayo spread I make from another BLT wrap recipe!!!) 4. Zesty Italian Chicken 5. Grilled Salmon 6. Spaghetti and Meatballs 7. Balsamic Salmon Salad 8. Baked Chicken Parmesan 9. Sloppy Joes 10. Spicy buffalo chicken sandwich 11. chicken noodle soup 12. chicken tenders 13. strawberry cheesecake 14. berry parfait 15. Spanish omelet 16. ham & Egg sandwich (I don?t eat ham, so I use turkey) 17. Turkey bacon melt (this is simply delicious and easy!!!)18. eggs Florentine 19. turkey sandwich 20. chicken Caesar 21.

I bought this 405-page book by Body For Life guru Bill Phillips, sight unseen via the internet, because I'm a fan of the BFL exercise/nutrition philosophy - although, sadly, not faithful follower - and I enjoy cooking. I've made quite a few of the recipes and can report they are easy to follow, reproduce good results and give budding BLF types some badly needed ideas for sticking to the nutrition part of their Challenge. Several recipes are outstanding; my personal favorites being Mom's Chicken Enchiladas and Turkey Sloppy Joes, while some are unappealing to my taste which is par for the course with any cookbook. One unique aspect for BFL buffs are 69 useful pages in the front that explain "Eating for Life Facts", and in the back are another 54 pages with a section of recipes and comments from typically inspiring BFL Challenge winners, two weeks of BFL meal plans using recipes from the book, and some useful basic cooking tips for neophyte chefs.Now, three warnings: First, quite a few "recipes", perhaps 5%-10% of the total, are really BFL meal/snack suggestions that don't need a color page of instructions (e.g., half a cantaloupe and cottage cheese or two sliced hardboiled eggs with a sliced orange). More problematic is that there is absolutely NO nutritional data - e.g., calories, protein/carbohydrate/fat mix, etc. - for the recipes. This is particularly disappointing because even cookbooks that don't claim to support a physical transformation program often have this information. Yes, I realize BFL emphasizes controlling portion size rather than calorie counting, but I'm a little suspicious that many recipes are heavy on the carbo side of the protein/carbo equation because so many have bread, tortillas or pasta which Mr. Phillips normally discourages.

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