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Dogs And Love - Stories Of Fidelity (Dog Stories For Adults Book 1)

These sixteen true stories about dogs will delight every dog lover, and may even please readers who don't own dogs. Dog memoirs if you will, these stories about dogs are told 'with sentiment but without sentimentality', according to one reviewer. "Thanks for a truthful, emotionally accurate, interesting and lovely book," this same reviewer said.Although the subjects of these dog stories are the writer's dogs, these memoirs are universal in their appeal. All of these dog stories are about the special bond that can form between dogs and people. This dog book is for all ages, and with the exception of one story (My Dog is a Slut) any of these dog stories could be a bedtime story for children. These dog stories run the emotional gamut from absurdity to poignancy, and range from humorous to heartbreaking, something any dog lover can understand. "These simply told tales, straight from Ms. Robinson's heart, speak of a love that transcends species. Her homespun humor makes them a delight to read, offsetting the raw grief she shares over the loss of tiny Ruth Ann and later big Bubba. But hope springs eternal and new dogs continue to be born, a touching lesson for all, with dogs or without," says another reviewer. Although the loss of a dog is always sad, it's the dogs in our lives that somehow make us more human. Life without dogs? I don't think so.From dressing a chihuahua in a red corduroy coat to conveying the profound grief of a dog, these dog stories will be appreciated by any dog lover. Almost every dog memoir in this collection is either about a chihuahua mix and/or the abandoned hound that claimed a family as his own. One story is about a lost mother dog who depended on the kindness of strangers after delivering her puppies in a cave on the side of a cliff. Another is about a little dog's grief when her master died; although he was important enough to be mourned by an entire city, Mopsy's sorrow was heartbreaking. Most of the dogs in these stories came from an animal shelter, and the fidelity that each rescue dog demonstrates, from utter loyalty to pure devotion, makes a master humble. A portion of the proceeds from this dog ebook, as well as from the hard copy of Dogs and Love (available at goes to a dog rescue program.Perhaps you will remember some of the dogs you have loved over the years as you read these stories about dogs, and realize how important dogs truly are in the emotional lives of humans. This book is more than just a group of dog stories about dogs. It's about the deep emotional connection we share with our dogs, and how special that bond truly is."Ferris Robinson's Dogs and Love is not just about dogs. It's also about the "Dog Persons" who love them, spoil them, worry about them, grieve over them, rejoice over them, learn from them, and generally cannot live without them. This collection of stories is beautifully written - intelligent, witty, charming and touching without being corny. It is written from the heart of a "Dog Person." Highly recommend!"Wilkia Carter"This is a great book for those of us who love our dogs like members of our families. The stories within the story are great. I laughed and cried and cried and when I finished the book, I had a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart." reviewer"Loved your essays. You made me laugh, made me sad and sometimes nostalgic, such as the one about your empty nest. I really like your work."Janie Dempsey Watts - author of Moon Over Taylor's Ridge

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This book is uplifting, inspirational, funny and most of all heartwarming! Daily life with an animal can be so frustrating and full filling at the same would be so boring without them. I looked forward to each new story in this wonderful book!!! Thank you for sharing Ms. Robinson!W. Kelley

I have a cat, but was strangely drawn to this book about dogs, people who love them, and people who lose them (through death). It took me a while to realize the short stories were about all the dogs one family loved, versus all the dogs several families loved. (I'm kind of slow that way.)I could picture the husband and wife walking their dog(s) around the pond; and then three, four, 14 years later, they remembered walking their dog around the pond and how sad yet glad they were for the memories.Very well written, I will look out for other books by this author (fiction or nonfiction).

I really enjoyed reading this set of short stories about dogs. They were charming and fun, heartbreaking and truthful. If you've ever had a dog, especially the ones that become your family, this is a worthwhile read.Each chapter/short story is a tidbit of this family's experiences with some of their dogs. Some stories are event based, others offer a little more insight.All of them are a quick read and entertaining.

I love my dog and I guess that makes me a dog lover. I have read many, many dog books written by all kinds of people. Some were writers others were not. This book "Dogs and Love" was really good and enjoyable. The writer and her family's love affair with Ruthie Ann and Bubba was truly touching. I liked it that she had many stories about them. I cried when they lost Ruthie and felt their pain, I have lost two of my little buddies and the loss is very painful, the are like our little furry children. Good Book.

First, let's start with the cover, and the cover photo (Bubba? Ruth Ann?). Just those, and I had to read this book. Second, the Evil Sister...well, not really, but we all know her in one form or another...the Ones Who Think Dogs Are Animals. Who roll their eyes when you shred the chicken and carrots from the homemade soup for the dog's chicken and rice dinner, rather than a nice casserole or salad for us. Who protest that dogs have fur coats already when you insist on dogs wearing winter coats in cold weather. And maybe boots. Depending on the weather. And third, the general family mushiness when it comes to the furry members of the group, and the stolen moments watching the kids love the dogs. Dogs somehow humanize us, and these wonderful moments are brought to us with sentiment but without sentimentality. I found myself reading and reading and wishing the book was longer when I reached the end. Thanks for a truthful, emotionally accurate, interesting and lovely book. Please go write some more.

Very much enjoyed reading these stories...proving over and over again (to an "already believer") how special dogs are in both the love they have for "us" their owners and indeed for every member of the family which they call their own. Their loyalty and devotion knows no bounds...and they generously think of us as "Godlike" in their eyes...if only we could (all) live up to the level they elevate us to. Wonderful book!

storiies are compasionate and have substance-sometimes they make you cry- good reading. These stories follow a dogs life from saving their puppies to enjoying thier master's company. they are just like us.

I have had the pleasure of dogs ow I g me since I w a s 8. Now 67 and looking for my 4th collie, this time a rescue. When i had to put the l last one down because she couldn't sta n d up anymore her companion mutt was lost. That one then had cancer. We cried for each, but when the collie crossed the rainbow bridge to wait for me I swear I felt her nuzzling my neck as she left. Thanks for the memories

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