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Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques

No other book written to the average hobbyist addresses topics like fish mass determination, fish pharmacology, or ethics and aquariums. The author also thoroughly addresses common problems such as diet and nutrition, tankmate selection and maintaining proper water quality. In addition to detailed care information for a wide variety of both common and rare fish species, this book covers non-fish aquatic animals , such as octopuses, rare shrimps and other invertabrates. Inspiring photographs highlight the awesome beauty of a variety of marine creatures while numerous graphs and charts makethe information easy to understand and apply.

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This text in my view is directed between marine fish only tanks and reef keeping. Many of the tropical fish listed are from the Australian tropical regions. It also appears the author does not follow Sprung or other cohorts in that he uses equipment that is currently not in fashion for maintaining reefs.I do agree that a well set up ozone reactor run with the dpd chlorine method is a superior way than ORP control and useful today despite its unpopularity. There are other texts available on this subject but this is an interesting point of view. He appears to adopt established public aquarium techniques to large private marine aquariums. However, I must admit many private aquariums are far superior to many public displays I have encountered, especially concerning sps corals. So I highly recommend the book but do not consider it an exhaustive reference on husbandry techniques, but more of an introduction to well established techniques.

Of the 70 or so marine aquarium books I have this is certainly in the top five. There is information here that is simply not easily available from other sources and the book itself is very well written and illustrated. This is not a book for beginers because it assumes a basic level of knowledge and, thankfully, skips over such discussions as the nitrogen cycle, etc. There are few books written in this field that I would read cover to cover, yet this book is compelling and highly informative. I am surprised by how much I've learned from Hemdal's writing and how relevant it all is to my level of interest. Highly recommended!

Jay Hemdal's Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques picks up where most aquarium literature leaves off. Once you've gained a basic understanding of marine aquarium husbandry, reading this book is one of the next steps you should take. I've kept aquariums for well over 20 years, and I find that I keep referring back to this book for answers and solutions I can't seem to find anywhere else.I really appreciate the fact that, even though this book targets advanced hobbyists and offers in-depth explanations, it's written in easy-to-understand language. You won't find yourself swimming in technical jargon. Also, Hemdal doesn't simply parrot what has been written by others. His conclusions are clearly based on his own extensive professional experience, and he's not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom when necessary.If you buy this book, be prepared to learn something!

ADVANCED MARINE AQUARIUM TECHNIQUES: GUIDE TO SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONAL MARINE AQUARIUM SYSTEMS isn't for the home aquarium owner so much as for marine enthusiasts who already have the basics down and wish to go further. Details on filtration, lighting, ozone, specimens, maintenance and handling problems focus on over a hundred thirty marine organisms including some rare Japanese fishes. Another big plus: data has been collected by the world's leading public aquariums, paired with color photos, and includes the advanced testing methods and theories lacking in more general-interest books. Add graphs, charts, tables, and clear print and you have an outstanding library reference, directed to an advanced level of reader usually not given such fine detail in this subject area.Diane C. DonovanCalifornia Bookwatch

Expansive, far-ranging and, as some of the other reviews have stated here, a little unstructured. But Hemdahl says so himself in the foreword, so no complaints there. He also terms it a guide that is trying to 'build experience' for marine aquarists, rather than cover every single thing out there. A logical approach, since to try and cover everything, as well as give an opinion about it, is courting trouble - have you read any marine aquarium forums recently? It's like war. But on the whole it reads well and is loaded with good advice, my only complaint is that the picture charts (and there are quite a few of them) are about the size of a small thumbnail and impossible to read or resize on my Kindle (unless I am missing some feature, but probably not).

This is a good book and terrible in others. I would ONLY recommend it for a well read, very advanced aquarist that has a good handle on the hobby already. Some of the advice is WRONG and will harm your system. However, there are also is some good info/ideas that are not available online or in other books (still in print). This is well worth the price _if_ you can sift through the junk to get to them.The author also needs to get an editor to read the book and fix things like parts of paragraphs that are missing and basic grammer/spelling errors.

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