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The Complete Book Of Juicing, Revised And Updated: Your Delicious Guide To Youthful Vitality

With fifty new recipes and new information on the benefits of juicing and juice cleanses, here is the completely revised and updated edition of this juicing category killer.The first completely revised edition of this juicing classic, The Complete Book of Juicing is packed with new information on super fruits such as pomegranate and papaya, weight-loss and juice fasts, immune function, juicers, and more. With one hundred fruit and vegetable recipes and a fresh new package, this book is a user-friendly and fun necessity for any juicing kitchen.

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Clarkson Potter; Rev Upd edition (December 31, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0385345712

ISBN-13: 978-0385345712

Product Dimensions: 5.4 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches

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You will find The Complete Book of Juicing, Revised and Updated is about more than juicing. It takes a look into the science behind juicing and it's recommendations are clinically and scientifically proven. This book refers to the nutrition from juicing as the base for optimal health and I totally agree with that. It includes information on many diet related diseases and provides information on why diets deficient in certain vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients, may lead to these diseases.The three common juicers on the market are listed and information on how they work. I learned how to regulate the ratio of the vegetables to fruits used in my juicing for an optimal level. You are given clear information on which fruits and vegetables are best to use as a base for your juice and what percentage works best.Personally, I was very happy with information in this book and found it highly informative. As someone who juices occasionally, this book helped clarify many questions I had in regards to juicing. I was also provided with additional information on nutrition that I was not even aware of. If you juice or are are thinking about giving juicing a try, I highly recommend you give this book a read. This is one of those books one should keep on hand as a reference, not only for the great juicing recipes, but also for a quick reminder on all the health benefits behind juicing. This highly motivating book is full of information, yet compact, making it great for travel.

The degree of good health you can experience is always linked to the quality of nutrition in what you consume and this book differs from the many juicing recipe books out there in providing a user-friendly tutorial that explains all about what the body really needs to function at peak operation. We also like the short and informational nutritional profiles provided for the many different fruits and vegetables used in juicing, along with helpful selection and preparation tips. The section on juice recommendations for specific health conditions, ranging from acne and osteoporosis to eczema and headache, is also very helpful. Murray covers the topic of juicing from every aspect and provides a comprehensive resource that will convince you of the many benefits of adding freshly squeezed juices to your daily menu, including smart weight loss.

The book is very informative about juicing and why it is essential to your health. It goes through many fruits and vegetables individually and gives you the nutritional breakdown which is great. The kindle edition is really nice because if you are reading about juicing for a specific reason and the section offers recipes you can simply select a recipe to go right to it, no need to go searching through the book for the recipe.I took off 1 star for the section on weight loss and general diet. I bought a book on juicing not a book on nutrition so I don't want to hear about how I should be vegan for optimal health. I've done and still do lots of reading about nutrition from other sources and was looking for a book purely on juicing. Plus, I really don't think that a vegan diet is the best diet, at least not for everyone. My other problem with the section on weight loss was the authors restrictive diet and use of the weight loss pill HE INVENTED. Yes, in a juicing book the author tries to sell you his weight loss pill. I was disappointed that the author expected the dieter to become vegan, or mostly vegan, and restrict calories as part of a sustainable lifestyle change for weight loss. Simply adding juicing to your daily routine is probably the best thing you can do as a lifestyle change that is sustainable and will encourage weight loss. The author, in my opinion, dropped the ball here. When you start juicing your body naturally starts increasing energy and metabolism, you stop craving all those things that are bad for you, and the weight starts to come off easily. Some people may need more but diet pills should not be your first go to when you start juicing to loose weight.Overall the book is really good and I would recommend it, I just didn't like the part on diet/dieting.

I think many of us under apprecate the fact that we are what we eat. It is so important to be aware of what we put into our bodies. With THE COMPLETE BOOK OF JUICING you not only gain more than 70 great jucing recipes, but also the benefit of information regarding nutrition. There are many jucing books out there, but I think this is one of the best. I think there is more to jucing than just making great tasting juice. Knowing the benefits of vegtables, fruits and how to make juices for weight loss, medicine and fasting gives you a more focused approach to getting healthy via juice. 4 stars

Dr. Murray is an expert in the field of nutrition. This latest book has many juicing recipes. It also lists fruits and vegetablesand their key health benefits. It also has a listing of health conditions and juicing recipes for that specific condition. Execellent recipe and reference book.

Great informational book that I got mostly for recipes, but it has a wealth of why consider eating healthy. You wouldn't be looking at this type book unless you are interested in a healthy body that stays that way. This explains purchased prepared foods vs foods cooked at home vs fresh uncooked foods and their relative nutritional value...astonishing what you get in freshly consumed, uncooked foods. Whether juicing or blending, there is so much more nutrition in fresh foods with the fiber.I highly recommend this, along with "Eat to Live", "Forks over Knives", and "The China Study". After seeing the background and history in our foods, I doubt you will ever go back to good ol' restaurant foods.

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