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TI-84 Plus Tutorials: The TI-84 Plus For Beginners: Get Started With The TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator

The second edition of this book has been updated for the 2016-17 school year. Never has there been a family of graphing calculators that has dominated the math education landscape like the TI-84 Plus family has. Throughout the 2000's, it has been the single most popular graphing calculator in math classrooms around the world. It's easy to understand why. It's powerful, recommended by teachers, and accepted on virtually every standardized test that allows graphing calculators.The latest edition, the TI-84 Plus CE Silver Edition, brings a high resolution, full color, backlit display to an already wildly popular device. This new feature allows students to graph each function in a different color, graph on photographs, and more.In Lucas Allen's new book, TI-84 Plus Tutorials, he breaks down the TI-84 Plus family in a non-intimidating way, setting beginning users up for success on the TI-84 Plus in their math classes. Step by step directions are given with detailed explanations of button presses and lots of screen captures so readers can follow along. There is no assumption that the user has ever used a graphing calculator before, whether they are a student or a teacher. The book is a comfortable reading length, designed so that you can go through it with your calculator in just a couple of hours and feel confident about getting started with your TI-84 Plus in class this year, whether you have a classic black and white TI-84 Plus or a TI-84 Plus CE color.Among the many features covered in depth are how to use fractions, change modes, perform trigonometric calculations, numerous graphing features, how to use tables, perform basic statistics calculations, use apps, solve equations, polar equations, parametric equations, calculus features, and much, much more.Lucas Allen high school math teacher in a small town in downstate Illinois. He's also the coach of his school's highly successful math team, a team which won the 2012 Illinois math team state championship over some of Chicago's most elite private schools. Allen is a long time user of the TI-84 Plus, and he blogs about math education technologies at Tech Powered Math. He's written several books about graphing calculators. FAQ:Q: Is this book appropriate for me if I own the new color TI-84 Plus CE (or TI-84 Plus C) graphing calculator?A: Absolutely, yes! Throughout the book, all examples are displayed with with full color, high resolution screen shots from the TI-84 Plus CE. TI-84 Plus CE capabilities such as the ability to change colors of functions, graph on pictures, and upload images to the TI-84 Plus CE are all explained. Q: Is this book appropriate for me if I own an older TI-84 Plus with a black and white screen such as a Silver Edition or "black edition"?A: Again, yes! The TI-84 Plus CE has some features such as changing colors and graphing on pictures that the older black and white display models don't have, but probably 95% of the features covered in this book are common to all models of the TI-84 Plus. However, if the operating system from your black and white TI-84 Plus is not up to date, you will need to update it with free software from the Texas Instruments website in order to take advantage of the tutorials in this book. Q: How do I know if my black and white TI-84 Plus operating system is up to date?A: I suggest reading the book. You will learn about how to identify which version of the operating system you are using and what the features of the latest operating system are. If you are not up to date, the book includes a link to a video tutorial on how to update your calculator so you can get the latest features.Q: I have a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus graphing calculator. Is this book right for me? A: No. The TI-84 Plus tutorials in this book rely heavily on updates made to the TI-84 Plus operating system over the last few years. Those changes were never issued to the TI-83 models.

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As a High School math teacher I am always on the lookout for resources to help my students. With his new Kindle book "TI-84 Plus Tutorials" Lucas Allen has provided a great service to teachers and students at a fantastic value. With wonderfully clear screen shots he clearly demonstrates both how to have your TI 84+ tuned to perfection and to use the many tremendous capabilities available on this great calculator. I will be sure to let my students know about this GREAT resource. This book is a must for any math and science teacher's library.Cheers and happy calculating!

I am happily a math nerd, and have been since at least Third Grade (1959), but I didn't really start to learn how to use graphing calculators for mathematical use until I took Advanced College Algebra this summer. I learned a lot during that course, and it is very likely that some of your math teachers or professors might use this model in the classroom.This book is a very nice introduction to how to use the TI-84 Plus family of calculators, especially the "Black" TI-84 Plus, the TI-84 Plus C "Silver" Edition, and the TI-84 Plus CE. I learned from the history that was contained in the first chapter.I did find one mistake in the second chapter. Using the CE screen capture for his example, he talks about how the ANSWERS mode can be set to one of three options, AUTO, DEC or FRAC-APPROX, but as you can see in his example screen and on your CE, one of the changes that Texas Instruments made when allegedly improving things when moving from the Silver Edition to the CE was getting rid of FRAC-APPROX. In the same paragraph, Mr. Allen states that in AUTO mode, answers will be displayed in fraction mode if you enter a fraction, but my CE does not do this, nor did my CSE when I tried it just now.(Yes, I did complain to TI about the lack of FRAC-APPROX as a default answer mode in the CE. Their reply is that we don't need it as a default because we can press FRAC in the math menu to convert any answer to a fraction.)If your son or daughter is using the TI-84 at school for math class, you might want to get this book in order to teach yourself more about the calculator, and be able to take to your kids about the topic.Another calculator to check out is the HP Prime. I also have it.

This book is an outstanding resource to help get the most out of these excellent machines, especially the new TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Each topic is cover with concise and clear explanations. The screen shots from the TI-84+C are exceptionally helpful. This is a must, not only for beginners, but for experienced calculator users as well. Anyone wanting to learn more about mathematics and science will be well rewarded.

I have used the TI-8# calculators since the early 1990's. This is a refreshing description on how to use the TI-84 series calculators. Many long time users will like this book as it explains new operating system 2.53+. This is the first well written description of this new OS I have seen. The use of the higher resolution color screens to show examples is great decision. Although, I personally prefer the TI-Nspire system to the TI-84, I still need to know and understand the TI-84. This book will give me a suggested location for student and teacher whose desire to learn to use the TI-84 to its maximum use. This book is well worth the money and it should be used by all who want to excel with the TI-84 Plus calculator.My only objection was the use of 84+ notation when the calculator says TI-84 Plus on the case, but this is not a negative for the Book. (It is my opinion only.)

I just got my new TI-84 Plus Saturday. I checked the O/S and it is 2.55 MP so I've got the latest. Today I purchased this eBook and am having problems early on. He says that when I depress ALPHA+F2 I should have options 6,7,8,9. Well, they're not there. Now, to be fair, he's using the TI-84 PLUS CE (Color Edition). He should at least say I won't have those options but no mention yet. They are all calculus related, I believe.Let the buyer beware.

If you have just acquired a TI-84 Plus, and you are new to calculators, this book will provide a solid introduction. Lucas Allen writes his book in clear, plain language. Best of all, he is a calculator expert. I definitely recommend this book.

Good introduction to the very basics, but I wish the author had more material and more topics covered. I recommend it as a very good start. it needs a complete section on how to graph the negative absolute value function and some other topics. However it is worth the $4.99 price. There are very few books on the TI 84 plus c because the newer calculators are starting take over. The Ti 84 plus is still the most used graphing calculator in education.

If you are a teacher or student new to the TI-84 family, this book is a good place to start. Although Allen makes a distinction between the SE and C models, the screen shots are from the C model. This could be a little confusing to a new user following along with an SE model. However, I consider myself an expert user and even learned a few things I didn't know relative to the F1-F4 features. Overall, a great book for the beginner!

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