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Dog Training: Ultimate Puppy Training For Happy, Obedient Dogs: Stop Bad Behaviors, Use Positive Reinforcement, And Develop Obedience (23 Impressive Dog ... Raising A Puppy, Potty Training)

The Difference Between YOUR Future Dog and A Puppy Who Destroys Furniture, Pees On Your Carpet, And Is Aggressive?Everything comes down to the KNOWLEDGE of the trainer (you!) There are specific strategies and habits you can use to your advantage to raise the perfect dog.Download now to get this Dog Training Toolkit for $2.99 (and save $5)! - Limited Time Only!Imagine coming back home to your dog from an evening out. You open the door and hear loud barking that will not stop. The neighbors will get mad again if the barking continues. Your dog jumps on you with overflowing energy and scratches you and your clothes. You look around to find that your furniture was destroyed. Your brand new couch has been ripped up with the feathers from the cushions all over the floor. Your wooden base boards have been chewed up and will be expensive to replace (not to mention ugly). There are pee puddles on the floor and it has stained your carpet.Maybe this is how you are currently living, or maybe this is something that you want to avoid as your puppy grows! If you have a young puppy, you know that it is immensely important to train your puppy the correct way from the get go, not when the bad habits have already set. What do you do in this situation? What are your first steps? You can't keep going with this kind of trouble and destruction. It's time to take action, and for your dog to change, you have to change - and you know it!It's time for your to learn the advanced techniques of dog training that have immediate results and are easy to implement.This is something that is dear to my heart since I have spent a decade training service dogs for the disabled and retraining family dogs that have gotten out of hand. As a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, I want to share the techniques that I have learned over years so that you can smoothly raise your puppy into the perfect and obedient dog companion or to fix the bad behaviors that your dog has developed.Not to mention, we have included a robust set of tricks to teach your dog so that you will have the most behaved and well trained dog in the neighborhood.And if you are having trouble with any training techniques, we have included for a limited time only a FREE Bonus Video Course so you can see examples of how to react to misbehaving dogs.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn…Tips for a Happy PuppyObedience TrainingStopping Bad Behaviors Such As…How To Stop Excessive BarkingHow To Stop Destructive BehaviorAlternative Steps For Aggressive PuppiesHow To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping On PeopleStop Peeing In The HouseAnd Stop Aggression Towards Other DogsPositive Reinforcement TrainingHow To Potty Train Your PuppyAnd Tips And Tricks For Dog OwnersJust look at what other satisfied readers have said about our dog training book:I recently got a new puppy and was eager to train it the correct way. (My parents had a very misbehaved dog as a kid that left an impression on me) I used the strategies Anna describes in her book and my puppy is being phenomenal. I adore my dog and I really think it is because of Anna's course.--- Jane R. ---"My dog used to be highly aggressive to small dogs. I was afraid to take him on walks and could never take him to the dog park. Now after using these new training techniques, I can trust him and he has been behaving perfectly. It all came down to who the pack leader was."--- Daniel C. --- Download your discounted copy Today! (Typically priced at $8!)

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This book really helps me a lot. Not only I've trained my dog but also discipline them. This book made me understand how and why I need to train my dogs. I even taught my dogs on how to stop bad behavior and excessive barking. Short but nice book

This is an awesome book! I just love puppies abd how sweet they are. My puppy only knows how his name and never stop wiggling hearing it from me. I like that the author created a lot of tricks in here which you can teach your puppy . Now, I'm trying to teach my puppy play fetch or bring it. I alao learned here how to teach potty command and I think it would be a good tricks for any dogs to learn this. There are still a lot of tricks to explore using this book but for now, I will focus on those little steps and maybe include to teach him how to shake hands!

This book is full of simple steps that I believe will really work. This book will provide easy to follow steps for training any puppy. Many people have told me that training a puppy is similar to raising a child, and I’ve come to agree with them.I am looking for another dog right now, and I saw this book and wanted to go ahead and get it so I would be ready to train a new dog. I found everything that I was looking for and more!

I found this book extremely useful! I have a 4 year old puppy and while they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, I found it to be completely untrue as I've managed to teach her a few cool tricks. This book really gives you practical, no fluff, advice and tips to properly potty train your puppy. The author also shares so much more information and methods on how to train your dog. Overall, I'd recommend this book!

Love it The cover alone makes me want to go buy a puppy. I have trained dogs before with varying success and I will say this book hits all the high notes on the structure (and the owner discipline) needed to train a dog to truly be the 'best friend' you have always wanted. Step by step guidelines with an emphasis on safety and rewards.Starling makes a point of making sure a prospective new owner knows what he or she is getting themselves into with a major commitment. The tone of the book is very easy to read. Training a dog using the methods described in this book will be an incredibly rewarding experience for both the dog and the dog owner.Good read.

This book is a great guide for new dog owners or anyone whose dog need training. I watched my nephew struggle with his ill-mannered dog so I got this book from my recommended list and hoped it would help him out. It has been over a week now and I barely collide with that dog in the corridors and my nephew hasn't complained about him. I honestly did not read the book but whateveris in there has brought peace in my household.

I want to start taking care of puppy but i don't know if I can manage it that is why I grab this book to help me. I found this book so helpful as it gives the tips on how to have a healthy puppy and how to have a good relationship with dogs. This book also details what is the proper caring for puppies like food that we should give to them.

This book is an easy-to-read resource for anybody that has a dog with any kind of impulse control issues or less than perfect. Even those with dog training experience sometimes need reminders of the basics. Obviously I'm working on training my dog. This is simple enough to do, split into short segments so I'm not always worried about having the time, and seems to be working with my dog.

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