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The Joy Of Less Volume 1: Discovering Your Inner Minimalist

Simplify your life and discover the Joys that come from minimalist living.Includes special FREE download What if you could live on purpose and reduce or eliminate most of the stress and worry that you experience on a daily basis?Overwhelmed and exhausted, we tend to hit the ground running every morning without much thought to what exactly we are doing or why we’re doing it. Phone calls, texts, e-mails, Kids sports and yoga classes. It’s all a blur of activity and deadlines. Are these activities meaningful to you? Are they contributing to your joy and serenity or is the mindless rushing about simply a way of not thinking about what’s really important?˃˃˃ The ability to simplify life is the ability to declutter your soul and live with emotional simplicity. Simple organized living is a wonderful concept but it takes more than throwing a bunch of unwanted stuff in a box and making a dump run. It requires a paradigm shift and a commitment to doing things in a different way. An attitude shift towards the things you have and the things you want. Before you simplify your space, you need to be able to be emotionally and spiritually ready to not only handle the decluttering projects you are going to tackle but to permanently change your habits and attitudes towards your material possessions as well as your relationships.˃˃˃ This is Book one of the two part “Joy of less” series,In it, Cary David Richards details how he and his wife Jeannie were forced by circumstances to downsize and simplify. How over time they came to understand that minimalism has some very tangible and important long term benefits.From reduced stress to being able to think with clarity and vision, Cary and Jeannie's minimalist journey will illuminate the joy and explain the challenges of a life lived with Less and an existence filled with freedom and happiness.˃˃˃ Block some time out of your busy scheduleLet Cary David explain how to painlessly and effectively de-clutter you from the inside out and prepare you for the minimalist path.Scroll up to the top and click the “buy it now” button, simple organized living is just around the corner.

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Despite a few flaws this book is a must read for anyone interested in simplifying their life or gaining more insight into the minimalist movement.I bought this book because I was curious about the concept of de-cluttering . It seems like I just have too many unused and unwanted things. The author’s insight and knowledge of his subject was right on. It gave me lots to think about.While there are a few things I wish he’d expanded upon more the book is definitely a must read for any budding minimalists or even just people who are curious about simplifying their lives.The concept of de-cluttering your emotional life really hit a chord with me. It makes sense to get yourself emotionally prepared to take on the challenge of simplification.Great book! I heartily recommend it.

The joy of Less doesn't just help you declutter your home, or your car. It helps you unclutter your MIND! Allowing yourself space to create good work is essential to being productive, and this book does it right! It's a huge value. Snatch it up as soon as you can.

Having been through a forced self examination period, the author came to understand what was really important to him and in the book he shares some very valid insight.Some key take aways that I got from this book:You need to really understand what your version of simplify means before you start this journey.Know what really makes you happy, if you don't know, find out.When you know what makes you happy, make it a priority.Sometimes you just have to release and let it go.It's OK to say no to yourself and to others.Is it really important?Make it work for you, do not become a slave to it.This book is definitely a good read and probably has some value for everyone. Even if you are not into your version of simplification, there should be some valuable take aways in this book for you.

I gave up after 20 pages. I understand the author's attempt to make money out of nothing with these books, but at least, make them focused on the subject and cut out the fluff. It was just an endless ramble on how to change your life. There were also typos all over, starting with page 3 where he offers a free gift. 3 stars only for the effort, as one author to another, and the free download

The Joy of Less is a book about simplifying your life. It addresses many of the areas that other authors address such as getting rid of clutter and so on. What appealed to me about Richard's book was that he addressed something I haven't read about in many of the other books on simplification. He talks about emotions and how many of us carry around toxic emotions without realizing the toll they are taking on our life. He points out that if we get rid of all of our stuff, we're still going to be out of sync. 'Understanding that life will always default to more complexity is key to knowing that simplifying your life is an ongoing daily routine that will require some focus and intention. Developing a habit of releasing your emotions and being in the present will allow you to keep the complexity from overwhelming you."Richards book is an easy read and quite short, but it hits on points that can truly change your life. I think anyone that wants to live a more simple and focused life, will benefit from reading it. Thanks for giving me something to really think about and aim for.

I really enjoyed this book. It's really about simplifying your lifestyle and once you take SIMPLE key steps, the rest will fall into place. But it's important to recognize that any process takes time to become second nature.I also appreciate how he took the time to write about staying in 'The Present' and how focusing on your present moment at anytime, will also simplify your life.

Mr. Richards' first book is a good read, but, focuses more on clearing the emotional baggage and organizing your personal life in tried and true ways vs. tools like SalesForce, etc. However, I'll give the author credit: he cites several authors and websites on minimalism as additional resources to expand your efforts to simplify your life.

Somehow I can relate to this book. Just like the author, I had to leave my employment two years ago not because of retrenchment but more of family reasons that I had no control over.As I read through this book, I found myself nodding in agreement to most points. While there are also many things that are new to me and I admit, didn’t do. I love how this book told the life lessons just like he was just telling a story. And even if you have not experienced being retrenched or have been forced to simplify your life, you can easily relate to this book as it uses daily experience and practical examples. Truly, a must-read for everyone, not just who is facing or had gone through a similar situation as the author.

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