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The Secret Techniques Of Bonsai: A Guide To Starting, Raising, And Shaping Bonsai

In The Secret Techniques of Bonsai, the author of the groundbreaking Bonsai With American Trees teams up with his son to offer not only the basics for creating perfect bonsai, but also secret techniques they've developed over years of careful work and observation.The Kawasumis provide detailed, easy-to-follow information about growing bonsai from seedlings or beginner plants; expert advice on shaping, pruning, training, grafting and repotting trees; and new techniques for using tools. And, although the Kawasumi family is worldrenowned for their bonsai tool design, their instructions allow gardeners to improvise with other readily-accessible bonsai, gardening or even simple workshop tools. Step-by-step photographs accompany the text, many in full-color.Masakuni Kawasumi III, the first qualified tree doctor for bonsai in Japan, contributes his unique insights to make this an invaluable resource for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.

Hardcover: 112 pages

Publisher: Kodansha USA; Reprint edition (November 22, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1568365438

ISBN-13: 978-1568365435

Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 0.7 x 7.8 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (30 customer reviews)

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In short, my opinion is that this is an excellent book if you are serious about bonsai and would like to get started, or to complement your knowledge from other books.Before I purchased this book, I checked out several books from my local library. Some books seem to show many pictures of finished bonsai without really getting into details and I feel as if I still don't have the knowledge to even start on a bonsai. This book is a bit more helpful with step-by-step pictures from repotting to pruning, diagrams of undesirable branches, and methods of propagation.There is a lot of information in this book that I read in this book that other books brush by, but I found helpful to me. Without a doubt, it is important to read different books because each author has their own views on certain issues.Other books that you might want to look into are "Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)" by Harry Tomlinson and "The Bonsai Workshop" by Herb Gustafson.

I do not recommend this book to the beginner who is just getting into Bonsai care-taking. This is more of a comprehensive book explaining how to create, shape, and nurture Bonsai trees. This book is very well written for and advanced level Bonsai owner. It goes into detail about how to start Bonsai trees, wire them, how to pick out the right environment, etc.So if you're beginning, I think you should pass this book by at first. If, however, you have been into Bonsai trees for a while, this is the book to go with.

This is a fine work on Advanced Techniques for the Bonsai enthusiast, in particular giving full particulars on specialty tools and pruning shears in Bonsai Culture. It is kind of surprising the great tips one can get, from just the one paragraph tips that the authors son added after his father death. Very concise and precise is a great summary for this book.

Actually it was my first book about Bonsai. As I have some background with plant propagation I was very interested in the methods the book advises with very nice pictures and step by step growing etc.But I believe, it not the perfect one for a beginner as it gives some supplementary information about bonsai on top of some basic knowledge. I could not find explanation about some basics like some more simple technics for growing, pruning and taking care.

I must first state that Masakuni KawasumiII and Masakuni KawasumiIII are definitly bonsai masters. I dont doubt their skill in that area but I do doubt their ability to author a book.The book is too small for such a large and complex subject. It could use to be lengthened about three times. I believe the length of the book also cuts into the step by step process you follow for different techiniques described. Another problem is that the author acts like you already know what he's talking about. He throws in technical jargon and occasional Japanese phrases but in the end leaves you looking back at what you read and scratching your head.The color photographs are extremely beautiful but are a minority when compared to the extensive black and white photography. I believe the lack of color photography makes the book look and feel cheaper.After reading this book I dont really see anything secret about these techniques. They're the same methods employed by bonsai masters around the world. The only difference is that this book throws in observations and I believe attempts to pass them off as undiscovered techniques.In the end I would recommend borrowing this book from a Library and using it as reference as it's not comprehensive enough to stand alone.

Back I the 80s my father got into the art of bonsai. Many times he tried to get me to learn the art with him. I wish had listened to him back then. This book helped immensely. For those who wish to start in the art of bonsai this book is definitely a must. It will teach you the basics and help you understand. It was very intimidating starting bonsai but this book made it so much easier to learn.

Here's the positive: Whatever limited information is discussed in this book, at least it is discussed well.And the not so positive: I wished the book has more extensive information/ discussion about specific trees and bonsai techniques. But for USD20, you get what you paid for.

Well is not a bad book, it has a lot of info about bonsai trees. However, is written in a way.... let's say is a page turner, the only thing is that there will not be more information in next page.Explanations are short and the author does not develop or expand on the concepts or ideas. This book will not give you step by step instructions but instead and overview of the basics and techniques.

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