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Elvis, Jesus And Coca-Cola (Kinky Friedman Novels (Paperback))

Kinky Friedman, the prodigal poet of country music, the novelist the Chicago Tribune called "a hip hybrid of Groucho Marx and Sam Spade, " the author/musician and all-around bad ol' boy who single-handedly aims to put the "pop" back into popular fiction, has written a tale of murder, mayhem, and mental hospital slippers that is guaranteed not only to please the legion of fans who love his music, but is sure to delight readers far and wide. If you want to meet great characters, ponder the mysteries of life (and death), and have an outrageously good time, then Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola is just what you need. When legendary tough guy/actor Tom Baker dies, Kinky Friedman, who knew Baker probably better than anyone, suspects foul play. Bolstering his suspicion is the fact that a documentary Baker had been making on Elvis impersonators has disappeared, along with the only person who has actually seen the film, Baker's assistant, Legs. In the course of searching for the missing Elvis movie, Kinky explores his own deep, dark past, namely his simultaneous affairs with two women named Judy - Uptown Judy and Downtown Judy, both vixens of a fairly high order (if fuzzy memory serves him right). Prompting this review of ancient history is the sudden reappearance of Downtown Judy ready to resume their relationship, and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Uptown Judy. That these two plots come together, and that the Elvis film is found, is to be expected. Nothing else in this novel, however, deals with anything remotely expected. Friedman's voice is feisty, sassy, irreverent, blistering, provoking, enchanting, mesmerizing and incredibly entertaining. In fact, Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola is much morethan another Kinky Friedman mystery - itself a cause of joy - it is an entertainment of the highest order.

Series: Kinky Friedman Novels (Paperback)

Mass Market Paperback: 272 pages

Publisher: Bantam (August 1, 1994)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0553568914

ISBN-13: 978-0553568912

Product Dimensions: 4.2 x 0.6 x 7 inches

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Average Customer Review: 3.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (24 customer reviews)

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Another success from the Kinsta. A bizarre plot with even more bizarre characters told in the inimitable style of the New Yorxan(Texorker?). While reading it on the plane from Houston to Boston it had me laughing out loud. I had to give my copy to the lady beside me and buy another when I landed. Few things these days can bring such simple joy and so much fun.

Until three months ago, the only author named Friedman I'd ever heard of was Milton, which probably explains why I was slow to heed a friend's "You gotta read one of Kinky Friedman's books" advice. But after reading two K. Friedman tomes - "Armadillos & Old Lace", and now "Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola - I'm ADDICTED TO THE KINKSTER. So much so that I just got done ordering four MORE of his books from . And now I'M the one telling people that they "gotta read a Kinky Friedman book" - which is really saying something considering that I grew bored and uninterested in "run of the mill" fiction mysteries long ago. BUT THE KINKSTER IS DIFFERENT! His stories are absorbing and addictive. His style is refreshingly twisted and unique.His characters will take up residence in your brain (and stay there long after you finish the book). And his words run the gamut from profound to silly - from thought-provoking to bizarre - from intensely sad and moving to laugh-out-loud hilarious. In fact, my only complaint with Mr. Friedman is that his quips, wise-sayings and one-liners are SO DAMN GOOD - and they come so fast and frequently - that I'm constantly looking for a pen or pencil to write them down (so I can use them later). In short, the man is one great storyteller and wordsmith, and "Elvis, Jesus & Coca-Cola" is a darn good yarn and a VERY enjoyable read.

Elvis, Jesus and Coca-Cola might possibly be the least imaginative of the plot lines in the Kinky mysteries (at least up to that point). It involves two of Kinky's lady friends, cleverly dubbed Uptown Judy and Downtown Judy, who are unaware of the other's existence until one of them is killed and the Village Irregulars pounce on the case.For fans of the series, however, the plot lines are secondary to the humorous anectodes of our hero and the everyday situations that he finds himself. Kinky's friends are all featured extensively throughout the novel, which results in a number of hilarious boozy gatherings in various bars, restaurants and a gay burlesque theatre. The infighting between Ratso, Rambam, McGovern, Brennan and Kinky's new neighbor and her two yapping dogs make up for any shortcomings in the detective yarn.I always seem to read these out of sequence, but I remember this as one of the last great entries in the series. Soon, Friedman would start resorting to new twists (including a trip to Hawaii that would make the Brady Bunch writers cringe). These books are always the best when it's Kinky and his friends drunkenly stumbling through a new case, snapping off one-liners and stories from Kinky's Texas roots and days as a country singer. Good stuff.

Beach read. That pretty much somes it up. The chapters are fast and furious, with several great lines that are worth highlighting. A few times I laughed out loud. The plot wasn't that great, and the ending was a bit predictable. The two biggest problems were the recap ending(this is how it was done, my dear Watson...) and the plot was flimsy. But, if you are looking for something to kill a few hours, you could do worse.

I have read 4 of Kinkys books in the past few months, no one is better than the other, they all include very interesting characters and come bundled together with laughs a plenty. Kinky has a wonderful habit of making the extraordinary seem very ordinary, and he gives the ordinary an added twist of the extraordinary. This book is really harmless, and it is an easy read. As it is so laid back I found myself drifting and missing key moments but it really is a wonderful book for any depressed person who needs a laugh and a new outlook.

Country singer Kinky Friedman has become an author--and avery very good one. He mixes suspense with jokes recallingthe best of Thurber, Perlman, Groucho Marx, and Woody Allen, and then sprinkles in a heaping spoonful of masterful pop-culture references. The plot concerns a missing friend and his film of Elvis impersonators. While the book is quite funny, Friedman refuses to let the jokes obscure the story. Eventually, the book reaches a comic crescendo, and the climax of the story. As the readers gasp for air, Friedman ties up loose ends and throws in a few jokes for the road. This is Friedman's best work, and his best mention of his Jewish heritage can be found in the first line.

As I wind my way through The Kingster's Mystery Series, I get closer with his characters and still laugh at his jokes...some I've read before.I like the mystery, but read more of what's between the lines.

As someone who hardly ever reads fiction-I'm recommending this book to everyone!! Thank You Don Imus for plugging it one morning. His observations make you appreciate this author who has the capacity to be an elevating human presence. Mr. Friedman is an antidote for alienation and cynacism without ever being saccaharine. With prose this good he might get me to start listening to his music.. In closing, I've taken to thinking up the cast for the inevitable film version-How about Leon Redbone as the Kinkstah! Julie Haggertey as DT Judy?

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