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Mountain Dew: The History

This book tells the history of one of America's most popular soft drinks, Mountain Dew. The 300 page book brings you from the drink's earliest beginnings in 1946 all the way through to today's newer drinks like Mountain Dew LiveWire and Code Red. Learn about the Hatfield/McCoy feud that has been brewing for years over the bragging rights to Mountain Dew. This book gives you detailed information on who invented Mountain Dew, when they did it, and the progress of the drink through the years. We start you in Johnson City, TN where you meet Charlie Gordon, Jim Archer and Bill Kilber of "Charlie, Jim and Bill" fame. Did you know that Mountain Dew started out tasting like 7Up until Bill Bridgforth changed the taste to the flavor we know today? From Tennessee we head to Marion, VA to meet Billy Jones and learn about the Tip Corporation. Then on to Lumberton, NC where you meet the massive Minges clan that still controls Pepsi in North Carolina. And then back to Knoxville on a hillbilly roller coaster ride of who did what and when. Learn about the arm wrestling match (literally) with Pepsi Corporate for fifteen million dollars to win the rights to Mountain Dew. Learn why 900 bottles have different names and how Willy the Hillbilly got his name AND you will even get to meet the real live Willy. This book and historic pictures will definately tickle yore innards!

Paperback: 332 pages

Publisher: BookSurge Publishing; 15 edition (February 26, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 141966087X

ISBN-13: 978-1419660870

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.8 x 10 inches

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WOW !!! This book was long overdue. What a fascinating story of America'sthird best selling soft drink. The book calls the story "a Hatfield andMcCoy feud of the braggin' rights to Mountain Dew" and now I understandexactly what they mean. This could easily be the basis for "Oh Brother How Art Thou II".A true story where the main characters were hard working, hard drinking bottlers ... but they are also some of the quirkiest, funniest hillbillies I've ever met.The book is an extremely interesting read whether you care about Mountain Dew or not. I would recommend it to anyone. The story, Mountain Dew, could easily pass as one of the most entertaining case studies I've read. The book is very well researched, well documented and includes great old B/W pictures from the early years of bottling.Oh yeah ... I also wanted to know more about how Pepsi markets Mountain Dew today. And I did. I learned all about Code Red, Livewire, Amp etc ... I even learned what happened to Mountain Dew Code Blue.Overall, a great read !!!

This is the second of Mr. B's tomes about Mountain Dew, not the distilled one, the carbonated one.Mr. B's father was the fine individual who developed the formula for Mountain Dew, the carbonated one. The formula for the distilled one was being sorted out by the Hatfields and McCoys until they ran out of people, not Dew.The first of this series was a comprehensive look at Mountain Dew Collectibles, a history through its Advertising. It hinted at a back story that had not yet been told and, you might say, whetted the thirst for another draw at the jug. And here it is: the complete History of The Dew from the days of it's creation at Tri-City Bottling Co. to the Pepsi Dew at your local supermarket.Rarely are we afforded an opportunity to witness the past development, and secrets, of a world famous product from the inside, from the knowledge and perspective of those who created and developed this 65 year old drink. Even if you've never had a Mountain Dew, unlikely, or never collected anything except memories, it's still a great story and a good one to add to your collection, of memories or stories.Mr. B is an excellent writer who never loses focus of his goal to inform, more than entertain. The subject, distilled or carbonated, has always been the entertainment. As a result we enjoy a crisp, clean prose that is an effortless read. This is partly due, I'm told, to excellent editing by a Kentucky babe on a Texas beach sipping a little Dew on Dew. As a warning: in the Moonshine Belt this is not considered a mixed drink but a propellant, guaranteed to edge your energy drink into the slow lane.I think you'll enjoy the true story of Tennessee's legal version of Kentucky hooch. All due respect to the Tennessee moonshiners who may have missed Hazzard.Thank's Mr. B for another excellent book. I look forward to the next. Oh, and give my regards to Dr. Enuf.

This is a fascinating story, especially for those of us that live in the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina area. This book leaves no stone unturned in the search for the origin of what is now one of the most populat beverages in the U.S. Before Coke & Pepsi controlled most of the soft drink market, there were several regional bottlers in this area. This book is a great history lesson, as it brings you back to the time when drinks came in a bottle that you returned to the store, where there was often a cooler filled with ice cold water & the drinks were hung by their neck and you had to rearrange some of them to get to the flavor you wanted. Excellently researched, this is a fun read for just about anyone. It'll tickle your innards!

I bought this as a gift for a friend because we are both lovers of the Dew, but I was a little disappointed to realize it reads way too much like a textbook. I hope she'll still like it, and I will certainly update if she does!

I bought this for my husband for Christmas this year (2011). I looked through it and it seems interesting. He's a big fan of mountain dew: t-shirts, bottles, books.

good for the teen to read- informative, great information, large sized, big type. wish it was less money, but hey if it gets him to read !!!

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