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Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants To Purify Your Home - DIY Home, Home Gardening & Indoor Gardening (Healthy Home, Gardening For Beginners, Container ... Hacks, Healthier You, Outdoor Gardening)

Get Rid of the Pollution inside Your Home – With Plants!Expanded and Updated 2nd Edition on Nov. 2nd, 2015What can this book do for you?Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home - DIY Home, Home Gardening and Indoor Gardening can teach you to reduce and manage indoor air pollution. You’ll learn where this indoor air pollution comes from, and how to get rid of these air contaminants – the natural way!How does indoor air pollution hurt you? Where does it come from?This book explains how the materials your home is made from may affect your air quality. You’ll also find out how indoor air pollution can contribute to asthma, cough and fatigue, inhalation fevers, and even legionella infections. It’s time to take the right steps to clean out the air in your home!Read this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Order Now!When you download Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home - DIY Home, Home Gardening and Indoor Gardening, you’ll breathe easier and enjoy your home more. This book helps you learn the secrets of cultivating pollution-reducing plants:Aloe VeraAzaleaBamboo PalmChrysanthemumGerber DaisyGolden Pothosand many more!Download your copy of Gardening: Air-Cleaning House Plants to Purify Your Home - DIY Home, Home Gardening and Indoor Gardening TODAY to start “clearing the air” and making your home a wonderful place to live and breathe.You’ll be so glad you did!

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The overall content was very good. However, I have already read the information included here somewhere. I guess I was just expecting new ideas that I can grasp and implement in my home. However, if you are new to this thing, then it is still a good reference.One important feedback for the author is that he should have used illustrations and visuals in identifying the plants. Honestly I am not familiar to the different plant names, which makes it difficult for me to recognize; thus, making me do research to know what they look like. Also, it would have been more effective if the subtopic titles were highlighted. It's a little confusing when I go back while I'm trying to remember which part I have read that specific information.

In the world we live in where almost everywhere is congested, covered with four walled tall buildings and polluted environment, breathing fresh air is no longer achievable. Imagine the smell of air with the wind smelling so good is indeed refreshing, which is very essential to our health as well. Now this book helps in achieving what seems to be gone with the wind because of environmental pollution and that is by indoor gardening that can improved the quality of air we have at home. Air pollution has been widely discussed on this book and different kinds of plants and its uses and contributions to our environment and how they are are helpful to clean the ventilation in our home. It can also save us from health risk associated with exposure to indoor pollution.This book is so helpful and informative that I am starting to have my own pots of plant in our home. Great read.

I love how the author of this book based his writings in his own experiences as the readers will surely relate more to the book. Also, the author is right about extensive pollution in our environment nowadays. The fact that everywhere we go there is pollution most especially in the air as if you are living in the city this is a very common problem that may cause or increase a lot of diseases. Good thing the author shares his ways on how to improve the quality of air in our homes or offices through the use of indoor plants. This book is very helpful as it helps us in the betterment of our health and the nature itself. I truly suggest this book to everyone as it has detailed information and facts about indoor plant and its benefits.

Having plants at home has many benefits, from purifying your house to improve the appearance. This book is a great guide to start changing your home from the very basic.Brian Adams shows you the negative factors that damage your health without you knowing, airborne contaminants or the poor quality of the air inside your house, things that we have never thought about before. But they are factors very dangerous to our health. On the other hand, not only shows you the bad part, but he gives you solutions to make a breakthrough and shows you all sorts of plants capable of doing so. It has it all. This book showed me many things I did not know and now want to change.

My motivation in the mornings has been effected recently. I have downloaded dieting books, motivational books and much more to see what methods I could put in place to help remove this problem out of my life, or at least reduce the effect of it. Originally, I would never had thought of something like indoor gardening however, the information makes sense. We survive off oxygen and by improving oxygen levels in your house, your body is going to feel more fresh and alive. The book provides you with information on the effects that lack of indoor gardening could have, which just reinforces why you should consider putting action plans in place to improve your indoor gardening!

This is a very interesting book to read. It totally agree that health is wealth. There is nothing in our life that is more valuable than good health. In this book, you learn everything how to improve your quality of life starting from home or offices.The air that we breathe really affects our health. By turning the pages, you learn that houseplants are awesome indoor air cleaners. The author also gave tips in maintaining and taking care of air cleaning plants.I highly recommend this book to all homeowners. Aside from the information given by this book, it is very important to apply them. You need to do it your self to keep your family or love one’s free from any diseases and keeping them healthy. Good job!

This book should peak everyone's interest. It sure did me. Especially if one has allergies. In this book it speaks of health and air pollutants. I think this topic is much under looked. However is a big deal and am glad this book is about it. I learned how to improve quality of air in any space I'm in. It gave a very decorative yet effective way of doing so. This way was plants and it told which ones were best. Another good thing is its natural. You really can't beat that.

Who would have thought that indoor air could be more polluted than the outdoor air. Good thing we have this book as we gain more knowledge and understanding about this. A lot were discussed in this book. How to manage indoor air pollution by the listed air-cleaning plants are thoroughly discussed. This book is a great start to avoid indoor air pollution. We can do the first move after reading this book. On the other hand, I have noticed some misspelled words, or maybe just a typo error. This needs further proof reading. But overall, I would still give it a 5!

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