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The Cannabis Breeder's Bible: The Definitive Guide To Marijuana Genetics, Cannabis Botany And Creating Strains For The Seed Market

The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible sets a new standard of excellence for cannabis cultivation and breeding manuals and gives readers the tools they need to grow the most popular and potent marijuana varieties and strains in the world. Readers of this complete guide to expert breeding techniques will learn about the new age cultivars, trendy cannabis hybrids, and how to develop them for the lucrative international seed market.The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible offers real-world, professional techniques for breeding superior marijuana. Expanding on the advanced cultivation methods presented in Greg Green’s popular Cannabis Grow Bible, The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible delves deeper into topics such as advanced pollination, seed collection, and storage; feminizing plants; increasing potency; and enhancing calyx development. Readers will discover more about primordial cannabis, landrace and lost strains, breeding compatibility, growth hormones, cannabinoids, plant cells, common mutations, and advanced floral traits. The wealth of technical insights shared in The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible is also supported by stunning photographs, instructive illustrations, and in-depth interviews with marijuana breeders and seed bank professionals.The Cannabis Breeder’s Bible is an advanced, specialized marijuana grow book designed for practical use by new and experienced breeders alike.

Paperback: 253 pages

Publisher: Green Candy Press (April 15, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1931160279

ISBN-13: 978-1931160278

Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.6 x 8.9 inches

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If you are new to growing then this is not where you want to be going. So you have been warned. There are other books that are designed for beginners and advanced cannabis cultivators like "The Cannabis Grow Bible" by Greg Green (the same author as this book). However if what you want is the science of the cannabis plant from a botanical perspective with information on modern breeding concepts and how the seed/clone industry works, or if you want to expand your cannabis knowledge to the cutting edge then read on.The book is divided into a number of sections. It starts by introducing us to the cannabis genetics market "an overview of the cannabis strain market" and explains what cannabis seeds and clones are all about and the differences between the two. It then covers the science of breeding "Basic Breeding" and explains the various principles involved. By the end of that chapter you will understand genetics and can apply these models to any living organism. The author then explains how parent plants are used to create multiple strains "Donor Parents, Pollination and Seeds" which clarifies why several strains all have similar parents, for example Kush, Masterkush, Jack Herer, Jack Flash, Blueberry and Flo, before taking about compatibility issues when attempting to breed new strains. You can see all of these different standards in action if you investigate the seed market. This book tells you how they do it. The next section of the book goes into the science of cannabis cells, DNA, evolution and mutations. Here you are shown a number of mutations that seem to occur naturally with the cannabis plant with ways of forcing mutations in the cannabis plant by using mutagens that you can buy from a local gardening store or the chemist.

To have gone through this book and come out the other side is a profound experience, like some sort of a futuristic biology class that specialized in the stuff that gets you best baked. I would not hesitate to force any kind of plant lover to gravitate towards this book like it was about a rose bush or an apple tree. It is a progressively deeper and meaningful insight into the world of plants and the humans who care for them. On one page we are getting an illustrated history of the evolution of the cannabis plant and on the next page how to use materials to enhance the genes that make flowers big like they where back in the prehistoric ages. It is unparalleled in the way its advanced scientific information is brought out in a practical and applicable manner to your grow. The best part is that we can have it all now. The fact that Greg Green is a cotemporary makes now the best time to repeat what he is advising because you can do it the same way with the same stuff. The evidence is in the book. Nowhere else, anywhere else, has anything, even remotely addressed the kind of topics in this book, let alone experiment and produce consistent results with them. This kind of detail is avant-garde marijuana research. It is influencing and changing the way cannabis cultivation is done on daily bases.

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