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Wheatgrass: Growing And Juicing For Better Nutrition

From Julia Winchester, the author of Microgreens: a Beginner's Guide to the Benefits of Cultivation and Consumption: There is no one that shouldn't learn about the health benefits and the good-for-you qualities of wheatgrass. In fact, if you are like most people, you need this. Do you eat fast food on a regular basis? Do you find yourself pushing those greens to the side of your plate at each meal? Perhaps you do wish you could eat a more health-based diet but think it's too hard to do so.Even if you are eating a healthy diet for the most part, chances are high of you not getting enough of the nutrition you need. The American diet, for example, is packed with fat. Soils are often depleted of nutrients and that means the food you consume is also lacking in the nutrition you need. This is one of the reasons why eating organic food is so valuable. It can provide you with the best possible quality of nutrients in what you are consuming. Organic wheatgrass is a critical staple for supplementing any diet.In Wheatgrass: Growing and Juicing for Better Nutrition, Julia walks the reader through the benefits of including wheatgrass in one's diet and teaches us how to grow and juice wheatgrass at home to use in simple and healthy recipes. Even those new to growing anything will find that wheatgrass requires minimal effort to generate the reward of better health and nutrition.Download Wheatgrass: Growing and Juicing for Better Nutrition today and start growing your own fresh, healthy, organic supplement today.

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I have heard so much about wheatgrass but had no idea of the health benefits. Curious I downloaded this Kindle edition and I'm glad I did.This book explains EVERYTHING you need to know about adding wheatgrass to your daily diet.It starts you out with the basics about the health benefits straight through how to grow your own and properly harvest it.I would call this book the "Bible" of wheatgrass because everything is here and your not going to find all this information in one place anywhere else. I'm glad I got it.

I read a book about growing your own microgreens from this author and my entire family has been having a blast growing our own microgreens for the past few months. When recommended this book, I jumped on it. I have tried wheatgrass shots at Jamba Juice and our local smoothie place and I have heard how easy they are to make at home and decided to take the plunge. This book has given us the information that we need to grow our own wheatgrass at home. We have found that it is surprisingly easy to do and quick growing. It also gives you information on how to juice it correctly and recommends some good juicers that you can find on . The best part for us has been the recipes and suggestions on how to use it so we aren't just taking wheat grass shots all the time :) If you want to grow your own wheatgrass and learn how to juice it, then this is a great resource.

I love wheatgrass. I have been growing it for years. For me this little book was an excellent refresher course in the benefits of wheatgrass. It also motivated me to step up production and grow another tray on my kitchen counter.

I just bought a juicer (from , of course) and wanted some information on wheatgrass. This is a very short book, approximately 36 pages, but answered every question I had, and then some. It also has a few recipes, and links to numerous different sites. I highly recommend.

In this day and age, obesity in the western world is becoming a huge problem, as we all know - it's becoming crucial for us to find ways to offset modern diets laden with fat and sugar. Wheatgrass juice is ideal not just for those who want to have a 100% healthy diet, but for those who do enjoy fattening food and want to offset this as much as possible. The book outlines the numerous natural health benefits of wheatgrass juice such as detoxing and fighting bad breath (amongst many other things). In addition, it has many medicinal properties - including relieving arthritis and even fighting off cancer.I found the book well written, easy to read, with sections divided by clear simple headings. Julia explains in detail why wheatgrass juice should be part of the daily diet of everyone who is interested in living a healthy life. It gives clear step by step instructions on how to grow, harvest and juice wheatgrass, and how to store it. There are a bunch of great recipes near the end of the book detailing other ways you can use it - even how to flavor your ice cream with wheatgrass!I hadn't realized the huge benefits of wheatgrass! I'm a convert now, for sure. This great guide explains all - it is very useful for anyone who wants to improve their health, raise their energy levels or those who are coping with medical ailments. It has an excellent resources section at the end, with links to additional reading on the subject. Highly recommended!!

Not many pages, but what can you say about growing wheatgrass? It should be straight up easy. I've tried to grow it before the book and had no luck. It grew uneven and sparse and molded. This little book has some good information from which I learned a few tricks (grocery store wheat is not sprouting wheat) and the mold is inherent in the grain itself. Can't help but think there's still something I'm missing. Why do I want more information?

After impetuously buying a pot of live wheatgrass at the market, I decided that I should do a little research before I tried to eat it. Glad I did! I thought it was supposed to be added to your salad! Apparently you have to extract the juice and it is not all that easy to express the juice from the grass AND you do not want to eat the grass itself (I imagine that would be a little too much fiber). I had SOOOO many questions that I just decided to buy the book "Wheatgrass, growing and juicing for Better Nutrition" for my Kindle. I have written a much more extensive review on my blog at:urbanhomesteadinginmichigan.blogspot . com (copy and paste this into your browser and remove the spaces)

As a student of Homeopathy, I am always interested in healthful lifestyle choices to both practice and tell people about and this book really piqued my interest when I read the description. Well, the description barely scratched the surface to the degree that this little book was so jammed with so much fantastic health-related and nutritional information, as well as, simple how-to instructions for growing and juicing your own wheatgrass that I felt like I had taken a hands on workshop after I read it. Jamba Juice can say goodbye to the mint I was spending on their wheatgrass juice b/c I'm going to start making my own! It's an excellent book and I highly recommend reading it!

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