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Statics And Mechanics Of Materials (2nd Edition)

A comprehensive and well-illustrated introduction to theory and application of statics and mechanics of materials. This book presents a commitment to the development of problem-solving skills and features many pedagogical aids unique to Hibbeler books. Chapter topics include general principles, force vectors, equilibrium of a particle, force system resultants, equilibrium of a rigid body, structural analysis, internal forces, friction, center of gravity and centroid, movements of inertia, virtual work, stress, strain, mechanical properties of materials, axial load, torsion, bending, transverse shear, combined loadings, stress transformation, strain transformation, design of beams and shafts, deflections of beams and shafts, buckling of columns, and energy methods. For engineering mechanics.

Hardcover: 800 pages

Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (January 26, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0130281271

ISBN-13: 978-0130281272

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 1.4 x 9.7 inches

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It was the SI version, when I called and asked if it was the same as the regular version they told me it was then when I received it the problems didn't match up and there are no solutions for it. It is not the same book as the hard copy even though that's what it's under. Do not order the paper back unless you are 100% sure that you're using the different version. Now I might be out 90 bucks and still have to buy the book for my class somewhere else.

Statics and Mechanics of Materials by R.C.HIBBELERStatics: 1) General Principles 2) Force Vectors 3) Force System Resultants 4) Equilibrium 5) Structural Analysis 6) Geometric Properties and Distributed Loadings 7) Internal LoadingsMechanics of Materials: 8) Stress and Strain 9) Mechanical Properties of Materials 10) Axial Load 11) Torsion 12) Bending 13) Transverse Shear 14) Combined Loadings 15) Stress and Strain Transformations 16) Design of Beams 17) Buckling of ColumnsMy Comment About The Book: I think this is one of the best books interested in statics and mechanics. You can learn all subjects easyly and you can see lots of applications with very good examples. If you really want to learn buy it!

I bought this book about 4 months ago for my Statics class at university. The book is well organized and the concepts as well as the examples are easy to follow. I have found it to be a very good reference especially if one is learning some of the concepts mentioned in the book from scratch. There is a sufficient number of examples and problems for one to digest the material.On the downside, the book does not have the feel of a general purpose reference book and should be regarded as a textbook that is to be followed in order to learn the material inside.

Hibbler is very readable. The combined version allows the student to have a reference for both Statics and Mechanics of Materials. For the Instructor that provides the opportunity to show Statics students where the material being covered is used in Mechanics of Materials. For students in Mechanics of Materials, the student has a reference so that they can go back and review the material covered in Statics.John WeavilChairDepartment of Civil EngineeringEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Another in a long line of useless textbooks. This book seems to go out of the way to make the homework problems nothing like the examples. Don't waste your money. If you must have it, rent it or better yet, copy the sections you need from somewhere for free.

My statics and strength of materials class used this textbook. I'll be keeping this text as a reference for many years to come. It's very well layed-out and paced, uses example problems very effectively, and has excellent problem sets. The worked fundamental problems also contribute greatly to the text's quality, helping to make this text a great learning tool.

I just dont like the fact that you cant use this version of the book in any device other than windows 7. i mean i got an android phone and i'd love to be able to peak at it when i need to. i mean this is a book for college students...the least can do is make it accessible in all devices!!

It's a high quality textbook with well explained examples. The author gives step-by-step examples, "fundamental problems" with summarized answers (how they got to the solution without getting into too much detail), and regular problems. The material is presented in a logical order, and the problems in each chapter get progressively harder while still being manageable.

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