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Blood Type Diet: Revealed: A Healthy Way To Eat Right And Lose Weight Based On Your Blood Type

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Paperback: 42 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 19, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1517350484

ISBN-13: 978-1517350482

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

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The Blood Type Diet by David Dolore is indeed a must have tool guide for all readers. This helpful and informative guide is directed towards individuals' unique blood type to help them lose weight and eat right. I enjoyed reading this book. I was easily able to find my blood type and find food that were good for me and which ones were not good for me to have. These food were carefully researched in having the best benefits and help for my blood type. What is really cool is that I can share this book with anyone in my family and they too can find the best plan for their own blood type. Everyone in my family have different blood types and this book was helpful in letting us each find a guide that was perfectly suited for us all. After having read this book, I have been able to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight now. I feel better and I have more energy than before. I highly recommend this incredible book to readers worldwide. This is a must read for all. Readers won't be disappointed that they read this book. A helpful guide like this one can also make for the perfect gift to your family, friends, and loved ones. Overall, I rate Blood Type Diet a five out of five stars.

Over the years, I’ve struggled to lose weight, either from lack of motivation or just following the wrong diets. However, when I learned that there was a diet that I could commit myself to based on my own blood type I became interested. It’s just something about eating foods that are optimized for your specific blood type that makes the diet more personal to you as a person. Being Blood Type B, I downloaded the book for guidance on the foods that I should be consuming. I was very intrigued by the science of what I read and what foods should be eaten and avoided based on the effect of my metabolism. Not all the answers were obvious though, as even some vegetables have a negative effect on my body. The book isn’t limited to one type of blood either, as pretty much all of them are included (A, B, AB, O, etc). In all, this book was a quality purchase and I recommend it to anybody trying to lose weight and optimize their diet based on their blood type!

The Blood Type Diet is very detailed as to how blood type can help you lose weight and how to eat right depending on which blood type you have. This book starts off by explaining how your blood type can help you understand you body due to scientist discovering blood type can determine if a person will be successful in losing weight. The author explains what foods you should each in great detail for each of the four different blood types. I never knew your blood type can indicate reactions to certain foods, chance of certain illnesses and especially stress.

Wow! I never knew there was such a thing as blood type diet. Every single page offered me with new knowledge and tips that I just don't find in other dieting books. I can't give it my absolute full recommendation because I need to try it myself but as far as first impressions go, it is very good and WebMD confirms that the blood type diet exists. My blood is A and it's going to be hard because I need to abstain meat and go for fruits and vegetables.

A fantastic book on the dating game and as it says how to be an alpha male, easy to read and reference, straight to the point absolutely fantastic, highly recommend it to anyone starting or even in the dating game at the moment. Great read thank you.

I’ve never heard of the blood type diet before but found all the information I needed on this diet within this book. It’s an interesting diet as it explains that your blood group determines on the food you should eat to stay healthy. It gives you proven steps and strategies to follow and I will be trying out this diet.

Wow! I was impressed by the sheer amount of in-depth content found in this low priced book. Each of the 4 blood types is discussed in depth with special attention paid to why they vary from each other, what the pros and cons of each type are, and how to eat properly given your blood type. The whole basis of this diet is that each blood type breaks down foods differently and that we should play to our type's strengths and minimize its weaknesses. This is quite logical. I particularly enjoyed the medical jargon the author presented. There's plenty of it, and perhaps that is a flaw in the eyes of some. However, I was formally trained in this jargon and I find myself refreshingly at home with it. Pick up this book as an introduction or even if you're a nutrition aficionado!

Hey!! Nice and well written book.. I honestly never heard on these type of diet plan.. Well I learnt a lot of very interesting things in this book and it gave me totally new vision of weight loss and healthy eating! What is also very relevant is that it covers a large panel of blood types and gives precise advices on how to improve the way you eat for each of the blood types!In other words, I can say that this book is a modern way of approaching diet and I recommend it to everyone that want to take the next step in their nutrition challenges!

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