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The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook: An Essential Guide To Understanding Raw Food Diets

Rick and Karin Dina are both healthcare practitioners and long-time followers of a raw food diet. They've provided scientific information on how to construct nutritious raw diets through their Science of Raw Food Nutrition classes to hundreds of students. This book is a compendium of the latest information from peer-reviewed research and their own clinical experience on why raw diets are so beneficial and how to construct a raw diet that will provide all the necessary nutrients. The Raw Food Nutrition Handbook covers issues such as getting enough protein, understanding calorie density and nutrient density, focusing on whole plant foods, hydration, and food combining. The Dinas provide examples of some of the most popular raw food diets and discuss the nutritional adequacies of each one. They also share some of the success strategies they've used over the years to help people stay raw over the long term, make sense of conflicting nutritional information, and engage family and friends in their dietary journeys.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Healthy Living Publications (June 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1570673276

ISBN-13: 978-1570673276

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If you are thinking about starting a Raw Vegan diet, or if you have been on a Raw Vegan diet for a while and aren’t feeling as great as you did at the beginning (maybe are even being tempted to ditch the diet), you MUST read this book. There are a lot of former vegans out there, for two reasons: they either did not tweak the diet to fit their individual health needs (for example, they were sensitive to grains but kept on forcing down the millet and brown rice), or they became deficient in certain nutrients.Neither of those issues is the diet’s fault! A vegan diet does not cause either bloating or deficiencies – IGNORANCE does! You can banish ignorance out the door by reading this book! (Hey, I'm preaching to myself here, okay? ;) )The author goes through all the macronutrients and micronutrients and shows you how to best get them on a Raw Vegan diet. Need an answer for that annoying question, “How do you get your protein?” A NO-BRAINER! The chapter on protein is a jaw-dropper!The author also provides menu samples for different variations on the diet. I also like how she is not a purist, suggesting the need to supplement with vitamin B12 and perhaps D, and allowing for the steaming of dark, leafy greens as well as the consumption of cooked whole vegan foods such as quinoa and beans.If you want to become a long-term, successful Raw Vegan, I highly recommend you read this book. Forget all the online Raw Food gurus who have no training in nutrition. They might mess your health up down the line. Read this book and end the Raw Vegan nutrition confusion.

Great information! This book is more of an education about raw food and their benefits. If you are looking for cookbooks or recipe, there are a lot of good books out there for that purpose, but this is not it. It's a good, quick read with lots of helpful information.

It really helps to understand and answer the questions regarding food values, which seems to be a huge concern when eating raw. Nice to have so much information in one book. Recommending it to my raw food group.

It is more of a reference book that a "reading book". I open up any page and immediately find useful information. I first had it from the library and decided I need to own it as it will be useful forever. Any Rawfoodist should have this book, it is a great tool that explains all about the nutritional values of what we eat on a daily basis.

I purchased this book as soon as it was released. I refer to it often. It is so very educational and I really appreciate how well written it is and that I can now follow the raw food diet with greater confidence and a level of knowledge not easily attained elsewhere.

Very informative and detailed without being at all preachy. I really liked the tone of the book and the informative nature.The authors know their subject well and there is a wealth of information. This is not a one time read but also a reference book that you will come back to as you adopt a healthier lifestyle.I would fully recommend this to anyone looking to switch to a healthier eating. If you are remotely curious about raw food diet then this is the book to start with.

Love love love! Ton of great information about the nutrients(what your body uses them for and sources of them) and comparison charts. I liked how it answered the majority of the questions I had of the raw lifestyle in an understandable manner. It also, the best part in my opinion, gives a perfect model of what you might need to eat in a day (with measurements and all) to obtain all nutrients, and even gave examples of how this can be done on different types of raw diets. I seriously keep this in my car at all times just in case I need quick info, especially which nutrients are abundant in what foods(and I mean there is long lists with amounts).

Rick and Karen Dina taught a class that I attended at Living Light Culinary Institute, where I purchased this book. It is a wonderful book, and easy to understand! Thank you for such a wonderful book!Diana Gotcher

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