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Fortune Telling Book For Brides Style 811870146

I saw this cute little book in gift shop, but the covers on each copy were dirty. So I ordered online and whaddya know -- the cover had a stain on it. I gave it to my bride-to-be daughter anyway, and she loved reading it -- text is very fun! I'd love to give these as shower gifts, but not with grubby covers.

Weddings tend to be filled with emotions good and bad! This is a fun book to flip through when you are first engaged to keep that whimsical feeling alive! This is a book not to meant be taken completely to heart but more to get the creative juices flowing and have sweet dreams while you and your fiancé read through the pages.This is my go to engagement gift!

This little book has lots of fun information. It's a great gift for any bride to be. I enjoyed flipping thru it prior to giving it as a gift.

The book was purchased a gift for my sister-in-law to-be, but it's in such bad condition, I'd be too embarrassed to give it to her. Too bad.

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