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Becoming Vegan: The Complete Reference To Plant-Based Nutrition (Comprehensive Edition)

Internationally acclaimed dietitians Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina specifically designed this fully referenced, comprehensive edition to meet the needs of health professionals, academic librarians, and curriculum developers as well as lay readers with a deep interest in nutrition.The authors explore the health benefits of vegan diets compared to other dietary choices; explain protein and amino acid requirements at various stages of life; describe fats and essential fatty acids and their value in plant-based diets; investigate carbohydrate facts and fallacies; reveal the truth about wheat, gluten, and grains; pinpoint where to obtain calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals without animal products; clarify the importance of obtaining vitamin B12; and show how to attain optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.Nutritional guidelines are provided for infants, children, teens, and adults, including seniors; and a section is devoted on how to achieve and maintain healthy weights and exceptional fitness on a vegan diet. Numerous tables and graphs illustrate each section. A handy graphic of the vegan plate offers a daily plan for healthful eating. Equally beneficial are the sample menus designed for people of various caloric needs.While much of the emphasis is on the health advantages that vegan diets offer, an opening chapter is devoted to the impact of animal agriculture on the environment, and the degree of inhumanity that has dominated the industry. Plant-based nutrition truly benefits the entire planet, and every bite makes a difference.

Paperback: 604 pages

Publisher: Book Pub Co; Com edition (August 7, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1570672970

ISBN-13: 978-1570672972

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I previously purchased the Express Edition. It is outstanding. When the Compreshensive Edition was later published I purchased it. Both versions are very good. Brenda is a world class RD. She knows what she is talking about and is very clear about what she says. There are a lot of tables included to back up what she says. Her explanations of the various type of diets, in both versions of the book, including the Paleo, are excellent. Oh yes, she is very clear and logical why the Paleo diet is NO GOOD! She goes in great detail about nutrition, vitamins and minerals.We attend the NAVS Vegetarian Summerfest every year and hear her lecture and answer questions. If you attend Summerfest, she will autograph any books she has authored, and will take time to visit with you. Look up Vegetarian Summerfest on the Internet.

I've had this 600 page book for about 1 week and find it unlike any other that I have come across on this topic. It is packed from cover to cover with information on how to better ones health by following a whole food plant based diet. The information given is backed by references to peer reviewed scientific papers. Even so I found the book easy to read and understand. The authors have obviously put a lot of time into the production of this reference book. I recommend it highly to anyone who wants better health and to live longer. I guess that would be everyone!

This is a fantastic book! As a dietitian who has worked in plant-based nutrition for 30+ years, I highly value the quality of evidence and level of detail that this book provides. I have been using Brenda and Vesanto’s nutrition books as reference tools for many years as I know I can trust they will provide up-to-date nutrition information as well as useful practical tips for eating well. I was particularly excited to see this Comprehensive Edition that includes references—a must-have book for all dietitians as more and more of our clients adopt a plant-based diet. The information on fats is particularly helpful, especially with so much confusion created by popular fad diets. I love that the book starts with the compassionate benefits of plant-based diets, but also includes important environmental considerations. The sample meals plans and nutritional guidance given for various stages of the lifecycle are invaluable. This is a book that should be on every dietitian’s bookshelf.

Extremely thorough book ! Although this particular edition is meant for health professionals ( which i am not) but still i bought the comprehensive version just because I have a keen interest in nutrition. This book is not as difficult read as the 1st version of the book that came out more than a decade ago but still there is lots lots of science in here which can make it kind of a dry read. The main part of the book ends at around 450 pages ! After that the rest almost 150.pages is all References, Resources and Index !! It covers every possible part of vegan diet in detail. But you cant go through the whole book in few sitting. It will take time to digest and understand the whole thing. I have not read this one as of now, just skimmed through it and gave my first impressions. Will definitely update the review as soon as i finish reading it

This is simply the best vegan nutrition guide out there. I've been researching this topic extensively for four years and this is the best organized and best researched resource I've seen. It's thorough, scientific, and clear. It doesn't get much better than this.

"It is possible that the greatest injustice of our time doesn't involve humans at all, but rather our fellow beings, non-human animals," Brenda Davis writes.Davis started her own vegan journey after she challenged a deer-hunting friend not to pull the trigger. He said she pulled the trigger just as much as he did, whenever she ate meat. At least the animal he shot "had a life."This book will be an eye-opener even if you've already read about the cruelties of factory farms. Cramped pens and cages, disease, mutilation and horrific endings are what life is all about for 99.9 percent of chickens, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs and 78 percent of cattle.You might think farm animals have no feelings, but Davis gives examples showing just the opposite. Pigs have been known to go for miles to find the right nesting ground, and have separate areas for feeding, grooming, sleeping and elimination. Cows have been known to search for miles to find the calf that was forcibly taken from them. Even chickens are more human than you'd ever dream. Each can recognize 90 different faces--hence their complex pecking order. Yet they can be boiled alive, since no animal welfare law applies to them.What about our own welfare? Here is where Davis's background as a nutritional scientist shines. She explains where you get your protein and how to find the best sources of essential vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients. The basics are easy to follow. On her recommendations, you'll easily reach your ideal weight as well as achieving beautiful hair, skin and near-perfect immunity from the diseases that plague most people. Becoming vegan is the smartest thing you can do on your own. And Brenda's book is the best guide you could have.

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