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Firefight: Inside The Battle To Save The Pentagon On 9/11

Amid all the stories of tragedy and heroism on September 11, there is one tale that has yet to be told–the gripping account of ordinary men and women braving the inferno at the Pentagon to rescue friends and co-workers, save the nation’s military headquarters, and defend their country.Pentagon firefighters Alan Wallace and Mark Skipper had just learned the shocking news that planes had struck the World Trade Center when they saw something equally inconceivable: a twin-engine jetliner flying straight at them. It was American Airlines Flight 77, rushing toward its target. In his Pentagon office, Army major David King was planning a precautionary evacuation when the room suddenly erupted in flames. Arlington firefighters Derek Spector, Brian Roache, and Ron Christman, among the first responders at the scene, were stunned by the sight that met them: a huge flaming hole gouged into the Pentagon’s side, a lawn strewn with smoking debris, and thousands of people, some badly injured, stumbling away from what would become one of the most daunting fires in American history. For more than twenty-four hours, Arlington firefighters and other crews faced some of the most dangerous and unusual circumstances imaginable. The size and structure of the Pentagon itself presented unique challenges, compelling firefighters to devise ingenious tactics and make bold decisions–until they finally extinguished the fire that threatened to cripple America’s military infrastructure just when it was needed most. Granted unprecedented access to the major players in the valiant response efforts, Patrick Creed and Rick Newman take us step-by-step through the harrowing minutes, hours, and days following the crash of American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon’s western façade. Providing fascinating personal stories of the firefighters and rescuers, a broader view of how the U.S. national security command structure was held intact, and a sixteen-page insert of dramatic photographs, Firefight is a unique testament to the fortitude and resilience of America.

Hardcover: 512 pages

Publisher: Presidio Press; 1 edition (May 27, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0891419055

ISBN-13: 978-0891419051

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"THE NOSE OF THE PLANE HIT THE FACADE JUST BELOW THE TOP OF THE FIRST STORY, ABOUT 14 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND, GOING 530 MILES PER HOUR. A DEAFENING BOOM SHOOK THE MORNING AS A VIOLENT CONCUSSION TORE THROUGH THE AIR, JARRING BYSTANDERS. THE COLLISION PRODUCED A FORCE ON THE PASSENGERS FAR GREATER THAN THAT FROM ANY HIGH-SPEED CAR CRASH. PEOPLE BECAME PROJECTILES. BONE SEPARATED FROM FLESH. BODY PARTS FLEW AS IF FIRED FROM A CANNON."----------------------------------------------------------September 11, 2001 the day America was violently and savagely attacked by terrorists on its own soil in the Continental United States. A preponderance of all the publicity that has followed the multiple attacks has been directed toward the World Trade Centers. After all, that was the first attack and had many more casualties, and the Pentagon which manages our worldwide military forces, has uncounted security issues, which by all common sense should not have as free access by the outside world. And that's what makes this book by author's Patrick Creed and Rick Newman even more remarkable in its detail and scope.When the Pentagon's design was unveiled in 1941, "its size and secrecy had made it one of the most intriguing buildings in the world. The structure was notoriously huge - its SIX MILLION SQUARE FEET of office space was three times larger than the Empire State Building." After the crash of Flight 77, fire crews were alerted from all over the Washington area, and as they all headed to the Pentagon, many of the men and women involved weren't even aware of what had transpired at the World Trade Centers. From this point out is where this story will add another dimension to every American's memory of this historical day of terrorist evil.

Creed and Newman have done an excellent job of researching and writing about the fight to save the Pentagon. The depth of research via fact finding and interviews make this a great read. If you want the truth of the emergency response to the Pentagon on 9/11, FIREFIGHT is the book for you. It provides an inside-the-fence view of the enormous effort and heroic actions of the first responders. It describes in great accuracy the struggle of military personnel, firefighters, and law enforcement officers to save lives and protect our military's most important facility.I spent 11 days/nights at the Pentagon as an emergency responder. I walked the lawn near the Pentagon helipad tower, stepping on air plane parts with every movement. It was impossible not to. The ground was covered with them. I witnessed the raging fire and structural collapse of the building, as well as the evolution of Camp Unity, and the transition of command from Arlington County Fire Department to the FBI. I had a front row seat to many of the events described in this book. My friends, professional acquaintances, and those I met are in this book. Some are mentioned by name but many more are identified by the hard fought successes of those days. They are the heroes.FIREFIGHT takes you into the hearts and minds of those in the battle. The authors introduce you to average people who did extraordinary things. Creed and Newman don't glamorize or exaggerate the facts. They simply share them with you from the perspective of those who were there.When a Boeing 757 plowed into the Pentagon, men and woman raced into the fire to rescue the perishing. FIREFIGHT takes you into the blazing inferno immediately following the impact.

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