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A Professional's GuideTo Pyrotechnics: Understanding And Making Exploding Fireworks

This book offers a well-rounded selection of reliable, well-researched formulas for the most popular exploding fireworks, including M80s, cherry bombs, ash cans, chasers, globe torpedoes, Knallkorpers, aerial bombs, cracker balls, Flashcrackas and more. For academic study only.

Paperback: 136 pages

Publisher: Paladin Press; 11/15/97 edition (May 1, 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 087364929X

ISBN-13: 978-0873649292

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This little paperback is an excellent introduction to the making of your own firecrackers. Divided into a dozen or so chapters, each dealing with a different kind of cracker from a particular country or period in time, the descriptions of how to assemble the devices are extremely lucid with simple, well-drawn diagrams. The book only covers firecrackers, though, so if you're looking for a more general introduction to the multitude of different pyrotechnic devices that exist, this probably isn't your best bet. If indeed it's crackers specifically you want to know about, or if you're just starting out with pyrotechny and want to experiment with a few very simple, satisfying fireworks, this is an excellent read.

This is probably the best book in world when it comes to the assembly of ground salutes (with the execption of the aierial bomb). I especially reccommend this book to novice pyrotechnists, as all the formulas on the book are accurate and come with appropriate warning. Unlike books like the anarchists cook book, this book is not for the suicidal.

First, it must be noted that the mixtures were found to be of a simplified approach. The information is reflective of information contained in other more Advanced Pyrotechnic Texts, but it must be noted that there is not much information about the theory and science behind the blast effect. This is extremely important when dealing with such dangerous compounds. The author acknowledges this and refers the reader to other text for study. This is not to be ignored. If the reader obtains a thourough knowledge of this subject, this book is very informative. This book is precise and accurate.

This book contains the detail in the composition of the fireworks - fire crackers. The procedures are easy to understand and clear. The book also provides useful information about the improvement of making fireworks. This book is really great for people who are interested in fireworks!!

If sometimes you don't feel like reading a huge dissertation on the history of fire from the big-bang on forward then this book is for you! This book gets right to the point. Well delineated chapters containing everything you need to know to make your projects safe and successful. Excellent! As stated by others, this book contains info only about things that go boom in the night. I just wish someone would write as concise a book about some of the other pyro devices.

A great book that left out almost no detail of the secrets behind the manufacture of the fireworks many of us grew up with. Congratulation for including so much safety information as well as the original formulas for those interested in historic authenticity. The nice addition was newer safer compostions given when they could be substituted. Other than wishing the author went into more detail on ball milling all my questions were answered. This is defintely not an irresponsible cook book for disatser. Well done.

The author provides simple, basic Flash-Powder formulas & containment proceedures for those deflagrants. In-a-nutshell this book provides factual, abiet basic, formulas that are not unique but proven. The author points to the need for containment of deflagarents so as to provide noise making ability.However; there is nothing new, exciting, unique, here. If you are looking for a unique oxcidizer, and profoundly new fuel, a deflagrent which is so uncommon that it's workings are worth study then you need to attend a sound graduate chem program in a hard science oriented university.If you want to make firecrackers; you can't beat this book.

This was a good book, and athe formulas were good. A chapter is devoted to chemestry, another to history, and alla the formulas come with appropiate warnings, a brief history, and a little about the composition. A great book.Warning: If you are sucidal and want to blow yourself up, don't read this book, you will be wasting your time.

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