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The Home Security Handbook: Expert Advice For Keeping Safe At Home (And Away)

Do you know what to do if you think someone is in your house? What if an unmarked car is trying to pull you over on a dark and lonely? Author Lynne Finch takes a comprehensive look at ways to improve your family’s immediate safety and methods for protecting them in the future. Finch covers a wide range of topics from temporary ways renters can make their home secure, to more permanent changes an owner can make. As well as travel tips for domestic and international travel, with suggestions as simple as how to use your luggage tags to not only make your bag distinct, but to be more security conscious.Through interviews with Law Enforcement officers, Finch provides advice on how to handle various social interactions that keeps you from becoming a victim. These safety suggestions are helpful to readers of all ages, and a must-read for those just going off to college. Learn how to keep your drink safe at a bar or club, and prevent your friend from becoming a target. As well as what to do if someone is following you home at night.Home Security Handbook is a well researched, thoughtful look at a serious subject that affects everyone live’s. Written in an approachable, conversational style, Finch provides informative tips that help prepare readers to deal with the most common safety concerns.

Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing; 1st edition (September 2, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1628737425

ISBN-13: 978-1628737424

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I bought this book for my niece who had a break-in. Her home security practice was very bad so I figured it would be good for her. I found most of this book to be common sense and right on the money for how to secure your house against the average criminal. I also like the sections on paying attention and reducing your odds of being a victim online or outside the home. Again this should be should be common sense, but walk down the street and see all the people texting or looking at their shoes zoning out to their iPod tunes. Easy targets for criminals - don't make it easy!I took off one star for the section on how to defend yourself physically or with a gun. Not that I though her advice was bad, but fact is you are not going to be able to defend yourself by reading a book. You need to take self defense courses and practice your strikes so that you are ready if it happens. Just buying a gun does not make you safe either unless you are train well and are prepared to use it. That means more than a trip or two to your local gun range. You should be able to defend yourself if needed, but I think you are better off by pay attention to your surroundings and knowing how to minimize your chances of being a victim. This book does a good job describing how to pay attention.

This book is dense with actionable suggestions for improving your home security. Too many books in this genre either spend way too much time trying to convince you that you need security or espousing a political viewpoint couched as advice. This book is straightforward and good. The author provides concrete suggestions and why and when you would employ each. I won't hesitate to recommend this book and I am going to start teaching some of these points to my self defense students.

Very basic and old knowledge. I could argue that even one good tip could make the book worth the purchase but this one is written with very little home hardening ideas that really mean anything. Same old, same old, save your money for bullets, they still tend to deter scum-bags.

She doesn't talk your ear off. It's broken down into short sections, so it's easy to understand and straight to the point. Extremely useful. In 2 chapters I got more useful information that I could put into practice immediately than I did in the whole book of Dangerous Instincts.Chapter 2 is Reinforcing Your Home. In just this one chapter it's broken down into Exterior Doors and Windows, lighting, door hinges, alarm systems, exterior landscaping, garages, and backdoor. She doesn't waste any time, she tells you what is useful, what isn't, and what is downright dangerous for each of these.If you want to give a gift to your college kid or friend, this is it. It's pertinent everywhere. These chapters are gold, absolute gold.The chapters are Introduction (1 page only), Reinforcing your Home, Social Media and Cybersecurity, Calling the Police, Driving (also pure gold on handling dangerous situations), Can you Spot the Killer?, Tips for Travelers, Out With Friends, Campus Safety, Keeping the Kiddos Safe, Situational Awareness, Basics of Unarmed Personal Defense, Stalkers--Terror in your own Home, Safe Room, Home Defense Firearms.This is the best book I've found so far in helping me feel safe. It's not super technical where you get overwhelmed. It doesn't waste time convincing you this is best. It shows you cheap tools and easy changes that will make you a lot safer. It shows you how to look at a situation a bit differently and what to do to maximize your safety.I'd give this 10 stars if I could. I bought a few books on this subject. So far, this is the only one I'm keeping. The others are off to Goodwill.

This book is not just about home security. It covers an array of approaches to securing the home, but then also deals with personal defense, campus safety, tips for when you're traveling, and so on. Simply put, every single thing I've read in this book is good advice. I'm not saying that there are not additional things you can do. There certainly are. But everything in this book is useful.Highlights:- nice overview of additional ways to secure a door (in addition to locks), some of which you can use while traveling- good discussion of ways to fake our possible criminals with things like dummy cameras and lights- a few tips on staying safe in and around your car; I especially like the suggestions about the strategic use of a shopping cart while at the grocery store (that was clever)- the section on gun safety is also useful, as the gun safes discussed are pretty high tech.Lowlights:- it's not that the personal defense section isn't good, I just don't think you can learn any physical defense tactics from a book; you simply need hand-to-hand training to learn this stuff- and this may sound nit-picky, but the book is printed on very thick stock (cardstock thickness), making it very hard to turn the pages one by one. This was an odd choice on the part of the publisher, probably to make this short book appear longer/fatter

Lynne Finch delivers another valuable book for people interested in taking responsibility for their own safety in her typical taking-you-into-her-confidence style. Each chapter contains information that can be immediately applied without making huge lifestyle changes. Little changes can drastically improve a person’s quality of life by empowering them. Lynne not only understands this, but is able to convey the information in an easy-to-understand fashion.

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