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Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening: The Secret To Growing Piles Of Food In The Sunshine State

Are you tired of failing at your Florida gardening? Are stink bugs puncturing your tomatoes and nematodes gnawing your eggplants? Is the sand eating your compost like an RV swallows gas? Fear not! You CAN grow buckets upon buckets of food in Florida - and this book gives you the secrets to pulling it off year after year. Lots more food - for a lot less work! Whether you want to save money, feed your family, start a survival garden, garden year-round, go paleo or build a huge prepper garden, this is the book for you. Learn the cheap simple techniques that will kickstart your Florida gardening. Discover the crops that will always come through for you. Quit hating the sand and the bugs and start reaping abundant harvests like you've never had before! This book provides the answers for both beginners and experts, delivered with humor. If you want yet another boring gardening book - this isn't it. Through combining Back to Eden gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Biointensive gardening, container gardening and some of the most productive crops on the planet, you WILL succeed! This is easy Florida gardening like you've never seen before. Pick up a copy of Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening and turn your backyard patch of weeds and sand into a money-saving vegetable factory that will keep your family fed no matter what the economy does. Start gardening RIGHT NOW before it's too late! Expert Florida gardener David The Good shares how in Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening.

Paperback: 112 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1517355915

ISBN-13: 978-1517355913

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Thank you, David, for writing an entertaining and very informative guide to what actually IS easy to grow here, besides weeds, in our hot and humid climate with ridiculously sandy and more often than not, nutrient deficient soil/sand. After years of gardening in Central Florida, I have stumbled upon a few of the veggies you recommend that did thrive, and also not get carried off by the bugs and critters before I got to them, but you have opened my eyes to so many more. A few may be a little difficult to find, but with the internet, Craigslist, and specialized gardening retailers, there are so many sources to find them besides your local box store. I love your style of gardening and writing. Throw some seeds here and there and if they grow easily and produce prolifically with minimal effort, they have earned the right to hang out in your garden. Being on a budget, also appreciate your cheap skate methods and resourcefulness to use what you have instead of recommending expensive gadgets, support structures, and soil amendments. I have purchased and enjoyed your other books as well. I highly recommend all of them. Keep up the wonderful work!

This is an essential read if you are going to grow food in Florida or anywhere in the tropics or subtropics of the world. In fact all of his techniques on soil prep and amendment, random planting and pest control can be applied anywhere except maybe Antarctica. Thank You David for sharing with the world your successes and failures of gardening in Florida. I highly recommend this book, his blog and his other books too.

I really enjoyed this book. I'm originally from CA and have had a hell of a time trying to grow anything here in FL. This book has me excited to try and grow again. I plan to also buy David the Goods other books on Fl gardening and composting. I hope they are as good as this one :)

I like this author's work a LOT. He doesn't waste time on fluff, he experiments and challenges commonly held garden "beliefs," and the book is an enjoyable read. He's got some youtube videos if you want to preview his style.

A short book with lots of ideas for easy gardening in Florida. Understands that not all of Florida is fully tropical and some of us do have to live with freezes and frosts. For my taste, a little heavy on things that grow easily but are relatively hard to eat, like cassava, and scarce on some important details, like how do you know whether the cassava you've got is a sweet (cyanide poor) or a bitter (cyanide rich) variety. Disappointingly light on my #1 problem, nematodes. On the other hand I look forward to trying some of the summer greens he recommends (eg. chaya), and the Everglades tomato. Surprised to hear daikon and turnips do well. And having failed miserably with winter squash, I'll have to give Seminole pumpkins a try. If any of these work out the well justify the price of the book, and there are dozens of other suggestions that sound interesting. You can't expect any one book to solve all your gardening problems and this book is full of less conventional suggestions.

Excellent reference for plants that will do extremely well in Southern Florida. There are many others beyond the scope of this book that do well, but this one has a number of species I would never have considered.Great information and instruction. David the Good also has a YouTube channel that provides even more examples and suggestions.Recommended for Central/Southern Florida gardeners, and anyone else in the Tropics or Sub-Tropics.

I heard about this book on NPR and immediately went home and bought it for my Kindle. The author is so knowledgeable and really put in the time to test every single thing so thoroughly. In my tiny apartment I'm stuck with container gardening on the porch, but I'm already planning out a full yard garden for when I have the space. Florida is such a difficult place to garden and I know from experience how quickly plants just up and die from the heat, the bugs, too much rain, not enough rain...the possibilities are endless and frustrating! I feel totally ready to tackle it all after reading this book.

If you're not a Florida native, this is almost essential reading for Florida gardening. If you've never gardened in Florida before, but you've been successful elsewhere, especially if that elsewhere is the Northeast, as it was for us, you're in for a surprise, as the plants you've grown up north aren't necessarily going to do well here - or do ANYTHING here. Tomatoes, for example - plant them in April or May to grow during the summer, and you'll end up with huge plants that never set fruit: they need temps to go below 75 degrees for part of the day in order to fruit. That's just one example - Mr. Good provides a good overview of what will and won't work down here. (Honestly, it's logical - you wouldn't try to grow lemon trees outdoors in Vermont, it makes sense that plants that succeed up there might just struggle down here.) David discusses approaches to setting up your garden, but I find the most valuable information is the plant listings, specifically the 'must grow' ones and the 'will probably fail' ones - if you have limited space, you'd be wise to follow his plant choices. A tip - he mentions a tomato and pumpkin that will do well in Florida, and luckily you can get their seeds from .

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