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More Joel On Software: Further Thoughts On Diverse And Occasionally Related Matters That Will Prove Of Interest To Software Developers, Designers, ... Or Ill Luck, Work With Them In Some Capacity

Joel, Apress, Blogs, and Blooks   …I was learning the hard way about how to be a publisher and probably spending way too much time looking at web sites and programming than I should have in response to that. Anyway, one day I came across this web site called , which was run by a guy with strong opinions and an unusual, clever writing style, along with a willingness to take on the conventional wisdom. In particular, he was writing this ongoing series about how bad most user interfaces were―mostly because programmers by and large knew, as Joel and I would say, using the same Yiddish–derived NYC vernacular that we both share, “bupkis” about what users really want. And I, like many, was hooked both by the series and the occasional random essay that Joel wrote. And then I had this epiphany: I'm a publisher, I like reading his stuff, why not turn it into a book?…  Read the complete Foreword             ― Gary Cornell, Cofounder, Apress Since the release of the bestselling title Joel on Software in 2004, requests for a sequel have been relentless. So, we went back to the famed archives and pulled out a new batch of favorites, many of which have been downloaded over one million times. With Joel's newest book, More Joel on Software, you'll get an even better (not to mention updated) feast of Joel's opinions and impressions on software development, software design, running a software business, and so much more. This is a new selection of essays from the author's web site, Joel Spolsky started his weblog in March 2000 in order to offer his insights, based on years of experience, on how to improve the world of programming. This weblog has become infamous among the programming world, and is linked to more than 600 other web sites and translated into 30+ languages! Spolsky's extraordinary writing skills, technical knowledge, and caustic wit have made him a programming guru. With the success of Joel on Software, there has been a strong demand for additional gems and advice, and this book is the answer to those requests. Containing a collection of all–new articles from the original, More Joel on Software has even more of an edge than the original, and the tips for running a business or managing people have far broader application than the software industry. We feel it is safe to say that this is the most useful book you will buy this year.

Paperback: 320 pages

Publisher: Apress; 1st ed. edition (June 25, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1430209879

ISBN-13: 978-1430209874

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If you're a fan of the website Joel On Software, you will enjoy having so many of his postings in a single volume. More Joel on Software: Further Thoughts on Diverse and Occasionally Related Matters That Will Prove of Interest to Software Developers, Designers, and ... Luck, Work with Them in Some Capacity by Joel Spolsky takes a number of his blog postings over the last six years and presents in a context that was unavailable as they unfold over time. This aspect of book over blog allows him to consolidate thoughts or explain the evolution of concepts that he's experienced as one of the A-list bloggers in the tech community.Contents:Part 1 - Managing People: My first BillG Review; Finding Great Developers; A Field Guide to Developers; Three Management Methods (Introduction); The Command and Control Management Method; The Econ 101 Management Method; The Identity Management MethodPart 2 - Advice to Potential Programmers: The Perils of JavaSchools; Talk at Yale; Advice for Computer Science College StudentsPart 3 - The Impact of Design: Font Smoothing, Anti-Aliasing, and Subpixel Rendering; A Game of Inches; The Big Picture; Choices = Headaches; It's Not Just Usability; Building Communities with SoftwarePart 4 - Managing Large Projects: Martian Headsets; Why Are the Microsoft Office File Formats So Complicated? (And Some Workarounds); Where There's Muck, There's BrassPart 5 - Programming Advice: Evidence-Based Scheduling; Strategy Letter VI; Can Your Programming Language Do This?

"More Joel on Software" is exactly what it says. It's a follow-up on "Joel on Software", a collection of blog posts from Joel Spolskys well-known blog "Joel on Software". I thoroughly enjoyed the first collection of Joels posts and thus was looking forward to this. And... I was disappointed. It IS good, Joel is an excellent and funny author and his posts are interesting, but... it was not as good as the first collection of posts :) Is he running out of ideas? We'll see in "Even More Joel on Software" which ought to be ready in four years...Slight disappointment, but still enjoyed Joels latest collection of posts. Let me point out a few of his posts to give an idea what he covers.The first post "My First BillG review" was a great story in which Joel tells his experience with Bill Gates reviewing his spec for MS Excel (many years ago) and how Bill reacted to the spec and what impression it led to him. It's a nice post and gives an insight to the working of MS during that time."The Perils of JavaSchools" criticized the universities that uses Java as main languages for teaching computer science. Joel argues that developers do not learn "the hard parts" about programming when using a language like Java.In "Why are the MS Office File Formats So Complicated" Joel takes a look at the insanely large file format spec for Office files and explains why they became the way they are. Then he gives some advise on what to do when you want to read Office files (not write it yourself)In "Hitting the High Notes", Joel explores the productivity difference between developers from many different perspectives and argues that great developers are absolutely essential for great products. This was his main idea behind setting up his own business.

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