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The New Traditional Woodworker: From Tool Set To Skill Set To Mind Set (Popular Woodworking)

Working Wood, Not Machining It If you're more interested in working with wood rather than machining it, you will be relieved to learn that expensive powered machinery isn't required to build furniture. You can also forget the dust masks, face shields and hearing protection since many of the safety concerns related to woodworking—the use of power tools—are eliminated. In this book, you'll learn to set up a hand-tool woodworking shop, then discover the toolset, practice the skillset, and understand the mindset—effectively completing a comprehensive course in hand-tool woodworking.

Series: Popular Woodworking

Paperback: 176 pages

Publisher: Popular Woodworking Books; 53836th edition (May 4, 2011)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1440304289

ISBN-13: 978-1440304286

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I don't often read a woodworking book cover to cover. Usually it's just one or two sections that interest me enough to add to my library. Tolpin's new book "New Traditional Woodworker" is an exception. Reading it felt like I was sitting down to a marvelous feast and I didn't want to miss a bite. Half way through I had the realization that he accomplished something very difficult to capture in print. This book is essentially an apprenticeship in hand tool woodworking. Jim takes you under his wing and helps you build a succession of fundamental skills while simultaneously outfitting your workshop with a nice collection of essential workbench accessories. Each successive tool and skill raises the confidence and competence to take on richer and more challenging projects. Jim approaches skill building from three angles. The right tool set with an overview of essential hand tools and their proper use. The right mindset with solid instruction about how to make those tools work to their potential. Finally, the skill set to bring it all together at the workbench. If you are new to hand tool woodworking this is an excellent roadmap. Even accomplished hand tool users will find useful guidance and perhaps the inspiration to finally trick out your workshop with a set of tools any journeyman would be proud to own.

I know I spent at least 5 hours trolling the internet for a suitable birthday present for my boyfriend and no present from me is complete without a book =] He is an amazing woodworker but we've recently moved and have no room for power tools and such so he decided to do everything by hand. he has a variety of saws but only a smooth plane and from a "sneak peek" in the book i found that a set of 4 hand planes is recommended so I also bought him a jack plane to really kick off his collection. anyway, the book not only tells you what you need but how to use it properly but how to keep it in great working order. for instance, I didn't know a metal hand plane had to be well oiled when you're using it but wooden ones do not. It's in full color, very well-written and definitely worth the bang for your buck. Even for a girl like me who is afraid of every machine but the scroll saw it was very informative and motivating. I definitely recommend it.

As a high tech professional, I use woodworking to relax and escape the day to day stress of the work environment. Working with hand tools is a great way to get in touch with your work with the added benefit of no noise or dust in the workshop. This book discribes the tools and shop equipment that you will need to set-up a hand tool based shop and then leads you through a series of projects that teaches you how to get in the right framework of mind and use the tools with proper technique to complete the project. This book is highly recommended.

For those of us who would rather not put up with the noise and mess of power tools (or expense), this is the best book I've found for someone interested in woodworking with hand tools. Although it is oriented towards furniture making, but the skills used in that are easily transfered to rougher carpentry. About the only complaint I have about this book is that it's not long enough. I would have liked to see more details and further information about hand woodworking techniques (but there are other books that cover those things well). Like other Jim Tolpin books, this one is full of excellent color photos and loaded with relevant information written in a easily readable, straightforward style.You get theory and practical advice on tool and material selection, and a number of practical projects to get started on building hand woodworking skills and knowledge. The only thing better would be to attend the school Mr. Tolpin teaches at, but for those of use with limited recourses or time, this is a good start. Highly recommended.

Imagine a woodshop filled with 10 or 11 people planing, sawing, & squaring lumber, routing dados & grooves and producing all kinds of layout tools based on the wood workers own physical size. One would think that it would be a noisy, dusty, & fairly dangerous environment. But no, one can converse with others without need for respirator or dust mask. Hearing protection is not needed. Your digits stay attached to you extremities. This book discribes how that is possible.I just attended a week long class from Mr. Tolpin called "Hand Tool Heaven." The class is based on this book The New Traditional Woodworker. It was amazing. Techniques are presented showing how to tune, sharpen & use hand tools as they were operated in the preindustrial era. Skills are taught and then developed by the making of tools, jigs, fixtures and other projects. The book is well researched and presented. Directions are easy to follow. Develop a new mind set. Learn how to work wood, not machine it. I highly recommend this book. In fact I now have some machines for sale if any one is interested.Ryc WilliamsonAloha, Oregon

I'm essentially new to woodworking, since I haven't had a class since high school (one semester of shop). I have no experience whatsoever with hand tools such as a hand plane or wood chisels.I have finished about half of the book and so far, I love it. It builds one project at a time and attempts to improve your skills with a few techniques and tools before moving onto a slightly more aggressive project introducing new materials.I would recommend this for beginners. I wouldn't know how good it is for those beyond that skill-level.

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