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C Programming In One Hour A Day, Sams Teach Yourself (7th Edition)

Sams Teach Yourself C Programming in One Hour a Day, Seventh Edition is the newest version of the worldwide best-seller Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days. Fully revised for the new C11 standard and libraries, it now emphasizes platform-independent C programming using free, open-source C compilers. This edition strengthens its focus on C programming fundamentals, and adds new material on popular C-based object-oriented programming languages such as Objective-C. Filled with carefully explained code, clear syntax examples, and well-crafted exercises, this is the broadest and deepest introductory C tutorial available. It’s ideal for anyone who’s serious about truly mastering C – including thousands of developers who want to leverage its speed and performance in modern mobile and gaming apps. Friendly and accessible, it delivers step-by-step, hands-on experience that starts with simple tasks and gradually builds to professional-quality techniques. Each lesson is designed to be completed in hour or less, introducing and clearly explaining essential concepts, providing practical examples, and encouraging you to build simple programs on your own. Coverage includes: Understanding C program components and structure Mastering essential C syntax and program control Using core language features, including numeric arrays, pointers, characters, strings, structures, and variable scope Interacting with the screen, printer, and keyboard Using functions and exploring the C Function Library Working with memory and the compiler Contents at a Glance PART I: FUNDAMENTALS OF C 1 Getting Started with C2 The Components of a C Program3 Storing Information: Variables and Constants4 The Pieces of a C Program: Statements, Expressions, and Operators5 Packaging Code in Functions6 Basic Program Control7 Fundamentals of Reading and Writing Information PART II: PUTTING C TO WORK 8 Using Numeric Arrays9 Understanding Pointers10 Working with Characters and Strings11 Implementing Structures, Unions, and TypeDefs12 Understanding Variable Scope13 Advanced Program Control14 Working with the Screen, Printer, and Keyboard PART III: ADVANCED C 15 Pointers to Pointers and Arrays of Pointers16 Pointers to Functions and Linked Lists17 Using Disk Files18 Manipulating Strings19 Getting More from Functions20 Exploring the C Function Library21 Working with Memory22 Advanced Compiler Use PART IV: APPENDIXES A ASCII ChartB C/C++ Reserved WordsC Common C FunctionsD Answers

Series: Sams Teach Yourself

Paperback: 720 pages

Publisher: Sams Publishing; 7 edition (October 21, 2013)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0789751992

ISBN-13: 978-0789751997

Product Dimensions: 7 x 1.6 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (12 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #498,746 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #95 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > Languages & Tools > C & C++ > Tutorials #204 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > Languages & Tools > C & C++ > C #989 in Books > Computers & Technology > Programming > Introductory & Beginning

This book is a fantastic Reference Book as well as being a great Self-Learning book. This book is NOT for absolute beginners and I would recommend: "C Programming - Absolute Beginner's Guide" by Greg Perry and Dean Miller as a first step but I would see: "C Programming in One Hour a Day" as an absolutely essential second step. Even seasoned C programmers should have this book available 24/7 - mine is on my smartphone's Kindle. Strengths of "C Programming in One Hour a Day" are: Well written by obviously highly knowledgeable C experts, Well structured (sequence of subject matter), Very thorough and Great examples. Weaknesses of "C Programming in One Hour a Day" are: No help with getting an IDE (integrated development environment) up and running (well handled by Absolute Beginner's Guide), Assumes too much programming knowledge for absolute beginners and goes too deeply into the C language for absolute beginners and may scare them off. FINALLY: If I didn't already own "C Programming in One Hour a Day", I would go out and buy one immediately.

This is another fine introduction to C. I would have liked a bit more time to write my review but I've been aghast at the undeserved one star it's received so far. The usual material is covered: variables and their types, For and While loops, If, Case, and Switch statements, functions, arrays, structures, memory management, file management, recursion, and pointers. One good feature of the book is the limpid writing style: the authors have gone out of their way to communicate as clearly as possible. How far have they gone -- or alternatively -- what have they done with pointers? They've covered pointers to functions, functions that return pointers, passing pointers to functions, pointers to pointers, arrays of pointers, and a clear coverage of linked lists.Cavils? None really. This is an introductory book. But I should mention that there are other equally good books on the market -- the ones by Gookin, King, Prata, Horton, and Kochan come to mind.Postscript: the authors seem to have neglected mentioning how to pass arrays as parameters to functions.

I have a fair amount of experience in C but wanted to shore up my knowledge in certain areas such as file handling and the like. The book is exactly what I was looking for: practical coverage, example code of an appropriate size, and clarity of presentation. However, there are problems with it that are hard to reconcile with its having 3 authors and being a 7th edition.The book is strewn with errors. Starting with things such as the numeric range of all the signed integer type variables [basic stuff]. The distinction between defining and declaring is very important in C. The authors say as much. And then they go on throughout the book saying declaring when they mean defining. Very Confusing. Chapter 13 begins with what you will learn in that chapter which includes "How to execute functions automatically upon program completion" and "How to execute system commands in your program". Neither topic is even remotely addressed. These problems are strewn throughout.I know enough about C to not have much of a problem with the book's errors. This would not be true for a beginning programmer or someone not familiar with the language. Such people would find this book immensely confusing and impossible to properly learn the language with.At the end of each chapter there are exercises. One class of exercises they call "BUG BUSTER". If you work your way through the entire book you will be an excellent "BUG BUSTER" by necessity.

1) It will not take "One Hour a Day". In fact, I am still on lesson one and it's been at least 8 hours. I'm fighting simple SIMPLE problems with NO trouble shooting tips.2) When you're an absolute beginner it's hard to figure out how editors and compilers (ex: Xcode) work. Often times I found myself entering the "hello, world" code verbatim into my editor only to find that my editor had problems with the code. I would then try a different editor/compiler. None of this is common sense to a beginner, it needs to be thoroughly explained, and like one reviewer wrote, It's like throwing you on the freeway and then showing you the gas pedal. Good luck.3) The good news. It is interactive and lets you program from the beginning, but only purchase this book if you have a BASIC understanding of programming.

This is a great secondary book for C, I read C programming absolute beginners guide as my first, and this is the book I bought next. It's larger than most C programming book, it's about 800 pages in size, most C books are 200~500. This has ALOT of stuff crammed into it. Also alot of concepts, not just syntax. It shows you how to use the preprocessor, which can be VERY useful at times. Also shows all the ASCII characters which can be very interesting to to look up. I would not recommend it as a first C book because of how it covers alot of material. Overall though, GREAT book

Excellent study tool for anyone interested in learning C programming. Very thorough, well written and well formatted. Worth every penny.My two frustrations were:1) The examples are sometimes wrong which is supremely unhelpful for someone (like myself) relying on the validity of the information provided in order to better understand the subject2) If you're actually studying the book (taking notes, practicing the sample codes, doing the chapter questions) you will spend far more than one hour on each chapter.

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