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Hellstrip Gardening: Create A Paradise Between The Sidewalk And The Curb

The hellstrip—also known as a boulevard, meridian, and planting strip—is finally getting the attention it deserves! Gardeners everywhere are taking advantage of the space to add curb appeal to their homes, expand the size of their gardens, and conserve more resources. Hellstrip Gardening is the first book to show you exactly how to reclaim these oft-ignored spaces by determining the city and home owner's association rules, choosing plants that thrive in tough situations, designing pathways for accessibility, and much more. Gorgeous color photographs of hellstrip gardens across the country offer inspiration and visual guidance to anyone ready to tackle this final frontier.  

Paperback: 296 pages

Publisher: Timber Press; 1st edition (April 22, 2014)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1604693320

ISBN-13: 978-1604693324

Product Dimensions: 8 x 1 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 3.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (15 customer reviews)

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I love this book! Evelyn has an informal, folksy way of writing that is engaging and fun. The book is divided up into short chapters so it's a good one to pick up when you have just a few minutes between chores and appointments, etc. The examples are awesome and cover a wide variety of conditions, zones and affinities. These principles can be applied to anyone's garden whether they have a "hellstrip" or not.I highly recommend this book.

This book gives great tips on replacing your lawn with a beautiful garden. Her knowledge of which plants are right for your garden is very helpful.

Review – Hell Strip GardeningHell Strip Gardening is another great book from Evelyn Hadden. This time she attacks the “hell strip” between the sidewalk and the curb and shows us how to beautify or make practical “the terrace.” She has previously given us another classic, “Beautiful No-Mow Yards.”First Mrs. Hadden gives us over 100 pages of wonderful, detailed descriptions and pictures of successful gardens on the terrace. These are excellent, well worded, easily read prose telling the stories of 12 different terraces from Oregon, to Minnesota, to Florida, to California, to Idaho, to North Carolina. The pictures of the gardens are magnificent and beautiful and mouth watering and motivating. With these stories and pictures, one is motivated to get out there and rip out the grass and weeds and plant flowers or vegetables. But Mrs. Hadden wisely advises lots of planning and plotting first.Then Mrs. Hadden talks about challenges from trees, to water issues, to poor soil, to laws and convenants, to vehicles, to wildlife and the “public.” She has good suggestions for managing all of these and more.Then Mrs. Hadden provides us with discussions of style, plant issues, earth shaping. She ends with suggestions as to showy flowers and foliage and culinary and medicinal and four season plants.The book reads well, is motivating, is full of beautiful pictures. This is not a small book coming in at nearly 300pages (296 to be exact), over and inch and a half thick. But the book covers it's topic well and in an interesting fashion.

As a Nursery owner who sells many of the plants used by Evelyn Hadden, I was very impressed with her use and information about these plants. Very helpful, even to a professional gardener! Thanks Evelyn!

Having a book that demonstrates how to beautify your hellstrip and not just list plants is truly a gift and a resource that will be used over and over again. The photos were absolutely stunning and the suggestions were right on point. I am glad that I purchased this book for my gardening library and resource book!!!!.

I was attracted by the idea of this book, but disappointed to find that it isn't really about gardening in the 'hellstrip.' Most of the photos are of front-yard gardens designed (and likely installed) by professionals. The author does spend a little time talking about issues like covenants/regulations and dealing with utilities, but there are no plans for gardens or pictures/suggestions about existing gardens that appear to actually have been designed by homeowners. I could not find anything about neighbors in ordinary neighborhoods collaborating to create streets with lots of strip gardens.If you're wealthy and commissioning a designer and landscape company to create you a front-yard garden with an elaborate hellstrip, perhaps this is your book.

Honest...I really try to be positive... The subtitle of this book says CREATE (emphasis added) a Paradise... so I mistakenly thought this would be more about the "how-to", such as planting plans with plant names, irrigation plans/suggestions etc. It is more of an expose' on several different curb strip gardens around the country, and the benefit of planting these strips for the community. Which is fine, but not what I expected. The first 40 of 200+ pages are available to preview. I had just stuck it in my wish list, and my darling son bought it for my birthday. :) It does have nice pictures of some nice landscaping... but you can find examples of those online...

Great ideas and a wide variety of them for anyone who wants to plant along a roadway.

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