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The Low-Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook: Prevent And Heal Type 2 Diabetes With 200 Ultra Low-Carb Recipes - All Recipes 5 Total Carbs Or Fewer!

Type 2 diabetes is a modern epidemic. More than 1 billion people worldwide suffer from type 2 diabetes and its related conditions of pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity. The most dangerous fact? The standard dietary recommendations are making you sicker. For years, diabetics were told to cut cholesterol, reduce fat, and load up on "healthy" whole grains. However, these carb-laden diets have only made rates of diabetes and obesity soar.It's not your fault. You've been given bad advice. With a low-carb diet, diabetes canbe reversed. It's time to feel better. The Low-Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook will get you off the foods that are making you sick. With these specially designed recipes, you'll normalize your blood sugar and lose weight easily - even stubborn belly fat! No longer will you need to depend on medication to keep your insulin levels in the proper range. You'll feel more energetic and less hungry - without dieting or counting calories.Based on the groundbreaking protocol used at the HEAL Diabetes and Medical Weight Loss Centers, The Low-Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook helps you heal type 2 diabetes where it starts - a faulty diet. Leading low-carb expert and best-selling author Dana Carpender has developed 200 recipes that enable you to eat deliciously, keep your carb counts in the proper range, and reverse your diabetes naturally.

Paperback: 192 pages

Publisher: Fair Winds Press; 1 edition (April 15, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1592337295

ISBN-13: 978-1592337293

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I just received my copy of Dana Carpender’s new book, “The Low-Carb Diabetes Solution Cookbook” and, once again, she has not only “knocked it out of the ball park,” but hit a grand slam. Dana has a way with words that is clear, concise and very easy to understand. She takes the complicated scientific theories about the cause and effect of a diet loaded with sugar and carbohydrates in causing a myriad of diseases, especially Type 2 Diabetes, and explains everything in simple language that is easy for anyone to understand (and even for me, and I am definitely not a science “geek”). The recipes in this book are amazing, and I cannot wait to try each and every one of them, especially since they are 5 total carbohydrates or fewer per serving. This is fabulous for those of us who already live the low carb/high fat (“LCHF”) ketogenic lifestyle and limit our daily intake to 20 grams or less of carbohydrates. I urge anyone interested in finding out about the LCHF ketogenic lifestyle, or those folks already a part of it, to add this book to your library. It is a must have, and a must read. And I also wanted to give a big “shout out” to Dr. Eric Westman, Jacqueline Eberstein, R.N. and the Heal Clinics. I wish them both the best of success in the work they have been doing, and continue to do, to promote the healthy and life-changing benefits of living the LCHF ketogenic lifestyle.

I'm not too pleased with the use of artificial sweeteners in so many of the recipes. I have just started looking through the recipes in the paper back version. Page 66, Backwards Pizza is missing the main ingredient and the amount. Mozzarella is in the written instructions but not on the ingredients list. I have no idea how much to use.Dana & Eric's Favorite Salad is simply a supper salad with lettuce, cucs, onion and tomato. Worcestershire sauce in the dressing? I won't be using that!On the other hand there are some great recipes. The Tandori Chicken is one and some of the steak recipes with sauces are a nice change up.There are some very savory fish dishes.Dr Eric Westman's "Forward" and his discussion of the diet used in his Heal Clinics makes the book really worth the value. All Diabetics and their families should have this information!

There is NOBODY who knows more about low carb, paleontology, primal, ketogenic diets, whatever you want to call them, than Dana Carpender. She is a virtual encyclopedia of amazing recipes, and can tell you from experience why and how low carbing works.This book is chock full of everything a diabetic or for that matter, anyone with Syndrome X, would want to know. Everything I have ever made from any of her cookbooks is wonderful. Dana has been around this way of eating for a long time now. If you haven'the read her original book, get it, too! It's a testament to getting one's health back by changing what we all have been told is true. The world is coming around, but it took a long time. Dana has been in the forefront of all things low carb since practically the beginning. Great read, easy to follow, and delicious recipes in this book, and ALL her cookbooks. 5 stars, and more if I could!

Groundbreaking and yet so simple. I have a family history of diabetes and I myself have suffered from insulin resistance for years. The bottomline is that diabetes is a disease of what you eat--namely sugars, carbs, starches. This book lays it out simply but compellingly: stay on meds (with the high costs and side-effects) while continuing to think that eating pasta, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, fruit is okay or get real and stop eating the stuff that is making you sick and fat! While giving up foods you love isn't easy, this book has made it easier with tasty recipes.

I love Dana Carpenter's books. I have several and this one is wonderful. The recipes are easy to follow, tasty and don't contain any strange items that are difficult to find. The book gives a short overview on what you can have to help stabilize diabetes, and all the recipes are low carb gems.The book is easy to understand and has a touch of humor too. Love it.

This amazing cookbook is full of great recipes. I'm very impressed with the variety of the dishes and how easy it is to read and follow. I'm confident knowing I'm preparing healthy, low carb diabetes friendly meals for my family. So grateful and glad to have this book as part of my kitchen collection. Bravo Dana!

I see several recipes that I want to make but I bought Kindle version and wonder if there is a problem with it. I've already found two recipes that are missing items from the ingredient list or else instructions for what to do with the ingredients. Other than that it looks like a good book. The recipes are for the average home cook. Nothing real involved or complicated and I need some new ideas for my LC menus.

Dana Carpender writes the best cookbooks hands down. She has published several books that I own. These books are always useful and informative. She gives you not only wonderful recipes but educates you as well. She lives what she writes. No doubt this book will become a favorite.

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