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Backyard Chickens For Beginners: Getting The Best Chickens, Choosing Coops, Feeding And Care, And Beating City Chicken Laws (Booklet)

ExclusiveValuable guide for beginners on how to start a backyard mini-flock of 2-4 chickens and get fresh eggs every day. Written by the author of the best-selling Fresh Food From Small Spaces book, a former columnist for Urban Farm magazine. (Updated 2012 Version) Topics include: • Fresh Eggs Every Day • How Much Space Do You Need?• Building or Buying a Coop• Feeders, Waterers, Nesting Boxes, and Roosts• Getting Chicks or Chickens• Feeding Your Chickens• Tips for Cold Climates• Health and Safety• Dealing with Neighbors, City Chicken Laws, and Other Challenges• Resources: Everything You Need! Fresh eggs every dayThis 36-page booklet provides the ultimate beginner's guide to raising chickens for eggs in a city or suburban backyard. You can pay $10-$30 for a longer book containing lots of filler material you don't need. Are you really going to start a chick hatching business, compost doggy doo, or perform surgery on a sick hen? Stick to the essentials and pay a lot less. Everything You Need to Get Started!Are you ready to start raising chickens on a small scale? This booklet has all the information you really need to know on getting chicks or chickens for the city, where and how to find a good coop, what other items you need (feeders, waterers, nesting boxes), and how to feed your chickens nutritious food that will make the best eggs you have ever tasted. Learn some tips for proper chicken health and safety as well as for getting your chickens through cold winters in freezing climates. Learn how to deal with neighbors and restrictive city chicken laws so that no one can stop you from raising chickens for fresh eggs. Includes Free Resources SectionIncludes a great Resources section with organized links to every important piece of information available for free online, including more information on coops and city chicken laws. Some people say this section alone is worth the price of this booklet. Get access to all the resources and support you will ever need to help you have a great experience raising backyard chickens. Never pay a penny more for chicken info! Get started today and enjoy fresh eggs from your own backyard! (36-page booklet with 20,000 words) If you're looking for an introductory guide to raising chickens, this is the one!About the Author:R.J. Ruppenthal is a college professor, licensed attorney, and gardening writer. He is the author of Fresh Food From Small Spaces: The Square-Inch Gardeners Guide to Year-Round Growing, Fermenting, and Sprouting (Chelsea Green 2008). He is a former columnist and frequent contributor to Urban Farm magazine. Raising city chickens is one of his backyard passions.

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Excellent book. Easy to read, informative, eases the intimidation of starting to own chickens. I would add or clarify just a few things:First and most importantly, the author makes reference to poultry wire when discussing coops. In passing he mentions half inch hardware cloth. Readers should not infer that poultry wire is the large-holed hexagonal chicken wire. That wire is too open and too flimsy to use to protect your chickens. Racoons will make short work of it. Though more expensive, invest in the half-inch grid hardware cloth and save yourself the expense and trauma of losing your birds to predators.Second, I would have liked to see some info on how smart and trainable chickens are. There's a downside to that trait. If you hear your chickens crowing one morning and as a result go out and let them free range or give them a treat, you have just trained them to crow every morning for the same thing again. (Don't ask me how I know.) As with children, don't reward behavior you don't wish to see repeated. BTW, there's a very interesting youtube video on clicker training chickens.Third, the subject of pecking order and introducing new chickens to established flocks would have been very helpful.Finally, I would just add my chickens' number one treat, one they will fly up to peck the bottom of the clear container for: leftover cooked brown rice.

I'm so glad I got this book, the author is right about getting right to the info your looking for. It skips the long winded and sometimes unneeded info you pay for in a larger book. This is the perfect book to get you started with chickens, from what kind to get,how many , what you intend and how to keep them. One helpful hint I got was to slightly bury my coop to keep other critters from digging in underneath. If it's not in this book it tells you where to find it! Perfect! Thanks!

This book answered more of my questions about owning chickens than my $20 paperback on the same topic! This was definitely more specific and thorough, and at a fraction of the cost. The resource section at the end points you toward lots of free online information as well. I would highly recommend this e-book to anyone who is considering owning chickens.

This is an excellent book for raising a few chickens in a small backyard. It covers all the basics and is very thorough, even with ideas to deal with city ordinances. There are many online resources included for further study. I would recommend this to anyone who hoped to learn how to start having fresh eggs each day.

we have 17 laying chickens and this book has been so informative! i continue to learn more about our little layers! i would most definitely recommend this book prior to getting your chicks or chickens! will be extremely helpful with planning out your coop and run and also provide a learning curve before you begin! love the idea of wooden eggs, will be trying that soon! we opt for purchasing pullets, it does save money in the long run. however, we are looking forward to hatching some chicks just for the experience! a MUST read book! well written and so very helpful!

Ridiculous. Just received the "paperback book" version of this. This is NOT a book. Beware. It is a glorified pamphlet. It's like this was an afterthought of the kindle version. First page jumps right in to chapter one. Not even a table of contents, no page numbers, nothing... Just requested my refund with . Disappointed as this was a gift, and I purchased it based on the positive reviews.

The book is concise, clear and informative, and speaks in a light-hearted voice. Anyone interested in the whole poultry industry would do well to read this. The author's point of view is pretty animal-friendly also...except for the slaughtering part (which is up to the individual chicken owner, after all!) Apart from everything else, fresh eggs are infinitely superior to cold-storage. Read this book!

This book was helpful but I needed more information as a first time owner of baby chicks. I had to buy another book to fully understand raising chicks from brooder box to the coop.

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