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Whole Detox: A 21-Day Personalized Program To Break Through Barriers In Every Area Of Your Life

Combining her experience as scientist, researcher, and clinician, internationally recognized health expert Deanna Minich offers a comprehensive, integrative, and personalized approach to detox that helps you heal your unique physical challenges and overcome the life obstacles holding you back from total health and wellness.Most detox programs—from fasts, cleanses and supplements, to elimination diets, organic diets, and saunas—focus on ridding our bodies of the bad foods or chemicals that prevent us from achieving total health. While some people respond well, others find the benefits are short lived and do not result in transformational change.Experienced researcher and practitioner Dr. Deanna Minich discovered that to achieve true health and wellness, we must address all of the toxic elements in our lives. Going beyond previous programs, Whole Detox offers a proven plan to uncover all the obstacles that prevent you from feeling your best. Using Dr. Minich’s integrative, color-coded system that has successfully helped thousands, Whole Detox teaches you how to identify which of your seven “health systems” are out of balance, and provides a personalized prescription for diet, activity, and lifestyle changes that will make you feel better. Following her systematic, step-by-step twenty-one-day journey through all seven systems, filled with helpful questionnaires and charts, you can remove toxins, lose weight, repair existing health issues, boost energy, improve relationships, and find purpose and passion.Dr. Deanna Minich’s methods have resulted in jaw-dropping results. By ridding yourself of all types of toxins, your body will change dramatically . . . and so will your life.

Hardcover: 448 pages

Publisher: HarperOne (March 8, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0062426796

ISBN-13: 978-0062426796

Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.5 x 9 inches

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I enjoyed reading Whole Detox because it’s so different from many of the other doom and gloom nutrition books of the day—e.g. detailing why you should avoiding the latest troublesome food or environmental toxin. Instead, Deanna illuminates a new paradigm to help you rebalance health from the inside out through strategic addition of more colorful foods into your diet and healthy thought patterns, meaning and purpose in your life.After reading this book and implementing Deanna’s tips, you’ll be able to fine tune the communication flow between your biology and spirit, intuition.A big takeaway for me was not about avoiding something in my environment, but finding ways to add more of what my body needs to optimize the communication between my thoughts and energy systems.I give Whole Detox a 5 star!

Absolutely wonderful book! Most detoxes take away, but this detox program gives so much more than I ever thought a detox could! Colorful charts, delicious recipes that are adapted for omnivore and vegan alike, shopping lists, meal plans, and all backed by sound research. You really can't find a better - more complete - detox book and the author also has a detox group that you can join to have the assistance and support needed while you change your life from the inside out!Jennifer Champion MSc, CNS, DCN Candidate

Dr. Deanna Minich's compassionate and brilliant masterpiece of healing covers the full spectrum of health- physical, mental and emotional. She distills the rich healing traditions of food, medicine and spirituality throughout time into a beautifully written road map to restore health and happiness in your life.Dr. Minich provides step by step guidance to identify the seven systems in your health and lifestyle that might need addressing and carefully explains the synergy that binds all these aspects together. She then provides a comprehensive toolbox of strategies to balance these systems, refreshing you with a new outlook on what your true health potential could really be. As she phrases so eloquently, this is how to "break through the toxic barriers that limit your life so you can finally savor the full spectrum of your whole self."

I so love this book! The volumes of wealth on each page just keeps coming. Certainly this book will become a classic "go to" source for living in harmony with self and with the worlds around us. This book invites me to delve deeper into the meaning of me under a microscope and I do dare go. Just fabulous. Simple, yet profound. Love how this author is working with color. After going through and reading Whole Detox, I am coming to the conclusion that this book is a collection of a lifetime of research and work, and is nothing less than brilliant. Mastery!!!

Deanna Minich changed my life, she brought beauty to detoxing. As a Nutritionist myself, I have seen and done many different detoxes, this is the first one that has made me want to do it again and again. If you can't do one with her online, this book is the next best thing. If you can do one with her, then the book plus the community that she creates is amazing!!!! With my first detox, I was complaining "that it was not a good or perfect time to do it" Deanna sweetly replied, "there is never a perfect time". That was what it took for me to jump in with both feet, and I don't regret it at all! This book is beautifully written, the science is wonderful and the color that she brings to it will brighten your life (and health) This will be one of the most bookmarked books in your bookcase. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I have done the Whole detox with Deanna and its nothing short of magical, such an amazing way to connect in with yourself and your body. Its truly transformational and Deanna is one to follow, she is brilliant and amazing!The book is laid out really well and is an easy to follow book, so many practical ways to support your body and 7 aspects, the recipes are fantastic and easy to make- her smoothies are creative and will get you out of your banana, strawberry, spinach rut!This book will transform your life and give you tools that you won't find anywhere else, it is truly a whole body/mind/soul experience!

I would give it a miss. Mind and emotions do play a crucial role in health and sickness as they affect the body's ability to cope with internal and external challenges. However this book is a somewhat commercial shallow and contrived approach to holistic body-mind detox based on 7 systems that are actually taken from the 7 yogic energy chakras (positioned along the central energy channel running from the base of the spine to the top of the head). The author describes food colors and energetics in a way that is in total contradiction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Indian medicine and also to some yogic systems. It may appeal to people who are mostly into "head stuff" and need to correlate their sickness to emotional issues. However, unfortunately for the majority of people living in modern society, toxicity issues can be traced to the air, water, food and medications and also to growing electromagnetic radiation pollution. The toxins from these sources infiltrate every corner in the body and require addressing at the REAL root cause. They do not correspond the 7 chakras (or systems as the author calls them). Furthermore, much toxicity arises from the digestive system ( that runs ALL the way from the throat chakra to the base chakra). A diet that contains gluten/grains, GMO, preservatives, additives and much sugar is also a cause for much toxicity and an imbalanced gut macrobiome.

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