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Cat Training Secrets: How To Raise The Perfect Feline Companion

You want to raise the most well-behaved, loving cat? A cat that doesn’t scratch your pricey furniture or reject the litterbox? Discover the secrets to raising your cat to be the perfect feline by understanding the right way to stimulate his best behavior. The author of this book knows exactly what triggers to use and what training mistakes to avoid to accelerate the learning process, making your cat an obedient all-star in no time. Whether your cat is young or old, Cat Training Secrets supplies you with priceless information that will go a long way toward creating the perfect household companion.

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Good book for cat owners. While I am not an expert cat trainer, I know a little about the subject, and the author has done a very good job in giving cat owners some methods of the "how, why and when" of cat training. Not every cat can be least not in the way YOU want the cat to behave, but you can try. Being patient is key: trust me, it's not happening in one day.Again, I'm not sure if Patricia's methods count as "Secrets" but they are certainly worthwhile to learn if you want to change your cat's behavior. If you are looking to train your cat to play dead or recite Shakespear, this isn't the best book for you. It is directed more towards getting your cat to do what you want, such as stay off the table, don't climb the curtains, etc. Worthwhile reading.

Had a kitten find me & found myself taking her in. Not really a cat person so this book was a big help in understanding how they think differently than dogs and what I can do to better communicate with my new roommate. The trick of using MINE rather than NO has been especially helpful & surprised me at how well it worked! Very grateful for this read.

Cats can be trained at any age. Cats like to be treated as if they’re your kid and you’re the mom or dad. Cats are very smart animals and can be easy to train. Following all the steps in this book can help you train your cat. I have seen people train their cats to walk on a leash. In the town I live in if you have an outside cat your cash has to be walked on a leash. Cats can be loving animals, I had a cat that thought she was a human. I would rather have an inside cat than a dog. Cats can be loyal and can protect you. Cats have a habit of scratching things and jumping on counters but this book helps you fix that problem. If you have or have ever thought about getting a cat this is a must read. I love cats but they can be hard to train and you have to take time to train them. If you want a cat make sure you have the time and all the steps in this book will help you have a great cat.

This book has great training tips goes into how to understand your cat/kitten. The sounds they make and what they are really telling you, their caretaker.What tails can convey. Body rubs. Kind of cat sign language if you will. How stress can cause them to react, with "spraying" etc. Incessant licking fur.crying. What behaviors are linked to different breeds. Lazy cat, active cats. The author refers us to another book if you still need some more help, The Cat Whisperer.She explains the importance of nutritous foods, making sure the bowls are refilled, clean litter box. Many useful tips, great for Cat lovers worth the purchase. Goodbreakdowns by the author. 5*****

This was a great book. I just had to have it. My daughter and her family were staying with me when my animal loving grandson brought home an abandoned kitten. Of course when they moved I now have a cat because they cannot have pets. This book is full of information about cats that I had never heard before. Like when they make a noise that sounds like a chirping meow. That is how momma cats talk to their babies so they love it when you do it back to them. The first secret is to keep your cat happy so this book tells you how to make your cat happy. If they are happy they are much easier to train. This book has been so very helpful. I advise anyone to get this book if you have ever considered getting a cat.

Most people believe the dog is man's best friend. But anyone who has ever owned a cat knows the feline can be just as giving, just as loving and just as loyal as any dog. The main difference between the two has always been the fact that it seemed easier to train dogs than cats. Thanks to this very informative book, that perception will forever be changed.The author does an excellent job in helping us understand what our cats are thinking, the best way to communicate with them and what they need from us. After reading this book, you will have a much better relationship with your cat.

As a cat lover myself, I chose this book, Cat Training Secrets, because I would like to be able to train my cats with effective methods. This book is a great book that gives you advice to train your cat in positive ways and to reward them when they do well, but also how to react and train them when they do something you don’t want them to do. The author, Patricia Mayo, owns cats so she relates very well to how cats act, which makes her advice effective, in my opinion. I really enjoyed reading this book, because the author, Patricia Mayo, knows that you have to earn your cats love and respect to be able to train your cat. It is also very important to learn your cats’ behaviors so you can prevent them having a stressful environment.

If I ever get a cat, this is going to be my ‘go-to’ book. The author explains a great deal in her cat-training techniques. There are 27 of them! This book, while going through the techniques of training, will help you to see what will and will not work. They are all very well explained too. She covers much ground in this book, from a cat’s perspective to a human’s perspective. She explains about the different types of relationships that cats have with their humans, other humans and other cats. It is really a very interesting way of looking at cats in general.

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