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So You Want To Create Maps Using Drones?

"Photogrammetry with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) is a rapidly maturing technology. Being versatile and inexpensive, it has the potential to offer solutions in a wide range of applications, such as forestry inventory,precision agriculture, flood hazard assessment, pollution monitoring, land survey, and integrity assessment of industrial facilities. Written in the form of a field guide, this book explains, in easy-to-understand language, basic concepts of photogrammetry and spatial data, and techniques for mosaicking drone photos.The book is not intended as a complete "do-it-yourself" guide, but after reading it, you get a good sense about what hardware and software parts you will need to assemble a drone system on your own. Or if you have the funds, simply purchase a commercial product and follow the steps laid out in the book to design your application. Towards that end, you will find the survey of industrial leaders of environmental drone applications particularly useful. The author of the book, Kike Calvo, is an experienced National Geographic Creative photographer. The explanation of technical jargons is based on his own experience and interviews with his colleagues. Some of the questions and answers are included in the book. These are questions you probably would have and Calvo has already got expert answers for you. I find this style of writing quite effective,injecting liveness into what otherwise could be dry reading.UAV photogrammetry is not just about obtaining pretty pictures. To realize its potential you must "georeference" the pictures, produce an "orthomosaic", and make "3D point clouds". Read the book to find out what all these mean, and much more. Foreword by Xuhui Lee. Sara Shallenberger Brown Professor, Yale University.  Editor-in-Chief, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology.

Paperback: 72 pages

Publisher: Blurb (January 6, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1320369510

ISBN-13: 978-1320369510

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I recently saw the author fly a Phantom 3 Professional over Fort San Lorenzo, a UNESCO Heritage site on the shores of Panama and also over a remote rainforest village in Panama's Darian Province. Watching drones in action inspired me to learn more about their applications, especially the types of comparative maps generated by drones.This book teaches readers:1) about aerial photogrammetry (which benefits from a new generation of software for cameras placed on drones),2) how to prepare a variety of flight plans, and gear up in a light or low cost way,3) how to fly, photograph, and process images and stitch them together into maps, and also,4) there is a helpful comparison of the best drones available for mapping purposes.It provides the information to create your own drone-based map mosaics for areas and times of your choosing. It is a practical field guide for drone-flying novices and will enhance the skills of experienced enthusiasts. Every page has helpful diagrams or insightful photos.If you actively use aerial maps in work or play, or could benefit from having personalized aerial maps for knowledge or comparison reasons in your life's pursuit, check out the toolbox of information in this book.

There is a lot of talk about the methodologies behind photogrammetry, and how drones work. Literally the first half of the book assumes you don't know anything about drones and aerial photography/mapping. I knew enough to do some research, and have been familiarizing myself with the techniques and tools, and feel that if you've done the same, you'll have the same issue with this book.

As a doctor, I am very curious about the use of UAV technology in humanitarian response and first crisis. I have found this book to be a great introduction to the complex world of drone mapping, providing the basis to understand the potential of this growing industry. I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is willing to expand their knowledge.

Field guides for photogrammetry are rare, and it's great that Mr. Calvo (you can't use his first name in an review!) has taken the time to put this book together. It's a good overview of photogrammetry using fixed-wing and multirotor drones, but needs to be supplemented with additional research once one decides on an aerial platform to fly and software for processing. Think of the book as a high-level primer on the topic rather than an in-depth dive. It's extremely image heavy, and I often wanted more text to clarify and discuss points in greater detail, especially when technical terms are mentioned casually and without explanation. One other issue is that the organization and layout can be distracting; the content is good, but the layout can get in the way. Still, I recommend this book if you have been curious about photogrammetry and are looking for a way to get started.

Mr Calvo has produced in this book is a definitive guide for anyone just starting out or needs to get a further understanding of the processes and procedures in capturing images and data and producing orthomosaic images, maps, 3D models and more. Written with comprehensive details, explanations and instructions, he has laid out this book like a textbook that covers everything from a descriptive history of how it works to the types of hardware and software needed to produce amazing content. His diagrams and photos very clearly explain the concept and processes, with a lot of examples to show that various conditions and results you can expect. This truly is THE "go-to" guide for anyone looking to understand more about the process and want to dive in. I know I'll be recommending it in all my conference sessions and workshops! - Jeff Foster, Co-founder the Drone Coalition

Had great hopes for this book, but wound up totally disappointed. With a few google searches, you can find not only all the information in this book, but a lot more.At best, and that is stretching things, it's a cursory survey. For that reasonI would NOT recommend this book to anyone seriously interested in aerial mapping, especially given the grossly over inflated price.

This is a great book for anyone who is interested in learning how to use the emerging UAV technology to create maps, 3D models, or produce orthomosaic images. This terrific guide introduces you to the common industry terminology and the hardware and software needed to begin putting your investment to work.Mr. Calvo has effectively put his years of expertise and his unique teaching ability down into an easy to understand step by step guide for anyone to easily follow along and comprehend. I will gladly share this book and recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the incredible capabilities of aerial imagery. - Clint Wimmer, DSLRPros.comSo You Want to Create Maps Using Drones?

Easily 5+ Stars. Mr. Calvo described this highly technical drone application and presented it in such a way that anyone can enjoy this book and and use it to help them become prepared for the Drone Revolution. The majority of my work is involved in educating the future small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) (aka Drone) workforce to be able to compete for the hundreds of thousands of highly technical new jobs that the Drone Revolution is now creating and will create in the next decade. Any of my students would benefit from reading this book, and I am going to start recommending it to all of them. Well done Mr. Calvo - 2 Thumbs Up!

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