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The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox And Recovery Plan For Overeating And Food Addiction

The body's built-in reward system, driven by the chemical dopamine, tells us to do more of the things that give us pleasure: Creative energy, falling in love, entrepreneurship, and even the continued propagation of the human race are driven by this system. Unfortunately, so is the urge to overeat.In The Hunger Fix, Dr. Pam Peeke uses the latest neuroscience to explain how unhealthy food and behavioral "fixes" have gotten us ensnared in a vicious cycle of overeating and addiction. She even shows that dopamine rushes in the body work exactly the same way with food as with cocaine. Luckily, we are all capable of rewiring, and the very same dopamine-driven system can be used to reward us for healthful, exciting, and fulfilling activities.The Hunger Fix lays out a science-based, three-stage plan to break the addiction to false fixes and replace them with healthier actions. Fitness guides, meal plans, and recipes are constructed to bolster the growth of new neurons and stimulate the body's reward system. Gradually, healthy fixes like meditating, going for a run, laughing, and learning a new language will replace the junk food, couch time, and other bad habits that leave us unhappy and overweight.Packed with practical tips, useful advice, and plenty of wit, wisdom, and inspiring stories of those who have successfully transformed their bodies, The Hunger Fix is a life-changing program for anyone (of any size) trapped by food obsession and the urge to overeat.

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The tools in the Hunger Fix saved my life. Five years ago, Dr. Peeke was the first Dr. I ever met who acknowledged flat out that food can legitimately be addictive. What a relief! All of those years, and countless diets, where I tried desperately to eat in moderation. I'd eat my Jenny Craig lemon cake, love every bite, and wonder why, the next day I was craving sweets at 3:00. In my experience craving leads to eating, and eating the wrong foods leads to bingeing. This is fueled by the societal mantra that desert food, or high fat salty food is a reward. A recent McDonalds billboard showed a huge box of French fries with the text: HAPPINESS. Really?What I've learned from Dr. Peeke, is that all of the advertising hype about high fat food, candy and ice-cream, as a "well deserved reward" is false. Food is not a true reward, unless it's food that makes you feel good later. Where is the reward in feeling too full, bloated, shaky, wired, drowsy, guilty or depressed? What is the reward in never being satisfied with sugar, no matter how much we eat? Maybe that split second after the first bite is bliss-full, but with food addiction, that delicious bite quickly turns into eating chaos.I think in this country we've been trained to become so disassociated from our bodies that often all we think about is how something tastes, and the experience of eating it. I know when I weighed 212 pounds (at 5 foot 1 ½ inches) I wasn't thinking about the effect that the food was having on my body--. I was using food to keep myself from feeling bad. I would feel a bit calmer after satisfying the burning insane craving, but of course, the bad feelings always came back--multiplied. That is not a reward. It's what Dr. Peeke has termed, a FALSE FIX.In the Hunger Fix, Dr.

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