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The Cats That Watched The Woods (The Cats That . . . Cozy Mystery Book 5)

Buckle up. Get ready for a suspenseful, thrilling read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. What have the extraordinary cats of millionaire Katherine “Katz” Kendall surfed up now? “Idyllic vacation cabin by a pond stocked with catfish.” It’s July in Erie, Indiana, and steamy weather fuels the tension between Katz and her fiancé, Jake. Katz rents the cabin for a private getaway, though Siamese cats, Scout and Abra, demand to go along. How does a peaceful, serene setting go south in such a hurry? Is the terrifying man in the woods real, or is he the legendary ghost of Peace Lake? It’s up to Katz and her cats to piece together the mysterious puzzle. Enjoy this stand-alone novel, or learn more about these amazing characters by exploring the first book in the series, “The Cats that Surfed the Web.”

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Cats are the main characters in this cozy with a little mystery and romance. Katz decides she needs a break from arguments about prenuptial and the wedding plans and rents a cabin. Abra and Scout raise a storm so she takes them with her. Arriving going storm, Katz retires to bed. She is awoken by the storm and see a man with out a face and only one eye. Who is the man, what does want? She better find answers before her life ends. I recommend this series.

In the 5th book of the Cozy Mystery series by Karen Anne Golden..The Cats that Watched the Woods she brings us mystery, suspense, and much laughter especially with the two Siamese who give the best performance of there lives.Katz is in need of a little alone time, and this means away from the cats, wedding plans, everything that was troubling her. So much has happened and she needs to clear her head. Jake is concerned, but just makes sure there ok. The day she leaves Scout and Abra give her no choice but to bring them with her.While up at the cabin on Peace Lake it's beautiful, but when things start happening Katz decides ok time to go home. The only thing is weird things begin to happen when she leaves. The excitement has begun. When she nearly misses hitting someone in the road the car goes, and hits something else. No idea what happens, and how she got out of the car. She wakes up disorientated. When a man appears out of nowhere he assures her that everything will be ok. He has taken her somewhere safe. There are men after her.A must read. If you haven't read any of the other's before this I would. They just grab you.

This is the fifth book in the series and I hope it’s not the last one.This time our heroine, Katherine, decides to take a vacation all alone to a cabin in the woods to decompose after her last adventure. What she finds in the woods is not just woodsy little cute furry creatures, but a nest of vipers and a lost sheep. In the short time that she is there not only does she run into these vipers, but a huge storm strikes and she wrecks her car and is almost killed.Karen Anne Golden writes a series that is heart warming and heart wrenching both at the same time. It is entertaining and compelling. Once you start, you can’t quit. They are a quick read series, but yet offer suspense, excitement and a bit of humor. This one even has a ghost in it. Now what more could you ask of a good book?

I've read them all. I've loved them all. Katz and Jake and now seven cats have my heart. I love each and every one of the furry characters and as I have said before, this author really knows cats.In this latest book Katz decides to rent a cabin in the woods for four days and lands right in the middle of a drug ring, with a ghost legend and a tornado tearing through the woods. She witnesses a murder, is almost killed in a car accident, is rescued by a ghost and ends up under the cabin with her cats, Scout and Abra while the tornado rages. When storm is over the drug dealers go looking for their stash and she and the cats are saved by an irritated skunk.A sub plot has Katz's nemesis, Barbie Sanders, daughter of Eerie's crime boss, turning up at her house with two kittens for her to babysit. Then she disappears only to turn up with an injured ankle in the woods. So do her brother Steve and their "cousin" Jimmy, who is the black sheep from hell. Katz is so glad she brought her Glock.Wow! Highly recommended

As a cat lover, this book is very good. The cats are such varied personalities and know how to get the attention they want. They are very loyal. The story is awesome and I recommend this book highly.

This is the fifth book in "the cats that..." series and I have enjoyed each one greatly. They are fun (I can just see these cats going through their antics), there are moments of mystery and suspense and romance. I put all 5 books on my Kindle and moved quickly from one to the next; it was a most relaxing and enjoyable time and I look forward to book number 6.

Love Katz, Jake and fur-kids. Love the idea of the cats guiding Katz to solve the mystery. I think cats are a lot smarter than people give them credit and think the things they do to help Katz are great.

3.5 starsI like this series, it's cute, enjoyable and a quick read. A little longer than a short story and a little shorter than a cozy, something you can read in an hour or 2. I love all the cats, and the setting is very familiar to me.Although I enjoyed this book, there wasn't a lot of plot, and it was more suspense than mystery. It was more like several mini-plots strung together. I think a lot of future story lines were introduced, making this book a bridge between the previous books and what's to come. Or at least, that's how I'm looking at it. Either way, it's still a series I enjoy and I look forward to the next one.

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