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The Cats That Played The Market (The Cats That . . . Cozy Mystery Book 4)

If you love mysteries with cats, don't miss this action-packed page turner. A blizzard blows into Indiana, bringing gifts, gala events, and a ghastly murder to heiress Katherine "Katz" Kendall. It's Katherine's birthday, and she gets more than she bargains for when someone evil from her past comes back to haunt her. After all hell breaks loose at the Erie Museum's opening, Katherine and her five cats unwittingly stumble upon clues that help solve a mystery. But has Scout lost her special abilities? Or will Katz find that another one of her amazing felines is a super-sleuth? With the cats providing clues, it's up to Katherine and her friends to piece together the murderous puzzle . . . before the town goes bust! With over 190 positive reviews, this thrilling, suspenseful read will keep you guessing until the last page.

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I enjoy this series, but I have to admit that I buy them mostly to fill the time and because they're $3. I would say this is a "nice" series that features a lot of cats, a mystery, familiar and comfortable characters and no real surprises. Sometimes it bothers me what the series IS missing: character depth. The cats have the most character. The humans have as much interest as watching an old sit-com: everything you see is surface feelings and actions that come across as programmed according to their character type. It shows about as much human interaction and drama as a 50's sitcom as well: very light arguments, love interests, etc. I'm surprised anyone could work up the effort to kill anyone in these books. As a person who loves cats, I also am mildly annoyed at how the main character is shaping up to be a perfect stereotype of an eccentric cat lady (with money). Her cats run amok through her daily life and she and her friends laugh indulgently. In her world it's perfectly reasonable to invite people over and then let your cats steal or destroy their property. It's actually to be expected. The main character has other spots of irresponsibility regarding her pets which never seems to bother her since she's now rich. I guess it's a sign that a character is believable if you want to lecture her on her behaviour? Anyway, if you've followed this series you'll find this one interesting as, along with cat antics, you get some developments in the town and the reoccuring characters lives.

The story is good, the cats, in all their mischievous antics, are adorable but I still have a hard time warming up to the lead character, Katherine. For some reason she just doesn't come across as warm or personable. I have read all 29 or 30 of Lillian Jackson Braun's "The Cat Who...." books and they are all the definition of "cozy mysteries"! I had high hopes for this series and I will see what " The Cats That Watched the Woods" has in store for Katherine, Jake and all the smart cats. Hopefully, that will be the one to make me think, "Boy, I'm sure glad I stuck with this series!"

I really like this writer. Love the small town aspect. And of course, I am a cat lover. This book is a great read. Being picky, there was one thing I disliked. One fact about the murder was not discussed as the book went on. Why put it in, if you aren't going to explain it. Maybe it will be addressed in the next one? The was a twist at the end concerning the main characters and I think the "fact" was lost in the shuffle. Otherwise, its a great read, great story and likable characters. I can't wait until the next one. Hope it comes soon.

Karen Anne Golden has brought another wonderful cozy book which I loved. In the fourth book the amazing cats are back to play the market...Scout, Abra, Iris, Lilac and Abby they will touch your heart. Mark Dunn has brought Katz some wonderful news on her birthday no less. His advice is to invest her fortune..When she meets Robert Brentwood for the first time, he sets off some bad vibes. The cats even tell her too in the way they only now how. Wow you can't help but laugh.When something terrible happens you know who will help solve the mystery? The plot only thickens, because of otherthings the cat's find after Robert Brentwood leaves Katz's house. It's very fascinating how the mystery is solved.In this book my heart was beating in moments and crying too..such sweet moments. You'll see buy the books.You'll just fall in love with all the cats.Highly recommend this book, as well as the entire series.

This group of "Erie" people and cats continue to grow on you and start to feel like family. You will want to discipline these spunky cats but realize that if you do you may stunt their detective abilities so you just love them and let them carry on. You, like the folks of Erie, will accept Katz and her cats like family despite all the trouble they seem to have moved in with them.

I LOVE The Cats that...series!!! They are fast passed, full of action, suspenseful and lighthearted all at the same time. 'Kats' Kendall has inherited forty million dollars, a pink Victorian mansion and an Abyssinian cat from her great aunt. This is the fourth book in the series and it's just as good as the first three! They are lighthearted and suspenseful and the antics of the cats, especially Scout, Abra and Kadabra, keep up the lighter side of the stories. Scout especially loves to leave clues to the 'murder of the day' on Kats' computer, but no one can catch him doing it. If you love cats and love mysteries you'll LOVE these books. I LOVE them and HIGHLY recommend this series for ALL you cat lovers out there!

I've loved this series from the first book, and this one did not disappoint. I stumbled on this series while recovering from surgery, and found that the cozy mysteries were just what the doctor ordered. If you love cats, like a mystery, but don't like books that are full of violence and explicit details, this is the purrrfect series. Nice quick reads and lots of cats! Oh, and the human characters are also an asset. I hope the author will continue to add to the series.

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