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Beekeeping: Beekeeping Guide From Beginner To Expert (Beekeeping, Homesteading, Self Sufficiency)

Be a King in the Kingdom of Beekeeping! Are you somebody who needs to bring honey bees up in their lawn and make profit while grinding away? Beekeeping is fun as a hobby too and it empowers you to spend more time in nature!. When you read Beekeeping: Beekeeping Guide from Beginner to Expert, you’ll get a better understanding of bees, how they work, how they build their hives, and much more: An Introduction to Beekeeping Advantages of Beekeeping How to Start Extraction equipment Additional Income: Starting a Small Beekeeping Operation Diseases and Treatments and Some Extra Advice This book starts with the presumption that you are a flat out learner in the realm of beekeeping.! Beekeeping: Beekeeping Guide from Beginner to Expert is your essential guide to the wide world of bees! With this essential guide, you will take in a ton about honey bees and their yearly cycle. This book will likewise cover a considerable measure of different points like the basic honey bee illnesses and their medicines, and how you can exploit beekeeping to earn substantial sums of money for yourself. It will likewise depict the instruments of the exchange. Towards the end, you find out about extracting honey bee items, similar to nectar and beeswax. You will discover various sorts of hives in point of interest as well. Get your copy of Beekeeping: Beekeeping Guide from Beginner to Expert right away, and become a honey producer in no time! You’ll be so glad you did!

Series: Beekeeping, Homesteading, Self Sufficiency

Paperback: 104 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 17, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1533167923

ISBN-13: 978-1533167927

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

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All you need to know about bees and beekeeping are well discussed in this book. I didn’t know that bees can do so much more even for therapeutic uses. I feel a sudden urge to try this in our farm, I’m sure my husband will approve. I think everything that I need to know before I start with beekeeping is here. And I’m glad that there is also information of different hives, so I can choose which one would be best. I’m sure you’ll also learn a lot from this book

This is a fabulous book for the beginning beekeeper or anyone wishing to be more informed about Honey Bees. The text is clear and detailed and contains the information that beginners tend to need and information that is often missing from other beekeeping books. I would say it’s a great book at any price, and for a full color, well illustrated book, I don’t see how you can beat the price.

Beekeeping is very interesting work. It's a good beginner to expert guide to know about beekeeping. You can learn about the advantages of beekeeping, how to start, taking it to the next level, diseases and treatments, some extra advice. I have an interest in beekeeping. So it is a good book for me to know and learn about it.

My interest in beekeeping made me purchased this book. There were so many information that were new to me. I got to understand better the bees, how they work and build their hives. Each bee has a specific role depending on its characteristics and nature. I am amazed at how smart, organized, and strong bees can be. They are magnificent creatures. The author is really good at explaining that.It is also good that there are recipes you can have out of beeswax included in this book. Reading this book made me realized that beekeeping is not easy. Beekeeping requires hard work but is very rewarding to you, the bees, and nature. Beekeeping can also be a business but we have to be sure that we do not take advantage so much of the bees in the process.This knowledge that I have about beekeeping that I learned from this book is more than enough for me to get started. I hope many people will be encouraged to take this as a hobby as it is not only beneficial to you but to nature and the bees. If you want to learn more about beekeeping, buy this book.

I found this book to be very informative and in depth on all subjects involving beekeeping, especially for beginners and non-commercial beekeeping. Mr. Andy has been deeply involved with bees and keeping them for years and his experience and wisdom are reflected in this latest edition. It covers care, feeding and equipment. And of course honey extraction. It also includes, making process of beeswax body lotion and candles. The book starts with a review of different bees and their characteristics and the following chapters covers everything you need about beekeeping to maximize your crop when it's time to harvest the golden honey. Throughout this book you will about all the accessories and tools you need for your beehive.This book will guide you through beekeeping from the introduction to the setup to the management to harvesting and more.

This was very detailed in everything you'll need to start up beekeeping, including blueprints to build your own hive, how to brew your own mead and various recipes. A fantastic book that really hits the nitty-gritty of everything one needs to know to begin the rewarding hobby of beekeeping.The book comes in an easy to read, understandable format and covers almost the full gambit of topics that a beginning beekeeper may need to know from initial questions and concerns, the gear you need, getting and introducing your bees all the way to what to check for and how to treat problems, and a large section on what to do with your impending honey flow, including a crazy amount of recipes.Really enjoyed this book. Its the book that convinced me that I could become an amateur beekeeper.

This book is very informative about bees. How to grow your own bee farm, as well as what to get when growing bees in backyard. It is very interesting to know that bees have numerous benefits that we can get, not just honey! Very informative and helpful guide with bonus tips about bee sting! :) Great job author!

A highly informative read! This book gives me fresh ideas on the nature and behavior of bees, how to safely work with them and set up hive, how to make use of their products and also their common ailments. Through this book, I gain a deeper understanding in raising bees and making a living out from them. It do inspires me to engage in beekeeping. Indeed, Apiculture gives a fresh challenge for us humans to take good care of our environment so small creatures as significant as bees can freely thrive and flourish!

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