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Food As Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health With Whole Foods

"Food as medicine" is a powerful approach to health and healing, intimately woven into naturopathic medical education. "Food As Medicine Everyday: Reclaim Your Health With Whole Foods" is thoroughly researched, beautifully written and elegantly illustrated. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Briley remind us that poor dietary choices are a major element in the exploding issues of chronic disease. They also remind us that food is medicine, and a big part of the solution. "Drs. Julie Briley and Courtney Jackson have filled an enormous gap in the field of medical nutrition. They offer for the first time a well documented, but easy-to-read, pathway to healthy eating that can be trusted by everyone." -Kent Thornburg, PhD Director, Bob and Charlee Moore Institute of Nutrition and Wellness, Oregon Health & Science University "Drs. Briley and Jackson make critically needed connections between food choices and the real world dangers of illness that will provoke both thought and lifestyle changes. Their simple to follow and effective eating plan, including recipes, makes sense for anyone. Health seekers will treasure this delightful book, because it offers a compelling avenue for improved vigor and vitality." -Jessica Black, ND." Author of "The Anti-Inflammation Diet and Recipe Book" and "The Freedom Diet." "We have lost our way when it comes to the basic need of feeding ourselves and our families. We are inundated with conflicting advice about what we should and should not eat. Now, we have a source of solid information that helps us understand how to eat and its impact on our health. Read this book to learn how to bring real food back into your life in a delicious way." -Chef Alphonso Rosas, CCP The Organic Chef ""Food As Medicine Everyday" complements the theory of inflammation which is the basic mechanism that triggers our most urgent health threats: heart attack and stroke. The best way to treat cardiovascular disease is to prevent it by taking ownership of our health through disciplined lifestyle choices. Thank you Dr. Jackson and Dr. Briley for providing elegant education and credible insight with helpful tools for making healthy choices." -Tracy Stevens, MD Cardiologist, Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute Medical Director of Muriel I. Kauffman Women's Heart Center "To avoid illness and early death, we will have to rediscover the importance of real nutrients in whole foods. Drs. Briley and Jackson's guide is excellent for anyone committing to health through good food. Going back to our roots can scoot us ahead." -Jonn Matsen, ND Author of "Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion," "Eating Alive II: Curing the Incurable, The Secrets to Great Health." ""Food As Medicine Everyday" is not a diet book, but a clearly written guide to improve well-being by making healthy lifestyle choices. This phenomenal tool provides strategies needed for a balanced approach to eating. Everyone should read this. The evidence is clear--food and nutrition significantly impact our health." -Andrew Erlandsen, ND Chair, Graduate Nutrition Program, NCNM"

Paperback: 264 pages

Publisher: Lightning Source Inc (March 17, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0977143562

ISBN-13: 978-0977143566

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As a high school health teacher, I have been looking for a comprehensive, easy to use nutrition book for years. I have finally found it. Each chapter provides accessible and useful tools that can help anyone get back to an essential and vital connection to food. The sections on healthy digestion, sweeteners, and shopping guide for superfoods were my favorites. I love the amount of resources and practical knowledge this book provides on so many different levels. I'm excited to share and use this book as a resource for all my current and future students. YEAH!!

I like that this book includes information about sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors alongside diet that influence health. I especially like the charts that quickly tell you how much fiber, sources of vitamins and minerals, smoke points of oils, and how to prepare different greens to maximize nutrient absorption. And of course all the recipes are so practical, family-friendly, and easy to make! My favorite part about the book is expressed through the title: using whole foods. They don't break down foods into reductionist science but rather as a whole with its various beneficial parts. I'm going to buy this book as a gift for my sister!

As a busy mom of two young kids, I especially appreciate this book--- it is filled with easy to cook, truly delicious, and incredibly healthy recipes the whole family will love to eat (yes even my 5 and my 1 yr old). It's well written, easy to read, and packed full of worthwhile information-- I would recommend to anyone interested in truly improving their overall health and well being-- it will change your entire mindset towards what you choose to put into your body. Much more than a cookbook, it's a guide for overall health.

Incredible resource for anyone wanting to improve their diet and overall health. It is well organized, very comprehensive and easy to navigate. In today's information-overload age, it is sometimes hard to know where to look for good quality information, and this book is certainly an outstanding & trustworthy resource for learning the fundamentals of healthy eating and it’s impact on our health. The recipes are quick and healthy for the whole family as well.

The Food As Medicine Everyday philosophy has changed the way I eat! I now understand how what I eat impacts my body and mind, and I feel like I have the knowledge and ability to make healthier choices for me and my family. The doctors really break it all down and take away the mystery and confusion around eating healthy!

Totally makes sense. Little things that I've read before but never seemed to stick. Just over the last month, I feel my body stronger, my mood brighter, my energy higher. Thanks for helping me realize all of the things I knew I should be doing. You've changed my life.

This book is very well written. I think that it should be a part of everyone's personal library and would be a great book for nutrition classes as soon as possible in our children's schools. I think the sooner everyone learns about how important food is to our overall health and wellness, the better. The authors of Food As Medicine Everyday do a great job explaining the foundation to optimal health. I love that there is a section of the book that provides parents with ideas and suggestions on how to get our children to eat healthier. I was recently successful in getting my six year old son to shift from loving white bread to loving whole grain bread and from loving white rice to eating brown rice thanks to this book. I think that sometimes we just need new ways of encouraging our children to eat healthier and this book provides that. Health has always been one of my highest values and I've always felt that it is our most important asset so we should invest in it wisely. This book is a very wise investment for everyone. It has helped me to reevaluate my habits and the products I've been using and has encouraged me to make simple changes that are healthier, such as using coconut oil instead of canola oil as part of my normal routine. I also love all the nutritious recipes at the end of the book. They are delicious and simple to make. I absolutely love this book! I encourage everyone to buy it, read it, and implement what you learn into your daily lives to be as healthy as you possibly can be.

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