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Mommy Diagnostics: The Naturally Healthy Family's Guide To Herbs And Whole Foods For Health

Professional herbalist, Shonda Parker, teaches mothers what can be safely treated at home, how to treat with nutritional and botanical medicine, and when to seek professional help. Traditional medicine has given us shots, pills, and expensive treatments. Shonda provides moms with homegrown remedies that are easily available, inexpensive, and that work wonders! As a revival of interest in natural health care occurs, this book is designed to provide a continuing education class for mothers as family health practioners. Mothers observe, evaluate, and even medicate their children on a daily basis. By nature, mothers become family health practioners, but seek other opinions when appropriate. This book will equip any mother to address her family's day-to-day health needs with confidence and is critical for every mother who is focused on raising healthy kids.

Paperback: 298 pages

Publisher: Multnomah Books; 3rd edition (February 1, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1929125119

ISBN-13: 978-1929125111

Product Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.3 x 0.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (17 customer reviews)

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As a mommy of two very young children (3 and 1) and aspiring to be the mommy of more to come I find this to be a wonderful resource for diagnosing and treating all common ailments for children as well as adults. Very easy to read and understand, organized in a user-friendly manner. Very concise index which helps you to quickly find the ailment or herb you are looking for. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with small children who prefers homeopathic medicine to conventional medicine.

Shonda Parker's book is the first I've read on this topic with a combination of excellent theology and a balanced view regarding herbs/nutrition. It is thoroughly Christian and reminds Mommies to trust in God's sovereignty while equipping them to make educated choices for excellent care of their little blessings.

Another great book from Shonda! This is the one I turn to more than all my other books for dealing with childhood ailments. I have a friend whose baby had severe diaper rash caused by yeast. He had been on nystatin and it wasnt getting any better. My friend called me and I looked in this book. I gave my friend her recommendations and she called me back two hours later to say how amazing it worked. A bleeding diaper rash she had been fighting for two weeks using conventional methods was completely cleared within two days using the methods stated in this book!! You wont be disappointed!!

I found this book extremely helpful in guiding me to be educated and organized with my interest in herbal health for my family. Shonda presents a balanced program for helping yourself and your family, and using conventional medical advice. Most of all she provides a professional approach to someone just beginning to investigate the idea of natural health, that makes it seem normal to take care of your family in this manner.

The beginning of this book is my favorite part. Here Mrs. Parker lays out her very balanced philosophy of health care. She also explains, in much detail, and with actual forms, how to keep comprehensive health records for each member of your family. The bulk of the book consists of an ailment-by-ailment listing with lifestyle and supplement recommendations for each ailment. As Mrs. Parker's emphasis is herbal, I personally find the supplement recommendations to be so complex and varied as to be difficult for me to keep up with: I could not possibly stock all of these things in my medicine chest. However, I'm sure it would be of great use if my family came down with anything more serious than a cold (at which point it would be worth tracking down the supplements). All in all, I find this to be handy as a reference, especially in the area of keeping health records, but I would appreciate something simpler as the core of my home health library.

I enjoy this book. I have not read the entire thing cover to cover, but instead keep it on my bedside bookshelf as a reference. Whenever my child has an illness, injury, or anything else, I pull the book, find the situation I am going through, and read the available options for home remedies, treatments, and general knowledge on the subject at hand. I find the book to be easy to use, and overall very helpful. I think I will use it more as my children are older and I can apply many of the things inside to our entire family. It is really just good advice and knowledge, and reminds me of things that my great grandma might have told me, was she able to be here with me today. There are recommendations for herbal remedies- and directions for making your own herbal tinctures, teas, and medicines. These can be applied whether you intend to gather and dry your own herbs (which I do not) or purchase them (which I do on occasion) but it is also just good advice for using home items to treat illness. I look forward to getting more use from this in future years.

My midwife gave me both this book and Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, and I love both of them! I regularly use this as a reference book, because it is both scientific and biblical. It can be hard to find homeopathic/natural information that is not "new-agey", but this book hits the mark! I recommend this book to every Christian mom that wishes to have a balanced, natural approach to your family health.

I have referenced this book on several occasions while dealing with my children's illnesses. This book has kept me from making some serious mistakes with my children, and it has also kept me from putting my children on an endless round of antibiotics for minor things. I have used her wisdom to treat my children on various occasions, and would recommend this book as a household reference for anyone desiring the best for your family.

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