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Build A $1500 Portable Greenhouse Or Garden Shed For $150 In Just A Few Hours Without A Kit!

Have you noticed how expensive plants are, and how inexpensive seeds are? I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have saved a ton of money by raising seedling plants myself. Also, I now know that a large part of striving for a more self-sufficient lifestyle, is to reduce one’s dependence on someone else. It is possible for you to supply all the vegetable plants needed for your garden. Not only that, but you could actually sell your surplus plants to friends, family and neighbors. I’ll let you in on another little secret… every year, I sell enough plants to pay for this greenhouse, over and over again, just by planting a little extra and offering them to those around me. That means MY plants are free! Someone else is buying the extra plants, which pays for MY potting soil, trays, etc. Building a greenhouse can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.This design is easy, very affordable and can be built in a few hours. It is also one of the sturdiest and most durable designs I've ever seen. But, the best thing about this is... it's PORTABLE. It can easily be moved to different locations as the seasons dictate. In the winter, you can move it to the sunniest place you have, and let your seedlings get all the sun they need. In the heat of the summer, you can move it to a shadier place so anything you still have in there won't cook. Another summer idea is to cover it with shade cloth and grow heat sensitive plants in there. I’ve used it to start seedlings, harden off seedlings, dry tobacco, and I’m sure it could even be used as a HUGE SOLAR DEHYDRATOR. This design fits nicely into a small backyard, but can be expanded to accommodate a larger commercial setup too. People from all over the world are using this design to build their own. There are testimonials from New Zealand, the UK, Australia, Canada, and the EU as to the ease of construction and simplicity of design.I hope you will use this easy to follow book to build your own, and feel as much satisfaction that comes from accomplishing your build, as I have from building mine. Not only that, but I hope this will help you wean yourself off the big box store’s expensive array of seedling plants, both vegetable and ornamental, and grow your own. I’ve even included a link to an 18 minute step-by-step video detailing the simple construction of this greenhouse! So there are no excuses…The second best thing is that the basic design can also be used for such things as a goat shed, chicken tractor, garden shed, or for housing anything you want to keep out of the weather. By that I mean, instead of putting greenhouse plastic over it, use a tarp instead. You could make a nice drive-in shed for a riding lawn mower. You can even use corrugated metal as a covering, for more permanence. In fact, in the last section of this book, I'LL SHOW you how to make a shed for goats or other things that need to be sheltered from the elements (like garden equipment) by installing a corrugated metal roof. And since a tarp will eventually wear out, covering it with metal gives you permanence.So, if you want a greenhouse but the prices seem out of your reach, this is EXACTLY what you've been looking for!. All total, I built this one for less than 150 dollars. That’s cheap! You are just one click away from becoming more self-sufficient. What are you waiting for?

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(ha ha just saw I wrote this under my husband's name!) My husband and I have been talking about building a greenhouse for years, and we've looked at tons of plans and kits, but the major issue we had was time. Any design really required we have a perfectly flat location to build it on. Every kit had user comments about making sure everything was square and level or the panels would come out. Although we've got a few acres and we've even built our own 48 x 48 barn, we just never seemed to find the time and energy to dedicate to the greenhouse project. Until we found Alan's design, that is. I saw a YouTube video and the more we looked, the more excited we got. This was perfect for our backyard needs. 2 weekends later we got all the materials we needed and put together the greenhouse, right in the garden where we'll be using it. No concrete slab or foundation prep was required, we just put it up and bam, it was done. Immediately we got benefit (we live in cold wet Oregon, so extending our growing season means a LOT for us!) with the immediate (at least) 10 degree increase on even the cloudiest wettest days preventing our starts from frostbite already twice this week. We put doors with windows (plastic wrapped) on both ends, with latching doors so we can now use the greenhouse as a pass-through from the garden to the front pasture driveway instead of having to go all the way around. We also got some great used industrial shelving, rope lighting, and a utility sink so it turned out quite charming. It's now my "woman cave" and I spend all my spare time out there puttering around. Thanks Alan! I know we would've never gotten around to building a greenhouse if it hadn't been for your great design. We made ours a 3-panel (12x8) and used treated 2x6's rather than 2x4's for the 'foundation' so it's still tall enough at the center for my 6'2" husband to stand up. Love it, love it, love it!!! --- Oregon Fan

For 6 months I have been looking for a greenhouse design to follow that was fast, not technically difficult, economical and sturdy. there are a ton of options on the internet but they all lack in one of the areas above.On youtube I found a video by texasprepper2 who had built a great green house and as I watched it fit all my criteria. I was getting ready to get all the supplies to build it and watched the video again and saw that he had published this book, I got it, read it and will be building our green house in the next week or so.I checked locally and can get the cattle panels for about $20, 2x4's are always on craigslist and the other hardware should be easy to find at the local big box store for next to nothing.This book lays out a great plan for building a great green house and for the price, you cant beat it.Nothing in this life is perfect and I'm not just pumping this book, it is exactly what I was looking for.

Great book! I originally discovered this book via YouTube. I watched the authors videos regarding this greenhouse build. My wife and I have been talking about building a greenhouse for quite some time now. After watching his videos we opted to go this route. I have since framed the greenhouse and have ordered all the necessary supplies needed to finish it. I modified the plans a little bit, we built our greenhouse with an extra cattle panel so that it is a little longer and also modified the framing plans to make it a bit more stout. We live in a suburban area and have no intentions of ever moving the greenhouse. I didn't necessarily use the book as a step-by-step process guide. I utilized the book more as a reference guide, as I modified the design quite a bit. I have read comments suggesting the book "doesn't provide enough detail" or that "you dont need the book if you watch the video's" I feel like the book is priced right and that the videos are a great addition to having the book. My only critique would be that I wish the book would have been made available in a physical form (paper back) This may have been why I used the book as a reference instead of a true set of plans.

The idea of a greenhouse has been attractive for years, but they are way too expensive. That was true, until now. This book will show you how to build one from inexpensive cattle panels available from most farm supply stores, and treated lumber available locally. No special tools and no kit to buy. The sheeting is regular plastic film that should last up to four years and can be recovered indefinitely. So with just a few tools: a shovel, a rake, a hammer, heavy stapler, a phillips screwdriver anyone can do it. Greenhouses extend the growing season by six weeks each end of the season. A heated and ventilated greenhouse can be used year round. Building yourself a greenhouse will take gardening to a new level.

It has all the details and instructions so you don't need to spent time guessing. It is a well thought out and practical design any DIY person can put together.

Used this design to make a chicken coop. Worked great. We are very happy with the design, very easy to move in the field. You can figure most of it out from watching youtube videos. However, lots of simple tips included here that makes it worth the book.

Texas Prepper has some great designs, but this one is my favorite. There are many ways/kits to build growhouses or animal shelters. This is by far the best I have found.+++Affordable+++Easy to build+++Commonly found materials+++Portable

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