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Gardening: Organic Vegetable Gardening Made Easy (Organic Vegetable Gardening Guide For Beginners Including Planning Planting And Growing Garden Fresh Produce)

Are you tired of overpriced vegetables? Are you sick of washing off all those nasty pesticides from undernourished vegetables grown in depleted soil? Whether you want to (1) save money (2) eat healthier vegetables or (3) know how to easily plant your own organic vegetable garden, this is the guide for you. In this book I will show you just how easy it is to plan, plant, and grow your own organic vegetable garden. How many more times are you willing to drive to get half rotten undernourished vegetables? This book focuses on the best strategies that have been mastered over the last several hundred years to help you inexpensively yield a magnificent garden of nutrient rich vegetables. It will be easy and fun to grow your own garden. Vegetables are a key component of healthy eating and are an ages old popular dietary choice. Many vegetables are high in protein, iron, fiber, and calcium and they are loaded with an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Many are delicious raw and can be even better after being cooked. Do you purchase your vegetables from a grocery store? Did you know that organic, home-grown vegetables are healthier, taste better, and they can actually save you money? Learn how to easily establish a vegetable garden and start reaping the physical, mental, and economic benefits it can provide you and your household! Not only is vegetable gardening ridiculously economic, but it can also improve your physical fitness. The physical work involved in establishing and maintaining a garden can provide great strength training and a cardiovascular workout that doesn’t even feel like exercise, because you’re working for a purpose! Gardening is also extremely relaxing. You will find yourself amazingly free of mental tension and worry, as the sun and soil infuse you with peaceful energy. And the rewards are great! In addition to improving your physical, mental, and emotional energy, you end up with a ton of fresh vegetables to enjoy! In the following pages you will discover some of the most popular garden layouts and many of the different vegetables you can easily grow in your own garden. Included is a complete planning guide that will help you to get started, even if you’ve never gardened before! Start growing your own high quality & delicious vegetables. In this easy to follow guide you will find out how to start a vegetable garden from scratch and fill it with your favorite vegetables that all are sure to enjoy! You will also learn how to determine when a plant is ready to harvest as well as practical tips that will enable you to produce all the vegetables that you need with enough left over to give away. I have also included valuable information on ways that you can store and preserve your vegetables for later consumption. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Discover... How to Properly Plan, Plant, Grow and Manage a Thriving Vegetable Garden – Even If You Don’t Have A Backyard!A Comprehensive List of the Best Gardening SuppliesHow To Choose the Right Type of Seeds For Your GardenThe Top 20 Best Ways To Organically Repel Pesky Critters and DiseasesHow To Properly Harvest Your Vegetables For Maximum Yield7 Amazingly Delicious Vegetarian RecipesA Variety of Vegetable Gardening Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Producing the Ultimate GardenMuch, much more! Easily grow your own healthy vegetables: click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

Series: Organic Vegetable Gardening Guide For Beginners Including Planning Planting And Growing Garden Fresh Produce

Paperback: 82 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 21, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1535407530

ISBN-13: 978-1535407533

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I think this has been a profound book on Gardening. It has every it of info that someone wanting to start on this endeavor must possess. And since it is true that the prices of vegetables are growing by the day, not to mention the possibility of having chemicals on those we buy commercially, having your garden will help big time. And this book has generously shared and explained every step of the entire process, making it easier for readers to follow through. And among the topics that I appreciate here the most are the ones on the "7 Amazingly Delicious Vegetarian Recipes" as well as the one on "A Variety of Vegetable Gardening Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Producing the Ultimate Garden." It has been a long read, but it is certainly worth it.

I quite enjoyed this book. At the moment, I am brand new to the idea of organic gardening, so this was a really nice introduction to the subject. The book is written in a very friendly manner and has all kinds of really good information. It allows time to get into the heart of gardens, from selection of seed to testing soil to pests to harvesting and so much more. Refreshing and most welcome. It's a good first guide if you haven't gardened but it's also a good reference guide if you have. If you don't know a floating row cover from a cold frame, get this book. It is clearly written, easy to read, and comprehensive. This is a great reference book for beginners as well as more experienced gardeners.Great to recommend book for novice gardener.

Many people struggle to have an effective garden. McCloud shows that anyone can be a great gardener. He explains all the correct strategies for planting your fruits & vegetables and keeping your crops safe from animals. He also covers how you can properly harvest your crops and make great recipes with them. This is a great ebook for anyone looking to become a great gardener.

If you are like most people in the world today, you are preferring your food to come organic which is proving to be a healthier step in our eating habits. This book will teach you how to become an organic farmer right in your back yard or even on your city balcony. Get the book and try it out today!

Gardening by Ace McCloud is an awesome guide for creating and maintaining a garden. If you are new to gardening then this is the book for you. While this book only focuses on building a vegetable garden, it still contains information that all types of gardeners should know. There are step by step planting and care instructions for almost every vegetable you can think of and there is a huge chapter on organic pest control methods, which I think is the jewel chapter of this book. I never knew there were so many chemical free and easy ways to treat your plants without having to worry about toxic chemicals. This book also contains step by step instructions on how to build different types of gardens depending on your living situation (huge property vs apartment, etc). A must read.

This is a wonderful book about the essentials of organic gardening. It takes you through the process step by step, so if you are new to the process you can follow the directions and grow your own vegetables. It covers the planting and care process, tools needed, choosing seeds, feeding the plants, as well as a lengthy chapter on organic pest control. I was amazed at the amount of chemical free approaches to keep your plants chemical free. You will learn how to build a variety of gardens suited to your situation. I also appreciated the section on the nutrition of vegetables and the recipes that were included in the book. All in all this is an excellent book to help you create your own organic garden and avoid the chemically treated veggies from the store.

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