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Animals And The Afterlife

Kim Sheridan grew up with animals as her constant companions. Each time she faced the death of a beloved pet, along with the pain came the same questions, to which she could find no answers. Then, mysterious things began to happen that she couldn’t explain, which led her on an incredible journey to uncover the truth. Along with her own extraordinary experiences, she compiled heartwarming and meaningful true stories of everyday people around the world, and discovered compelling evidence that forever erased her own doubts about an afterlife for animals. This book provides enormous comfort and reassurance to anyone who has ever cherished a pet, and food for thought for anyone who has ever questioned the place of these beloved creatures in the larger scheme of things, both here on Earth and beyond.

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I've read several books on this subject and this book is the best. The stories are heartwarming and miraculous!If you've ever lost a beloved pet, then this is the book to read.The loss of a pet can be so overwhelming. With this book, you know you are not alone in your grief. You will also know that your pet, without a doubt lives on and is most likely is still with you! You will know what signs to look for by hearing others tell their inspirational stories!What a gift this book is, in the presence of grief!!It is very well written and will keep you turning the pages for more.I would highly recommend!!!! The value is priceless to someone who has lost a beloved animal companion.

As, for me -- I Do believe. And this book opens my eyes even further, to the wonderful, sometimes very spiritual connection we have with our animal companions (be they horse, cat, dog, goldfish, rat - and others) in this life and beyond.Even those who consider themselves skeptics, I believe, might find themselves resonating with specific narratives -- perhaps even, in their hearts, saying to themselves "This happened to me once!!!""Anima" is the ancient Latin word for "soul" -- just add an "L" to "Anima" and what do you get? This book is a fitting tribute to those non-human beings who shower us with unconditional love and devotion, and whose actions towards us sometimes go far beyond the call of duty, these pets who touch our souls and emotions, even after their deaths, with a love and concern sometimes far above what we expect in this world.I think Kim Sheridan (who shows a great compassion, love and sensitivity towards her animal companions) has done a masterful job in putting this book together; I especially admire the way she puts specific narratives together in certain sections. I know this book must have been a labor of love.Mahatma Ghandi once said something about how "a nation is known by the way it treats its animals". Well, this book, "Animals and the Afterlife" is populated not only by a wonderful "nation" of caring human beings, but especially by a fascinating array of loving, caring pets who even after dying have not forgotten the beloved people with whom they shared their lives.

This is BY FAR the most comprehensive and fascinating book on this subject. The author has done an amazing job of covering the topic from so many different angles and so many different people's experiences, including her own. Another review said she talked about animal communication in the book, but that's just one of many, many topics she covers. This book is about far more than that! What I like about it is it isn't just about theories or interpretations. It's about actual evidence that can't be explained away. I like that the author herself started out as a skeptic, so she had to be convinced of things herself and clearly isn't just telling people what she thinks they want to hear. This book provided SO much comfort for me, and I know it will for so many others who are also looking for answers. No other book on this subject has even come close to providing the healing gift this book has given to me! I also like that it contains stories about so many different types of animals. Not only are there tons of stories about dogs and cats, but also stories about horses, bunnies, birds, rats, and even goldfish! Kim Sheridan is a wonderfully gifted author and such an Angel. Her heart, soul, and deep caring are so evident. Her beautiful and fascinating story is also throughout the book. Very well written, it kept me turning the pages. Wow! 414 pages has never gone so fast! I didn't want it to end! Highly recommended.

I think it likely that this book will in some way permanently change the consciousness of every animal lover -- whether believer, skeptic, or agnostic. the writing style is lucid and accessible, and the contents so compelling that I devoured it in record time.Central to the book are scores of first-person accounts of contact with beloved animal companions from the "other side." The informants' demographics cut broadly across regional, cultural, educational and career lines. Ms. Sheridan adds her own commentaries, placing each anecdote in a more general context. These range from humane issues to metaphysical wisdom. Her own profound connection to animals provides a through-line of touching personal experiences and incisive observations as well. Types of "other-side" contact can take many forms, and Ms. Sheridan devotes a chapter to each. These include visual (in both dreams and waking visions), as well as hearing, smell, and touch. Some people receive messages through mediums or animal communicators.While these are inescapably stories involving loss, tragedy, and grief, I found them uplifting rather than depressing. Each is a moving testament to the kind of love which can bind together individuals of different species, even beyond death. Each account attains closure with spiritual comfort, consolation and hope. The chapter on grief provides such wise counsel and compassionate insights, that it should be required reading for all veterinary and shelter personnel, as well as clergy and psychologists. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who is dealing with grief over the passing of a beloved animal companion, or who is facing such a loss. It will also be interesting to anyone curious about the spiritual aspect of animals.

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