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The Guide To Owning A Leopard Gecko/ Leopard Geckos: Identification, Care, & Breeding

The author gives the beginning and more advanced keepers all the information necessary to successfully keep and breed the popular Leopard Gecko, Eublepharis macularius. Fully illustrated in color.

Series: Guide to Owning A...

Paperback: 64 pages

Publisher: TFH Publications; First edition (May 1994)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 079380258X

ISBN-13: 978-0793802586

Product Dimensions: 10 x 6.8 x 0.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 8.8 ounces

Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (18 customer reviews)

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this is a great book for anyone who owns leopard geckos! it packs a lot of information into one little book and covers what you would need to know to take care of your gecko. if you have or are getting a leopard gecko this book is a great reference guide and can help to keep your gecko healthy and happy! a must have for the leopard gecko owner!

This book has many nice gecko pictures (some not of leopard geckos)except for the brutal pictures of geckos being eaten by creepy predators like gigantic spiders and scorpians. Don't worry, the pictures are in the back (or more specifically, page 55). Because of those pictures, it's not the best book for young children that don't understand "The Circle Of Life". Besides the pictures, it has the perfect amount of information for old and new gecko owners. The author talks to you like a best friend and each chapter is useful in some way.1.Choosing A Leopard Gecko2.Housing Leopard Geckos3.Food and Water (WARNING MICE LOVERS: This has pics of baby mice being eaten by geckos. Don't worry, baby mice for food is optional.)4.Breeding5.Health (and how to cure the problems if they happen)6.Other Geckos (this is where the bad pics are!)And a glossary. Besides the interesting pics that can break a heart and the health problems that will make you a tiny bit nervous for your gecko's health, it's a brilliant book that makes you feel like a friend of the author and a good gecko owner!!!

This book is PERFECT for anyone who owns, or has any type of interest in Leopard Geckos. The book has GREAT quality, with thick pages, beautiful LAMINATED PHOTOS, and it is easily understood by anyone! The author keeps things simple to make it understandable for anyone. I was amazed after reading the book in two days, by how much was covered in only 65 pages! I recommend this book to ANYBODY...if you see it, BUY IT.

Good book. This covered all different types of leopard gecko's, but most of them are not indigenous to the United States so it wasn't as applicable for studying purposes. It isn't really the books fault that the gecko's don't live where I wanted and it still had fabulous color photos and was filled with lots of good information. I am still glad I purchased, but I will be finding a more generalized book on gecko's and lizards that live in the U.S.

The information is great minus one the, the handleing section. When i got my leopard gecko, i never read any books. I went to the pet store and talked to them. Everytime i was there i held my Emeril (thats my geckos name). OK, so yes they have sensitive tails and sharp nails, but they dont get caught in fabric that easily. I have had mine for 3 years and have held him and let him walk all over me and my bed and teh counter. and he is fine. still with his tail, and all his fingers. So please, hold your gecko and ignore tht section!

Great book - most of the care guides tend to focus heavily on breeding. We have no intention of breeding our gecko but wanted a good book on the 'care and feeding' of them. This was a good option. I reviewed another care guide for leopard geckos (and one for bearded dragons) that also would be a good choice for someone looking for care information without focusing heavily on breeding instructions.

I purchased this book and the first of my three leopard geckos 18 months ago. It has served me very well with clear practical guidelines for setting up a gecko-friendly environment, providing good day to day care, identifying and dealing with health problems, breeding. The book also provides interesting background information about geckos. It is well-written and nicely designed with many attractive color photographs. Ray Hunziker appears to have the well-being of both geckos and owners in mind: He tells you that geckos don't like to be handled and suggests you handle them as little as possible. He provides a wide range of choices for the environment and the care of geckos, accommodating owners' differing esthetics and budgets. My copy of the book went to school with a grandchild and has not returned, so I am about to purchase a second copy. One of my female geckos is laying eggs, so I need my Hunziker. This an exceptionally useful and attractive guide.

I orignally purchased this book for my brother who is an avid leopard gecko fan and wanted to breed his geckos. I found it very informative from a beginners standpoint, but I thought there would be more on breeding and less on 'other types of geckos'. Either way, it was my bit of fun learning for the day!

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