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Container Gardens For Florida (Florida Gardening)

When author Pamela Crawford first started writing her newest book, she expected it to be short, about 100 pages or so. After all, she pondered, how many different ways can you arrange plants in a pot? But, as she began her research, the book grew into a major 368-page reference book with a companion DVD movie! Obviously, there was a lot more to container gardening than she had originally thought! This project was begun to accomplish three goals. Ms. Crawford’s first goal was to push the limits of container design - take it farther than she had ever seen it done in Florida. To accomplish this formidable task, she hit the road, traveling to areas where she knew container design was quite advanced. She ended up researching this project in Manhattan, the Hamptons, Long Island, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Then, she searched Florida and spent time with experts who were doing great container work, like the staff at Universal Studios in Orlando and Sanchez and Maddux, landscape architects in Palm Beach. The designs shown in this book evolved from these experiences and illustrate a variety of styles of container gardening - from sleek, sophisticated interior containers (152-159) to country garden containers (pages 36-37). She spent time searching out the best suppliers for both plants and containers and brought many of their products to Florida to test them in the tough southern climate. Ms. Crawford and her assistants, Barbara Hadsell and Miguel Olivares, had fun testing over 10,000 plants and hundreds of containers in her gardens in Lake Worth. “We let our imaginations run wild with all these design ideas, plants, and spectacular pots. We are fortunate to have enough space to allow each container arrangement to grow to its maturity. This made it possible for us to report on its performance to you,” said Ms. Crawford. Her second goal was to develop a design system that is easy to understand for beginners. She shared that her first tries with gardening in containers produces a lot of problems as she learned how to design and plant containers from books. She bought book after book, and even after fallowing their instructions over and over again, most of the projects she attempted simply failed. It was at that point Ms. Crawford bought a video that taught her more in thirty minutes than she had learned in the previous ten years. At that moment, she knew that her book on container gardening had to have an accompanying DVD movie to make the learning process easy. She encourages her readers to “watch the DVD movie (sold separately) for thirty minutes and skim chapters 1, 2, and 15 in this book (include chapter 4 if you are ready to try a hanging basket). You will be ready to design and plant container gardens like the pros in no time at all!” The third goal of this book was to create a major reference work that people would keep for many years and refer to whenever they have a question about container gardening. So, Ms. Crawford made sure the book covered many different aspects of container gardening - like window boxes, wall pots, hanging baskets, diverse containers (for sun, salt, wind, shade, low water), planting and maintaining orchids, and how to use containers in the landscape. The book also covers many technical aspects of container gardening, like watering systems, soil, and fertilizer. The DVD movie is also a reference work. It covers container design basics plus three planting demos - a bowl, a hanging basket, and the planting and care of an orchid. Since the planting demos contain a lot of information, gardeners will benefit from re-watching them from time to time. The DVD movie is packaged in a box that fits right next to the book on a bookshelf. Researching this book opened up a whole new world to the author about the fun and satisfaction of container gardening. She comments that “I am so happy to share this great hobby with all of my Florida friends.”

Series: Florida Gardening (Book 4)

Hardcover: 368 pages

Publisher: Color Garden Publishing (November 7, 2005)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0971222037

ISBN-13: 978-0971222038

Product Dimensions: 11.1 x 8.4 x 1 inches

Shipping Weight: 3.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (17 customer reviews)

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I love puttering with my plants on the lanai, so I was pleased to discover this book after reading a South Florida Sun-Sentinel review. It pointed out that the author has a degree in landscape architecture and tested 10,000 plants in more than 300 containers. That sounds a little overwhelming, but she owns a nursery so can work on that scale.The book points out that the most common mistakes are overwatering and underplanting (not putting enough plants in the pot). She recommends fiberglass pots which don't wick away the moisture like terra cotta and are more lightweight. Plants she particularly recommends include bromeliads, succulents, dragon wing begonias, palms and crotons.

This is another terrific Pamela Crawford book especially for those who live in South Florida. The techniques shown for maintaining container plants are detailed and easy to follow. She shows how to create container arrangements that are both simple and as beautiful as you'd see at a florist.The photos are a big help and the information given is chock full of facts worth knowing.

I have found this book - like all of Pam Crawford's other titles - to be an invaluable resource. She is so thorough about each step, from the suitability of different pot materials to the choice of plants, that this book tells you literally all you need to know to grow successful container gardens.The "how-to" sections leave nothing to chance; she goes into detail on every step even a novice gardener would have to take. For the more experienced green thumb, Crawford has tips she has garnered from all her trial gardens.If you would rather see it done than read about it, the video that accompanies this book shows exactly what steps she takes to create such lush arrangements in pots.With Crawford's fail-proof guidance, we gardeners never have to suffer the curse of the black thumb again.

Our climate is so very difficult to successfully grow flowers, especially in containers. No more hit and miss attempts, my containers are the most beautiful I have ever all my fingers have become green thumbs! I highly recomment this book to anyone who wishes to grow beautiful container gardens. It has become my planning and planting bible!

One of my gardens always fills up with water anytime it rains, so the soil and plants get washed away. This book shares creative and decorative ideas for having container gardens so the all of the Florida rain does not wash away your garden.

My favorite books for Florida gardening are ALL hers! They are my gardening bibles. Easy Garden for South Florida and Best Garden Color for Florida are absolutely her best two books for outdoor gardeners in FL. I don't use this one as much, but if you love container gardening, it's VERY organized, lots of great color pics and her usual easy-to read style. I with the Easy Garden and Best Garden Color books were combined into one large book, because I always use both at the same time, but that's the way she wrote them. maybe she'll combine them some day!

What a great book! My garden looks great thanks to this excellent book with easy and practical ideas. I took this book to Home Depot and Target. My garden looks amazing and is LOW MAINTANCE. Many many thanks to Pamela Crawford for this outstanding book. She gives a few suggestions for indoor plants, but I hope an indoor plant book is her next project.

Excellent, informative book with lots of pictures. Great book for the new Florida resident. I have a friend in South Carolina who is going to purchase it as well because a lot of these can be grown in the warm seasons there.

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