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The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide For The Newly Diagnosed

After Gretchen Becker was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1996, she educated herself on every aspect of this chronic condition — by reading medical and scientific books and journals, talking with doctors and listening to her own body. In 2001, she marshaled everything she had learned as a "patient-expert" into the first edition of this book, which she has now completely updated and revised. The First Year®—Type 2 Diabetes uniquely guides you step-by-step through your first year with diabetes, walking you through everything you need to learn and do each day of your first week after diagnosis, each subsequent week of the first month, and each subsequent month of the crucial first year. In clear, concise, accessible language, Becker covers a wide range of practical, medical, and lifestyle issues, beginning with coming to terms with your diagnosis and then moving on to subjects including: Choosing the diet that is best for you The role of exercise Daily blood-glucose testing routines and understanding lab tests Medications and supplements Networking with others Insurance issues Traveling and socializing

Series: The First Year

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: Da Capo Press; 2nd edition (December 27, 2006)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1569242658

ISBN-13: 978-1569242650

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I have been diagnosed with "pre-diabetes" and being "insulin-resistent" (IR) for the last 3 years. HOW I WISH MY PHYSICIANS (2 OF THEM!) HAD EXPLAINED *THOROUGHLY* WHAT THIS MEANT. I might have been more motivated to take more control over my diet and exercise thus MAYBE preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes.And, "take control" is exactly what Gretchen Becker helps the reader do. The underlying sub-text of the book is YOU are the head of a team (of doctors and other health professionals) -- What you do very much controls the extent of complications from this disease 10 or more years down the road. With the information gleaned from the book, I self-referred myself to an endocrinologist (going to the ADA website to find an approved physician). Having/Taking control YOURSELF gives HOPE and provides a focus for the energy you have when diagnosed -- you really DO have options and decisions to act upon. All is NOT losst -- in fact, there is much to be gained!I am absolutely astounded at the ignorance of many Primary Care Physicians on the necessity of educating their patients FULLY as to their "pre-diabetic" condition. Too often, it's "your sugar's a bit high," prescribe a diet and recommend exercise. In no way do they take their own prescription seriously enough to let the patient know the path that will be followed should their recommendations fall on deaf ears.My father had been given this advice -- was put on Glucophage & a diet. His sugar went down to "normal" levels (I think -- since he doesn't know what "normal" is -- it might just have been low enough to be removed from the medication.) The point is, he thinks he doesn't have diabetes anymore. From this book, I know different. A "touch" of diabetes is like having a "touch" of pregnancy!

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